Water is continously evaporating at room temperature.. Yet how come intentionally rise the price of evaporation at exact same temperature

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Agitate the water so the it"s surface ar area increases. Because that example, row the water or blow air (bubbles) through the water.


Increase the surface area by put the water in a shallow tray.Blow (preferably warm) air over it by producing a cross-draught or using a fan. (Warmer wait holds more moisture.)Place the water in a metal container with a great thermal call with its surroundings, so the it does not cool under as that evaporates.

In enhancement to the points mentioned by sammy gerbil, you can additionally lower the surrounding air/vapor pressure so that the water beginning to boil at room temperature.


An ultrasonic humidifier vastly rises the surface area easily accessible for evaporation by breaking up the water right into millions of very small droplets.


One means is to add a big wick. This will draw water up and also increase the surface aria exposed come the air.

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it greatly depends top top what her goal is however increasing the surface area in any kind of way, such as using a fabric to soak increase the water, placing it into a huge shallow tray, or if you space trying come dry the end an item, you can spread it the end flat. (upside down also helps sometimes). If you placed it right into an north shot needle climate stretch the out, it can reason it to boil at room temp. Which will certainly let that evaporate faster.

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