On the 16-30 TC all of the exhaust valves room stuck, what is everyone"s favorite method? because that now, I"m simply going with patience and lots that penetrating oil.

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Penetrating oil and a brass guideline hammer, If that dont work...DYNAMITE !!!

PB Blaster, Kroil, and also a brass hammer. Just keep tapping away. They should come loose eventually. I"m in the procedure of working on a Bates 35 tractor that had actually water standing in one cylinder and also all 4 exhaust valves were stuck. In much less than a week, all 4 to be loose.


I quit using right penetrating oil a long time back as it evaporates and any gains room lost.I switched come a, roughly, fifty percent and fifty percent mix that penetrating oil and also brake fluid.Don"t tap ~ above the valve heads directly. Usage a item of brass to deliver the hammer taps.Patience is one admirable way to assault that problem......
Mr Martinson!As others have said - PATIENCE!It took them a long time to stick up - girlfriend don"t need to acquire them loose the an initial day. Some tender love taps and lots that soaking. They"ll come out.G.

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Look in ~ it this way, The tolerance in between the valve and also the overview was small enough to stick with rust. The rest of the engine should not be too worn out!! I have actually one engine that ns think could soak in calcium cloride for ten years and still have the ability to turn over
There is a tricky and a questionable way. Usage a very light acid and a tiny brush to apply. Plunder a rag roughly each valve stem and also watch carefully. Be sure to make certain valve guide doesnt reaction to this. Muriatic could be a tad solid but Hydrochloric is weaker or shot citric and just be careful. Note: This must be a last step and read brand carefully and also dilute. Perform NOT drink that in celebration!!!
Hi all, just take the head off and do the job correctly you can then check and clean the vales up, re cut the seats and reface the head ........after every the waiting for castle to complimentary off friend will have done the job and enjoy driving her old girl come the pub ..........R
I"ve offered "naval jelly" i beg your pardon I recognize is just a acid, (possibly hydrocloric?) top top the YXC3 Hercules in mine Linn, which had a lot of water in the cylinders, stole block aluminum pistons, and embarassed to admit after twenty years of having the heads off and also covered with a tarp, the cylinders are mainly cleaned out, yet a couple of of the valves still tight to the block yet honestly have not tried tapping with a hammer yet, that looks 100% much better than as soon as I started. Probably while the bees room quiet ns can gain in and mess through it. (Then there space the snapped off cylinder head studs to deal with....). I tried using Coca-cola as soon as to unseize one old V8 we had actually then learned later on that deserve to glue things better than antifreeze if friend don"t flush out EVERYTHING. Somethings you think as a teens (30 year ago) you realize later on were quite stupid however someone somewhere had a an excellent laugh over it.
Muriatic mountain is a diluted type of Hydrochloric acid. Hydrochloric assaults metal so much it is hauled in rubber lined vessels! naval Jelly is based on Phosphoric acid which is alot milder, read the brand on her soda pop can, that is in there!