You can disable the anti-theft alarm on your 6th gen Toyota Camry using no tools. However, your vehicle will not be protected from possible theft.

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This article applies to the Toyota Camry (2007-2011).

Whether you own an aftermarket anti-theft alarm or an original equipment manufacturer (OEM) anti-theft alarm, the truth is you have the option to deactivate your device when you see fit, at your discretion. It"s recommended that you don"t deactivate your alarm for a long period of time, however. Doing so could leave your vehicle susceptible to theft. Once your alarm is deactivated, it will stay that way until you reactivate it again. Reactivation is just as straightforward as deactivation and requires no tools or professional experience.


Step 1 – Access your vehicle

Go ahead and hop into the driver"s seat of your 6th gen Toyota Camry. Keep the door open and unlocked; close all other doors. Insert your key into the ignition, but keep the engine off.

Figure 1. This task begins in the driver"s seat.

Step 2 – Go for the "kill" switch

You can find the switch to the left of the steering wheel, beneath the dashboard. You can"t miss it. No other switches are in the area.

Press and hold the switch, which operates via a projecting lever that you can push in and hold, as needed.Do not let go of the lever.Move on to Step 3.
Figure 2. Depress the switch.

Step 3 – Start the engine on your Camry

Without letting go of the lever, meaning you are still depressing the switch, start the engine on your Camry as you normally would. You will know the alarm has begun the disabling process when you hear a quick chirping sound. One final step is needed.

Figure 3. Start the engine.
Pro Tip

You will need to reverse these steps when it comes time to reactivate the alarm in the future, which is recommended to ensure your vehicle is kept safe from theft.

Step 4 – Turn key to the LOCK position

Within 30 seconds of completing Step 3, turn your key to the LOCK position. Your door should still be open at this point. Listen for your horn to sound once. Your alarm system warning light will display on the dashboard, blinking several times before going off. You are now done!

Step 5 – Visit a local Toyota dealership (optional)

If your alarm continues to go off when you access your vehicle, head down to a local Toyota dealership. A certified mechanic can help you resolve the issue using Toyota"s technologically advanced Techstream computer software.

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If your alarm is sounding due to a crack in your windshield window, you will need to have your glass breakage sensor reset. The sensor has a sensitivity adjustment control that will need to be reset once your window is replaced. The control box is located behind your glove box.

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