Night watch Island…do you have what that takes to guard the twin Palms shopping mall in the wee hours?

Night watch Island Complete video Walkthrough (Including Bonus Quest):

(Scroll under for a complete written walkthrough below.)

Night clock Island written Walkthrough

The AreasThere are 20 areas total. Friend go through three areas before friend hit the shopping center Atrium, the main hub top top the map. Native the Atrium, you can reach the Manager’s Office, shopping mall Left, and also Mall Right. Mall Left gives access to 6 stores, while one more 7 shop are accessible from shopping center Right.

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Main StreetParking LotSecurity OfficeMall AtriumManager’s Office (reached indigenous the Atrium)

Mall Left (left come right):

3rd floor: PrintFax, Giuseppe’s Toys2nd floor: In the currently Clothing, No ache No acquire Fitness1st floor: to crawl Mart pet Store, JollyGifts Gift Store

Mall appropriate (left come right):

3rd floor: MacGuffin’s Gadgets, good Deals Electronics, Carnival Costumes2nd floor: Slugger’s athletic Keepsakes, Slumbertown Mattresses1st floor: Sizzle tan Salon

There’s likewise various kiosks located around the Mall and are defined as essential in the walkthrough below.

OverviewNight clock Island is yes, really the pair Palms shopping mall with virtually the whole adventure taking place inside a suburban purchase center. In bespeak to complete the story on Night clock Island, you have to capture a cat housebreaker who’s trying come steal a priceless vintage baseball card. The island is relatively linear, definition the story takes you from place to place without a lot of alternatives for doing points in a various order.

Part One: obtain the JobPart Two: investigate the AlertsPart Three: discover Eddie the SnakePart Four: record the BurglarBonus Quest: uncover the Rare sports Cards

One of the large differences between Night watch Island and also the other Poptropica archipelago is the use of the clever PHONE. As soon as you have the phone, it will appear as an symbol in the upper right, beside your backpack. In addition to gift able to use it (described below when you first get it), you’ll get Calls and also Alerts top top it. A speak to will jump to the middle of your screen, but when you obtain an Alert, the phone icon will begin flashing red and a huge “!” will show up next to it and also you have actually to click on it.

PART ONE: acquire the Job

When girlfriend jump the end of her blimp, you land on key Street beside a Bananabee’s restaurant (this island’s usual Area). You have the right to only walk right, come a line of people waiting exterior the twin Palms Mall.

The first guy in heat tells you he buys whatever MacGuffin makes to market on the Internet. A redhead v freckles tells you that “this line is nothing, she waited in line for three weeks come buy voice-activated restroom paper.” Everyone rather in heat tells you exactly how excited they are for the brand-new MacGuffin gadget, even if they don’t know what it does.

Heading right, you reach the enntrance gate to the twin Palms Mall, yet its locked. It’s ~ hours. Head appropriate to the security Office door and click on the red button and also they’ll tell girlfriend the shopping mall doesn’t open until 7am. What to do? proceed right come the Parking Lot where you’ll find Gus, a crying defense guard. A clock speak you the 9:02pm. Talk to Gus and he tells you that he’s to be fired after ~ 10 years on the job and also that the mall no safe, then he walks off right. Go appropriate to the PrintFax car and talk to the boy who speak you that it’s as well bad around Gus, however the stress must have actually been too lot for him. Climate he drives off. Keep going appropriate until you run right into a male in a Yankees hat, the owner of Slugger’s Store. He says that you speak to the shopping center manager and also apply because that the task of night-time protection guard.

Head back to the Mall. On main street, go ago to the protection Office door and also click the red button. The manager asks if you’re below for the night watchman job. Then she leader you through the security office and into the shopping mall Atrium. She requirements to check you to watch if she qualified for the job.

GAME: spot the Differences

An photo will appear that you have to study. Then one more will appear and also you have to click on the 5 differences. You deserve to toggle earlier and forth in between the images, therefore it’s not too challenging. The differences in between Photo #1 and also #2:

Dr. Hare t-shirt architecture (second from appropriate in second row down)turquoise belt top top walldisco lightyellow star on red t-shirt top top rackjeans on floor allude a various way


Things to look for: Dr. Hare t-shirt design, turquoise belt, red tee with yellow star, jeans on the floor, and also the disco ball

Next the manager wants to test your capability to patrol. She speak you to jump on the scooter and also patrol the mall searching for trouble. She’s set up robots to test you:

In former of the Chinese Food kiosk space two robots, a boy and a girl. Click them to tell castle “no loitering” and shoo them away. Roll right previous the escalator to the following area called Mall Right.

In shopping center Right, roll previous the elevator and you’ll come across a robot granny in prior of a new Store coming Soon! sign.

Say hello come Granny, then store rolling rightAt the escalators, you’ll find a robot boy trying to run up the down escalator, click on him come scold that for to run up the escalator. Roll earlier left come Granny.You’ll check out a robot burglar take Granny’s purse. Quick, acquire after him! Head left ago to the shopping center Atrium

You’ll operation over the robot thief, but the Manager offers you the job. Congrats. The manager offers you a protection GUARD BADGE and sends you come the defense Office to start your shift. Placed on the BADGE. Congratulations, you’re currently a night watchman!

PART TWO: investigate the Alerts

An Alert appears on the large security screen: “Disturbance in MacGuffin’s!” prior to you investigate, examine out the office:

energy drink on the console – the manager warned you to stop thesea corkboard – notes from Gus, the paranoid night watchmana map the the shopping mall – a good resource for finding what you need. In this case, MacGuffin’s is on the third floor in shopping mall Right

Exit into the mall Atrium. Run ideal to mall Right. Click the elevator button. Enter the elevator. Once it drops you off at the 2nd floor, fight the elevator increase button and also re-enter the elevator. You’ll jump off at the third floor. Head right to MacGuffin’s. Enter.

Inside MacGuffin’s are all type of strange electronics. Head left till you check out a “Ringing” comes from a Quake-Master massage chair. Click the chair to gain the clever PHONE. Price the incoming call. It’s native Gus! it’s his phone that he lost. He claims it’ll come in handy with thieves about. The teaches girlfriend the different apps:

Security camera – you deserve to see the live feeding from protection cameras inside stores. In this case, you’re seeing inside MacGuffin’s. Gus tells you to find the an enig gadget that everyone’s talk about. Use your computer mouse to navigate come the much right and click top top the Quick-Charger. Next he claims to examine out other cameras. Use the arrows in ~ the reduced left to toggle through the 12 various cameras (see the perform below).Contact perform – preset number you can call:Home (Gus) – offer him a contact if anything strange happensMall Manager – she’s acquiring ready for bedPrint Shop Owner – sitting in his apartment watching the gameSlugger’s Owner – wants to understand if everything in his store is okay and also when was the critical time you confirm on it?Pet Shop Owner – suggests you examine on the coral snake, who gets out of his cage now and againNotes – empty for nowPlanet Slug game – “defend planet by flinging bombs at them with patented slingtech3000 technology”, it’s upset Birds in space. The trick is to usage the “+” authorize as a marker. Begin by pulling the rocket back exactly to the “+”. Depending upon where the plus authorize is, you’ll damage something – either one of the slugs or an asteroid it is in the way. If you destroyed the asteroid, fire your second rocket from the exact same place to acquire the top-most slug. If girlfriend hit the bottom slug from the “+”, you’ll should adjust over or below the + come hit the 2nd slug. Take away a small practice, however isn’t too difficult.Power switch – click to return the phone to her backpack

Smart call Camera LIVE defense Feeds:

MacGuffin’s device StoreGood Deals electronics ShopIn the Now apparel StoreCrawlMart pet ShopPrintFax publish ShopSlugger’s strong KeepsakesSlumbertown Mattress StoreJollyGifts Gift StoreSizzle tan SalonGiuseppes Toy StoreCarnival CostumesNo Pain, No gain Sports Fitness Store

Leave MacGuffin’s and you’ll watch your phone has actually an Alert.

What to do once you obtain an Alert: 

Click ~ above the flashing phone icon. This first alert is: “Security alarm in Slugger’s Athtletic Keepsakes!”Then click the “View Camera” button. when we an initial clicked ~ above the view Camera button, the room was claimed to it is in Slugger’s, yet it was in reality MacGuffin’s. If you get this, usage the arrows in ~ the bottom come scroll with the room a pair of times. Then go earlier to #6 and it have to be fine.>Using the defense camera feed, scroll along the bottom that the room until package is blinking and turns red. You’ll check out some upended boxes and also a football helmet.At this point, Gus appears to offer you the following piece of information. In this case, Gus speak you to call the owner.

Go to the call List application on the phone and also call Slugger’s owner. He’ll call you that you require to check to view if his Honus Wagner vintage baseball card, the most an useful card in the world, is okay. It’s in a for sure behind a statue and the combination is 6723.

Go down to the second level and also Enter Slugger’s. Go come the the right of the store and also click top top the frosting that claims “Take a photo with the champ!”. You’ll push the statue come the side, revealing the safe. Click top top the safe and enter: 6723. The safe will certainly open. Seize the HONUS WAGNER BASEBALL CARD.

CALL: Slugger’s Owner tells you he’s relieved it’s tho there.

Click on the safe again to return the card, then click the statue to push it earlier in place. Head earlier to the mall Atrium.

ALERT: Giuseppe’s Toy shop! On the camera feed, usage your mouse to role to the top of the display to the overhead light. When you’ve fight the best spot, Gus will certainly appear and also tell you that the light gift on is odd and you should examine it out.

Run left to the area mall Left. At the elevator, push the button and head approximately the 3rd floor. Head left, remember come jump over the an are where the escalator is, and also enter Giuseppe’s. Inside Giuseppe’s, click on the red TOY BIRD to grab it. ~ above the floor is a ROBOT TOY, grab that too. Appears the robot could have set off the lights.

Exit the store and head ago to the Atrium.

ALERT: Sizzle tan Salon! Zero in ~ above the closeup of the door tanning bed, the one top top the left. Gus will tell girlfriend he thinks he knows what’s going on.

Run to Sizzle, in Mall ideal on the first floor. Inside Sizzle, click the lefthand demorphs bed. An overly tan woman says she just wants to stay a few more minutes, even though the shopping center is closed. Leave Sizzle.

ALERT: Good deal Electronics! once you start to look about with the live feed, the signal is lost! Gus speak you who is in the mall and also doesn’t desire you come see.

Head to good Deal ~ above the 3rd floor of mall Right. Inside good Deal, head left and also your phone will ring.

CALL: the Gus, that tells you the he might have sworn he just saw someone in the store.

To the left is an employee just room, however it’s locked. Departure the store and also go back to the Atrium.

PART THREE: discover Eddie the Snake

ALERT: crawl Mart! move the camera to the much right. Gus confirms the the coral snake is missing!

Use her phone contact’s list to call the pet Shop owner, who tells you the the snake, Eddie, might be hiding behind his favorite rock in his glass case. Head to Crawl Mart top top the first floor of shopping center Left. Inside keen Mart, walk to the snake’s empty terrarium in ~ the much right.

CALL: keen Mart Owner will tell you the you might be able to lure Eddie out with his favourite snack, just don’t use any of the store’s birds.

Exit the store, wherein you’ll see Eddie, a moment prior to he takes off. Seek him. Monitor him to the complying with locations where he’s hiding. The item he is hiding in will be shaking. Click on the item and also he’ll take it off.

MacGuffin’s – a Pocket-Sized Porta-PottySizzle tanning – the right-hand tanning bedFinally, you’ll uncover him in the Chinese Food kiosk in the shopping mall Atrium, whereby he’s ducked under behind the counter. Go into your backpack and also use your TOY BIRD.

Eddie will eat the bird and also take turn off again.

CALL: The owner speak you not to worry about it, he’ll acquire Eddie in the morning.

Head to Mall Right.

PART FOUR: stop the Burglar

ALERT: Carnival Costumes! as soon as again you’ll shed the signal and need to walk investigate.

Head approximately the third floor. Inside Carnival Costumes, go to the far left. Yes sir the costume because that the cop and the one for the robber. Wait, that’s a real robber! hell knock you under as he is escaping.

CALL: Gus tells you the thief is most likely after the Quick-Charger gadget. He speak you to walk to MacGuffin’s and stop relocating so the lights turn off. Girlfriend might be able to ambush the thief.

Following his instructions, enter MacGuffin’s. You’ll hide in the corner and the lights will certainly go out. The burglar will sneak up and you’ll surprised him. As soon as you do, hell drop a ago ROOM KEY. Choose it up and also go to good Deal electronics on the same floor. Walk to the locked Employees just door in ~ the much left the the room. Go into your backpack and use her ROBOT TOY. He’ll keep the light on for you. Currently use your key and go into the room.

Inside the backroom, you’ll watch a familiar apartment background (hmm…) and a computer system with a keep in mind on it. Click the note and also you’ll view it’s a brand-new Store Application:


Preston Wilhelm is the owner the the PrintFax shop. What’s the doing using for a new store? Hm…

CALL: Gus argues you inspect out PrintFax (Mall Left, third floor)

As you gain to the third floor, the thief come barrelling the end in a security golf cart, rides down the escalators, and heads come the Atrium.

CALL: Gus speak you yes a scooter you can use to follow after the in the administrate Office. (How walk Gus know everything that’s happening to you? Weird.) Anyway, he sends out you a list of feasible passwords to the Notes app on her phone.

The administer Office is top top the 2nd floor the the shopping mall Atrium. To obtain to the office, run up the escalators at the right-hand next of the Atrium. The thief will certainly appear and also run end you again if girlfriend hang the end in the Atrium also long. Time to gain that scooter! enter the administrate Office. Click the control panel because that the scooter. The password is FROST. Unfortunately, the scooter demands to it is in charged. However how have the right to you feasible CHARGE the scooter QUICKLY? Hm. Wait, a minute…get to MacGuffin’s!

Inside MacGuffin’s, grab the QUICK-CHARGER. After all, you on official business. Go back to the administrate Office in the Atrium. Usage the QUICK-CHARGER out of her backpack. Now jump ~ above the scooter and exit the office. Take the down escalator come the first floor, go right to shopping mall Right, then revolve around and also go back into the Atrium. You’ll find out the the best method to catch the theif is to acquire behind the up escalator together he’s comes down. So, go to the far left that the Atrium. When he comes under in his golf cart, you will do it take off after him and also he’ll crash. But wait, he’s a robot! You’ve been duped.

CALL: Gus tells you that you really blew it. Many thanks Gus.

Go to Mall Right

ALERT: PrintFax publish Shop! The live feed shows the theif photocopying something. Obtain to PrintFax, stat!

Inside PrintFax click on the copy machine. Click Menu, climate Reprint critical Scan, climate the environment-friendly Print button. That a copy that the Honus Wagner baseball card.

CALL: Gus wonders wherein the real card is. Time to go back to Slugger’s.

In Slugger’s, click the statue. Uh-oh.

CALL: friend tell Gus it looks choose the safe fell out of the wall into the floor below. He speak you to obtain the blowtorch native behind the photo in the manager’s Office to usage to cut through the padlock top top the new Store. Head come the Office pronto.

Inside the manager’s Office, click the framed picture of the robot young over the “employee that the month” sign. Take the BLOWTORCH. Climate head ago to shopping center Right. Go to the new Store front and equip the BLOWTORCH the end of your backpack. Click go into to go into the brand-new Store. Inside the brand-new Store you discover the thief. Yet he escapes up the wall before you deserve to stop him. Run up the ladder and also click “go up” in ~ the top.

Air Vent ChaseYou’re inside an wait vent. You see the thief, however you can’t acquire by a red barrier. Equip your BLOWTORCH again and also click ~ above the obstacle to torch it. Continue right and then increase the ladder till you’re in a room v Ventilation system A and also Ventilation system B composed on the wall surface behind you.

You’ll start on the appropriate side navigating through mechanism B.

Jump right, over the rotating fan, into the vent. Torch the barrier. Head right, fall down, and also torch the next barrier. Continue right, up the ladder to the height where it claims “danger: elevator/escalator journey mech.” You’ve caught up to the thief, however he takes turn off again. Use your blowtorch ~ above the barrier over you, then jump up. Travel left throughout the optimal of the red barriers then blowtorch the barrier you’re stand on once you’re past the relocating machinery below you. Drop down and you’ll capture up through the thief again, that bumps you off the platform.

Go back through vent system B you just went through, but this time prevent halfway increase the ladder. You’ll view a beige barrier on her left. Torch it and step into the darkened vent obelisk labelled “B”.


This is halfway increase the ladder in Vent system A.

A fan will certainly blow you approximately the following level whereby you’ll discover a switch through “A/C” top top it. Torch it. The thief will tell girlfriend it’s no over.

Head ago to the center Ventilation room and head left. The relocating fan will store you afloat while friend torch the beige barrier into the system A vents. Head left climate drop under the ladder. At the bottom, you will do it encounter the thief yet again. He’ll run up a ladder.

There’s an “A/C” switch on her right and a barrier on your left. Torch the switch, climate torch the barrier. Go left and also torch the next barrier. Head up the ladder. As soon as you gain to the top, torch the barrier and drop down right into the room. “Gotcha, you trapped now!” you’ll say. AGAIN, the burglar bring away off.

He jumps down, however you’ve torched the mechanism A “A/C” for this reason he crashes down and drops the Honus Wagner baseball card. Girlfriend grab it and the 2 of you crash the end of the large vent top top the shopping center Atrium’s humungous fountain.

Just once you think he’s going to operation away again, Eddie comes by on the scooter and also knocks friend the theif silly. You all finish up on the floor of the Atrium. Gus has dubbed the genuine cops and they unveil the thief.

Of course, it’s Dr. Hare! No, it’s really the publish shop owner, as you’ve suspected due to the fact that you experienced his name on the brand-new store application. Right?

CONGRATULATIONS! You got the burglar, conserved the priceless baseball card, deserve the undying respect that Gus and the Manager and and got your island medallion!

Bonus Quest: uncover the Rare sporting activities CardsScattered roughly the mall are 9 collectible cards – Canada’s best athletes native the ‘60’s! You’ve acquired to recover them. Together you leave the Atrium, follow this order:

No Pain, No obtain – Left Mall, second floor – much right the the room, the baseball shooter, the card is increase on the rack of clothes, click on a baseball bat from the rack, then click the shooter, now quickly run ago and confront the shooter simply to the appropriate of the rack. Fight the spacebar as the balls come in ~ you and you’ll hit the map down. Straightforward peasy.In the currently – Left Mall, second floor – click the huge speaker come the left the the “Get in the Now” signCrawl Mart – Left Mall, 1st floor – in the piranha tank top top the second level, you need to click the card simply as every one of the piranha are moving away indigenous itJollyGifts – Left Mall, 1st floor – click on the exploding confetti can on the checkout counter, second in native the leftGo earlier to the Atrium and leave the mall v the security office, jump approximately the optimal of the mall dome and also the card is ~ above the top. Head earlier inside.“Saturn” – mall Atrium, over the fractional – run up the fountain and also its ~ above the middle planet, on one of “Saturn’s” rings. From right here you can actually run to the pizza kiosk come the right.Space Time Pizza – shopping center Atrium, second level ~ above the ideal – click on the lump of dough closest come the oven and also quickly click the map behind it.Sizzle demorphs – shopping mall Right, 1st floor – click the manage panel the the first tanning bed until its top top the lightest setting, simmer. Then click the tanning bed.Slumbertown – shopping mall Right, second floor – use the resting masks room to the left that the departure to jump up to the mattresses on the next level. Usage the blue mattress to run up ~ above the large purple mattress it is at an angle. As soon as you with the floor, you’ll run back and watch the map on the upper platform.

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Head to Slugger’s to talk to the owner and return the missing cards. Together a price you acquire the Old-time Baseball Uniform!


Our Original post Announcing Night watch Island:

The creators of Poptropica have actually announced the following Poptropica experience: Night watch Island! together you deserve to see native the logo, not lot to walk on various other than the image of a flashlight. A soil of perpetual darkness? Or simply a night out during a blackout? and also does it have actually anything to execute with the earthquakes ~ above the island of Poptropolis Games? We’ll store posting as much more information becomes available.

We’re acquisition a stab that the next island will ship sometime between January 24th and also 31st. Remain tuned to watch if we’re right!

EDIT: The trailer because that Night watch Island has actually been released! Looks like the next Poptropica island bring away a cue native movies prefer “Paul Blart, shopping center Cop”, due to the fact that the main theme is: you obtain to be a Nightwatchman in a suburban mall. I’m guessing the night doesn’t walk off without some type of hijinks. Inspect out the video clip trailer below: