Walkthrough Post-Game legend Pokémon Appendices

How to record Tornadus and Thundurus

After you gain the Legend badge from Drayden or Iris, walk to path 7.You will an alert that a large rainstorm is in progress.Go to the house east of Celestial Tower, and also an old woman will certainly come out and also invite girlfriend inside.After having some soup with the old lady and learning around Thundurus or Tornadus, you go outside,walk east, and end upface-to-face through Tornadus (in Pokémon Black) or Thundurus (in Pokémon White)! Tornadus/Thundurus will certainly fly awayto a random course in Unova, and also the storm will go with it. The storm keeps moving to random routes, soyou will need to chase Tornadus/Thundurus around, weakening it until you can catch it.

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How to catch a Roaming legend in Pokémon Black and White

In previous pokémon games, you might see roaming legendaries on the map. Yet in Pokémon black color andWhite, girlfriend can"t check out them top top the map. Instead, the electronic bulletin plank in the route dwellings might point out "a really unusual storm" in a specific route. If you walk to that route and there is a huge rainstorm, then the meansthat a random encounter in the grass could be one encounter v Tornadus/Thundurus.

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Since friend won"t be able to chase Tornadus or Thundurus roughly because castle don"t present up top top the map, just enter andout that a route residence until the route has a vast rainstorm in it. Then you deserve to go roughly in the grass to try to encounterTornadus or Thundurus.

All roaming legendaries flee native the fight on their first turn. This way that you require to have a pokémon withdecent speed in the very first slot of her party. At any time you damages the roaming legend or inflict a condition ailmenton it, the injury/status ailment will certainly still it is in in impact the following time you conference the roaming legendary.

This way that you deserve to gradually carry the roaming legendary"s HP down, specifically if the first pokémon in your party provides False Swipe against the roaming legendary to do its HP exactly 1. In addition, you deserve to inflictSleep top top the roaming legendary, and even in its sleep it will certainly run away after the very first turn that the battle, and also willstill be sleep the following time you conference it. Therefore, it is pretty basic to acquire the roaming legendary right into aneasier-to-catch state.

Which pokéball should I use?

The finest pokéball to record Tornadus or Thundurus is the fast Ball. Friend can gain these in ShoppingMall 9. Due to the fact that the roaming legendary constantly runs away on the an initial turn anyway, making use of a quick Ball top top it will alwaysgive girlfriend the 4x comprehensive from gift thrown top top the first turn.

Otherwise, the next finest is the Dusk sphere if the fight started after ~ 8PM and also before 3:59AM.

Otherwise, you"ll have to make carry out with Ultra Balls, which have actually a much lower capture rate 보다 the over two.

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After catching Tornadus or Thundurus

What can you perform after recording Tornadus or Thundurus? as well as training it, if you know someone who has the various other version the the game and also has captured the weather-basedlegendary from that game, you deserve to ask that person to temporarily trade that legendary to you.After you complete the key game, take both legendaries come the plentiful Shrine in easternUnova, and you will have the ability to catch Landorus, who is the 3rd of the Kami Trio (withTornadus and also Thundurus gift the first two.) climate you have the right to temporarily trade your legendaryto the human being who go the previous momentary trade, and also that human being can acquire Landorus as well.