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I am replacing the abs valve body and ecm from a wrecking yard. Seems like there is allot of differing views on how to bleed this system. From using a code reader to cycle the abs ....but is obd 1. To going out to a dirt road and slamming on the brakes to cycle the abs. Local shop says just bleed them with a vacuum and all will be well. So does anybody have a link to a forum here maybe? Going to do this next weekend and am a competent wrench as long as I know the correct procedure


I"ve had mine apart a number of times, and just bled them as normal. That being said, i have never replaced the abs valving or the master, so---take that with a grain of salt.
ok sounds good are your brakes squishy or solid when ya apply brakes? I have had truck for a couple of years and abs works well on ice but they always seemed quite soft to me.

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Here"s a link that was posted on another forum that I"m on. This guy knows his stuff.
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If its the rear wheel abs, which is mounted next to the master cylinder, then it"s pretty easy. There"s a black cover on it that covers a pin, press that pin in and have someone depress the break pedal. When fluid shoots out of it it"s bled. Just had to do it on mine, worked like a charm.
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