Hi, i live in a house with a smoker and cats so my game discs can get pretty dusty/have a couple of hairs on them and I'm wondering how best to clean them? I've been making use of a microfiber cloth like the ones you'd usage on a LCD screen however it always leaves a faint scratch note on the bowl i've had actually this difficulty with Mass result 2/3 Red Dead and Fifa & i dont wanna ruin any games so any kind of advise would be welcome.

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P.s The towel is used price me £10 therefore its no that its negative quality.

Edit: many thanks for the recommend I should most likely buy a brand-new cloth to see if that's in ~ fault.


I'm sure there is a details & corrected way to clean them yet I simply rinse them with water dabbing castle dry with a noodle tshirt wiping facility of disk come edge (never in a circle). I never use shirt that have polyester reason it deserve to be also rough. This is my cheap way of cleaning through what I have at home.

Does this towel remove spots/dirt on game disc?


It's resilient plastic, not some super perceptible material. Clean it v soap and water and also a soft cloth. If it gets scratched or hazy from use or abuse, polish it with auto polish and buff to a shine.

Thing is i clean it through a microfiber fabric just to be safe and also even that seems to scrape it every time i wipe native the facility outward theres constantly a scratch.

Sand paper.

Nah just kidding lint totally free cloth must be an excellent & some spit & sprucing up (can usage some water rather of spit)

Terribly gnarly discs deserve to be revitalized with a disc Doctor. I've excellent this rather a few times. Ns treat my gamings poorly. :)

Other 보다 that, the advice the others below is perfect. Soft fabric (microfiber), obstacle from hub to edge (not in circles). If you use a cleaner, make sure it's recipe to occupational with discs. Otherwise, water is fine.

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If you use soap, make certain it's non-abrasive. Otherwise it will certainly leave good scratches top top the key (which shouldn't really impact play yet look lousy).


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