Some owners of Kubota tractors prefer to set up a PTO driven Kubota mower deck below the tractor. This makes it possible for them to mow bigger locations in a short of time. If you look under the front of the Kubota lawn mower, you will locate what exactly is named a PTO electric clutch pulley using a Kevlar belt wrapped about it. If you adhere to the belt back for the mower deck, you will notice that the belt wraps about two big pulleys and two smaller sized pulleys. These pulleys take energy in the engine and use it to drive the mower blades. Over time, the belts wear out and because the owner on the mower deck, it is necessary for you to adjust the belts.

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How To Replace the Belt on a Kubota Mower Deck

Reduce the Kubota mower deck as close to the ground as you possibly can using the accessory attachment lever positioned around the Kubota tractor. The precise placement will differ according to the model of the tractor but in most situations, the lever is positioned close to the seat.Find the idler pulley around the mower deck. The idler pulley may be the tiny pulley mounted to a metal spring-loaded bracket. Around the bracket, you will locate a square hole. Place a 3/8-inch ratchet driver into the square hole.Rotate the pulley away in the belt around the mower deck till you can lift the belt up and over the pulley. Gradually rotate the pulley back into place. Leave the ratchet attached.Pull the belt off the remaining pulleys around the deck and after that remove the belt in the PTO pulley around the bottom in the motor.Place the new belt onto the PTO pulley after which place the belt onto all the pulleys except for the idler pulley.Rotate the idler pulley till you can slip the belt over the pulley. Gradually permit the pulley to pull itself against the belt and after that remove the ratchet in the pulley.

How to put a deck belt on a zg327 Kubota

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