Although this post is written v the Galaxy keep in mind 10.1 in mind, most of these instructions must work because that Android clipboards on other devices.

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The mean user doesn’t yes, really pay attention to the contents of the clipboard. Whenever us copy something on our machine it it s okay stored in the clipboard. We later paste it in other places which retrieves a copy that the item native the clipboard. Although we pasted the items elsewhere, the initial item is no deleted indigenous the clipboard. Once we copy something to the Android clipboard it forever remains in the clipboard unless we manually delete it.

Unlike home windows PCs, transforming off your Android device does not instantly clear the clipboard. Through this gift the case, it’s possible to unknowingly have actually a really crowded clipboard.

Under regular circumstances, items in a clipboard shouldn’t affect the operation of her Android device, however coming native a windows environment, i’ve made the a habit to clean out unnecessary papers to avoid potential problems.

How to access the Android Clipboard

Bring up either the on-screen keyboard or the S Pen keyboard. The clipboard switch is come the too much right the the spacebar.




Tap top top the clipboard to open up it and view all items save on computer there. There room occasions when tapping the clipboard won’t open it. For example, tapping it when entering usernames or passwords on web pages, or occasionally when entering text on search features (sometimes, no all times). The an ext you play about with your Galaxy or an equipment the far better you’ll be able to determine when the clipboard will respond.


Once you open the clipboard, you’ll not only see the items in your clipboard, however you’ll have the option to edit the items. Upon clicking “Edit,” 2 icons appear on every clipboard item. They provide you the choice to either delete the article or lock the in place.


When you’re perfect cleaning out the unwanted items, click “Save” to save those items friend want, and then click “Done.” as soon as you’re all finished click on the under arrow and you’re great to go.

Saving internet addresses come the clipboard renders it simpler to conveniently visit your favorite websites. Rather than tapping or creating them out, open the clipboard, select the internet address, nearby the clipboard and tap “Go” ~ above the keyboard. Four taps and you’re over there (5 if you incorporate the tap important to invoke the keyboard).

Samsung Galaxy Clipboard Crash Problem

In law a tiny research because that this article, ns came across a quite distressing situation. Apparently, Samsung Galaxy devices on rare occasions (rare according to Samsung) deserve to run right into an overcrowded clipboard issue that will reason the an equipment to reboot or also worse, crash.

The mix of Touch Wiz software, Android 3.0 or greater and keyboards other 보다 the default Samsung key-board can give rise come this situation. The operating device sets increase a different folder because that each keyboard. The folder because that the non-Samsung keyboard is inaccessible to the usual user (unless you root your maker aka have governmental access). Those non-Samsung folders come to be overcrowded through clips and also cause the device to crash (a simplistic explanation of the problem).

Fortunately, Samsung has resolved the issued through an OTA (Over the Air) software update. For you newbies favor me, that way you don’t need to do anything. Samsung sends out the update to that is devices. All you have to do is enable the upgrade to download (depending ~ above your an equipment settings).

If you carry out run right into the clipboard crash problem, double check come make certain you have actually the latest software.

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UPDATE: It has actually been carried to my attention that not all tools have together a clipboard. The Nexus 7, because that example, only allows one item in ~ a time top top the clipboard, for this reason emptying the is not a problem.