Check this overview out for every little thing you need to know to gain started in Naruto can be fried Ninja Storm 4!

Naruto Shippuden: ultimate Ninja Storm 4 is the last game in the series and it has actually plenty come do. The Ultimate Ninja Storm collection are fighting games, yet the items, jutsu, sign support, and much more make that stand out from most. There are things in the recent installment the both brand-new and old players need to understand about.

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I"ll aid get you began in this large Naruto video game by explaining all the basics and things you have the right to do. I"ll likewise go over the different customization alternatives and changes made come the series.

This guide will go over acquiring started in Naruto can be fried Ninja Storm 4 including:

Basic Controls and Info - every the controls and info you require to get started.Game modes - What you can do in each video game mode.Customization - What you can do come customize yourcharactersand Ninja info Cards.

Basic Controls and Info

Battles in Ultimate Ninja Storm 4 space fast-paced and there"s a lot walk on. I"ll list Xbox Controls first, then PlayStation Controls.

B or O is for StrikeAttacks. You can tap it multiple times and readjust direction during it to do combos.

A or X provides your character jump. You deserve to tap it twice to dual jump.

RT or R2 provides you security againstattacks. If you take it too plenty of hits whileguarding, the opponent will cause a security Break and stun you. You can additionally press up on the control pad to do a Guard break Attack.

If you push the StrikeAttack switch while guarding, you will do a throw.

LT or L2 makes you use substitution. If you use this as soon as an attack hits, a log takes girlfriend place and also you show up behind the enemy. This is advantageous for conserving you indigenous combos or strong attacks. You have 4 uses and each one friend use begins to recharge, so usage them wisely.

X or Square throw shuriken or similar projectiles. Some characters let you save tapping this because that combos.

If you push the Shuriken button while guarding, friend will perform a counter attack.

Y or Triangle lots up chakra, which lets you do many things.

Jump after a Chakra pack to execute a Chakra Dash the gets girlfriend close to the enemy.Strike assault after a Chakra pack to carry out a jutsu, which is a unique attack.Shuriken after a Chakra load to litter a chakra charged projectile.Tap Chakra fill twice, then strike strike to execute a secret technique, or ultimate jutsu.

When your health and wellness is low enough, organize the Chakra Load button to fill your bar completely and go into Awakening. This is a special setting that offers you increased abilities that rely on the character you room playing as.

When you battle, girlfriend can choose up come 2 supports. When in fight you have the right to press the peak shoulder buttons come tag either of them in.

You can also move the right manage stick left or ideal to tags in her support and play as them.

Each character has a restricted number that Ninja Tools the you can use in battle by pushing a direction ~ above the regulate pad. These room things favor exploding tags that execute damage and also knock world back, or defense tag that lower the target"s defense.

Game Modes


This mode allows you fight with the story of Naruto. Friend select and also episode, then a chapter to play. There room times when you should clear two routes to finish a chapter.

There room 4 species of battles:


Boss fight - friend fight a boss using Input Actions, or IA.Free battle - You have actually a normal fight.Mob fight - girlfriend fight many enemies.Dramatic battle - This combines a complimentary battle with IA.

Battles likewise have extra conditions you have the right to fulfill, such as success the hit with much more than 50% health, to obtain Ninja Treasures. You can exchange this Ninja treasures for items and customization from the store.

You can also unlock certain characters by completing certain portions that the Story mode. I imply playing v this mode first, besides the practice you can do in free Battle.


This is a complimentary roam setting that lets you finish extra missions. That is argued that you finish Story Mode before doing this, however you deserve to play it at anytime.

Free Battle

This mode lets you beat in multiple types of offline battles versus another pat or the CPU.

Survival - check out how countless fights you can win utilizing one health bar.Tournament - 4-8 players tournament layout play.VS fight - Normal battle between an additional player or CPU.League - brand-new game setting where friend fight in a round Robin style. Each player gets points based on their wins and also losses. The player with the many points attheend, wins.Practice - This has cost-free practice that lets you shot out personalities and collection options, and Battle Practice. This lets you complete practicechallengesto learnmore aboutthegame.

You can also customize yourcharacterand make presets in free battle, but more onthat in the customization section.

One adjust is just how rounds work. As soon as you win a round, you begin the following round through the same health and wellness you had actually at the end of the critical one and the loser gets full health. This renders fights feeling more consistent instead of broken up into rounds.

Online Battle

Player Match and Rank Match work similar to VS battles in free Battle Mode. Once you win a rank enhance you get fight Points, BP, and also you location up once you get enough. You can lower your rank if you lose enough.

League and also Tournament work like they do in totally free Battle.

Endless allows you fight until you lose to see who can get the most consecutive wins.

The Bingo Book is a list of personalities to fight. If girlfriend beat these characters, you obtain the rewards detailed for them.

You can go come the general Store Bandai while online. Girlfriend can additionally do this by selecting Collection from the key menu.



You deserve to customize a character"s substitution item and adjust the Cut-In image. The Cut-In image is displayed if you efficiently hit through a secret method and it will finish the fight. You have the right to save as much as 3 customization slots for each character.

You can additionally edit your Ninja info Card. This is what is displayed to people when friend play online. Friend can modify the picture, title, skin, and matching voice. Friend unlock these as you play v the game, yet you can additionally buy them indigenous the general Store.

You can use Ryo come buy Ninja info Card customization, Substitution, and also Cut-In picture items. Girlfriend can likewise exchange Ninja Treasures with Ryo come unlock these and costumes.

You can likewise save as much as 8 preset slots. This allows you select single or groups of her favorite characters to use online. When you do this, you deserve to save time by picking a preset of personalities you beat a lot. You deserve to even choose customization versions of each character you put in a preset.

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If you have extra items friend don"t need, girlfriend can additionally sell them at the basic Store.

That"s all I have actually for my Beginner Tips and also Tricks for Naruto Shippuden: can be fried Ninja Storm 4. Permit me know if girlfriend have any questions and also check ago later for more guides!