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How carry out I delete songs from a CD-RW???

by bballkid ~ above Tue Aug 24, 2004 3:42 afternoon

I am utilizing the burner from windows MEDIA PLAYER, which ns think is ROXIO. Might anyone assist me?? Thanx a lot.

by cfitz on Tue Aug 24, 2004 6:33 afternoon

You can"t delete separation, personal, instance songs, however you have the right to erase the whole disc. Just comprise the new list of song you want to burn, placed the CD-RW bowl in the drive, then press the home windows Media Player "Copy" button. The Roxio simple CD burn Applet will appear and tell girlfriend something favor "The playlist is too big to right on the CD". Hit the "Burn" button on the applet anyway, and another home window will popular music up through the post "This CDRW is at this time unusable because that this burn. Would certainly you like to erase this disk and also then burn?" Click "Yes" and you are great to go.cfitz
No, ns don"t use it. I just ran a quick experiment out of curiousity. Shot it yourself and also see.By the way, i was utilizing Windows Media Player 9 when I tried it.cfitz

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