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Page 1ENGLISHNOTE: If you execute not find your watch motion here, you re welcome go TIME display MODEA1.Press A because that EL in any type of mode.2.Press C to toggle in between Time 1 and Time 2.3.Press and hold C to set Time 1 or Time 2 asthe default timer.B4.Press D come toggle chime on/off.CDTIME/CALENDAR SETTING1.In typical time display, press and hold A to enter setting mode; chime willbegin flashing.2.Press C come increase setting value. Push D to decrease setup value.3.Press B to collection and advance to next setup value.4.Setting succession is chime, 12/24-hour time, hour, minute, second, year, month,date, Auto EL.5.Press A to save data and exit setup mode.CHRONOGRAPH MODE1.Press B to readjust to chronograph mode.2.Press C to begin chronograph; push D because that lap once the chronograph is running.3.Press D to adjust views if chronograph is running.4.Press C to avoid chronograph. NOTE: once running, over there is a maximum of 10 laps, afterward last lap will certainly beoverwritten every time additional lap is recorded.RECALL MODE1.Press A to recall the memory as soon as the chronograph is stopped.2.Press A to see the following lap.3.Press C or D to exit Recall Mode and go ago to chronograph mode.TIMER MODE1.Press B to readjust to timer mode.2.Press C to start timer.3.Press C to prevent timer. Push D come reset the timer once it is stopped.TIMER SETTING1.In timer mode, press and hold A to enter setting mode; timer kind will start flashing.2.Press C and also D to select count under stop, count under repeat, or counting up timer.3.Press B to development to next setup field.4.Press C come decrease and also D come increase.2

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