After routes 36 and also 37, you will arive in ~ Ecruteak City. You"ll probably want to go to the localPokemon facility to heal your Pokemon. There, you"ll satisfy Bill. He"ll tell girlfriend he simply finished solving his Time Capsule. The Time Capsule will let you transport Pokemon indigenous older games, (Red, Blue, and Yellow)and deliver them to Gold, Silver, or Crystal. Invoice tells you that you can"t have actually any new moves foundin G/S/C on your Pokemon when you trade. Then he"ll leave and also go ago to Goldenrod City. He"ll offer you an Eevee if you talk to the again. Now, fasten your seat belts as we race to the gym!

The Ghost Gym

If you didn"t know it, it would certainly look quite weird. You"d think that the game was messed up or something. What am ns talking about? The ghost floor surfacein the gym. Friend see, if you simply walk right all the method (which friend can"t), you"ll autumn right through, and go earlier to the beginning. You"ll should follow a particular path that you deserve to see v youreyes, but can see v your usual sense. After falling a few times, you"ll shortly realize the pattern.Or, girlfriend don"t have to realize that. Just look to her left!

Morty, the gym leader, provides Pokemon from the Gastly family members (Gastly,Haunter, and also Gengar), leveling native 21 to 25. Morty will certainly award you v the Fog Badge. You"llget $2,300, to add TM 30 - shadow Ball. Also, you have the right to now usage Surf external of battles.

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In Crystal, an old male will kick you out, due to the fact that Morty isn"t in there. You"ll find out whereby he is laterin this walkthrough.

Getting Surf

After you beat the gym leader and got her well deserved badge, walk to this house where 5 Kimono Girlsare dance on a stage. Walk onto the stage to battle each Kimono Girl. Every one has an Eevee evolution.There room two new ones, Espeon and also Umbreon. Deafeat every one of them, and talk come the guy with the hat. He"ll give youHM 03 - Surf.

In one of these houses, a male will offer you the Item Finder.

Burned Tower

You"ll have actually no problem finding the melted Tower. In Crystal,the style of the tower has actually been changed, and also is actually burned! her rival will battle you once you get in the shed Tower. I would indicate that you use a Kadabra now if you had recorded one earlier. After beating your rival, it"s time to explore the shed Tower.

But wait, in Crystal, as soon as you enter, you"ll be talk to Eusine, a Suicune fan. He speak you that he"s in search of the legend dogs. Morty, the gym leader, is right here too, helping Eusine out. Now go inside a ring that rocks, and your rival will fight you. After ~ that, you autumn into a hole, and you"llmeet the legend dogs.

The Dogs

Now"s the time to usage TM 08 - absent Smash if you had actually taught that to among your Pokemon. If you didn"t, carry out it now. There space boulders blocking her path, and also nows the time to smash them. Struggle the trainer and also you can fall down the feet in the middle. Go as much as the stone statues and they will certainly awaken, then operation away, each in a various direction. This three room the 3 Legendary Beasts, or dogs. The first one is Raikou, one electric-type. Following is Entei, the fire-type.Finally, over there is Suicune, the water-type. You might run into them later on in the wild, so be prepared. I foughtRaikou just a couple of minutes ~ letting lock go. Some world will take longer. It"s random.

They each have actually 40 HP, and also every time you assault them, they will shed some (of course). But the point is,they will never recover. Therefore hit them a little at a time, and finally, record them. The good news is thatonce you conference one them, you"ll have the ability to track them. The bad news is that they space verydifficult come capture.

In Crystal, you"ll actually be able to see a specialmade sprite just for that Pokemon instead of the regular sprite. This must be interesting, yet doesn"teffect video game play. ~ you relax them, take it the ladder back up come the main floor.

Item Finder

There is a house between the Pokemon Center and also the gym where you have the right to receive an Item Finder.

Get her Endure!

Just walk under the stairs, go to your right, and also break the boulder. Next, you"ll have fall in the hole in the upper right hand corner. Then relocate a rock v Strength and TM 20 - Endure is yours.

Locations (Burned Tower)
Crystal Locations

Click right here For A Map Of shed Tower

Later on, to catch a Ho-oh (G/S), or Suicune (C), within the believe Tower.

Locations (Tin Tower)
Crystal Locations
Same as G/S

Route 38 and also 39

Before us talk around anything else, I simply want come tell you the I combated with Entei below in Crystal. In Silver, ns met a Raikou here. It"s all supposed to it is in random, but I guessthey just want to meet me here.

At the beggining of course 38, there is a plant that produces Berries. Obtain these Berries,for you will need them later. ~ above the edge of route 39 and also 39 is a Miltank Farm. The negative news is that their prize Miltank won"t produce any kind of milk. Time come help! offer this Miltank seven Berries, and also it"ll feel better. After ~ the Miltank gets better, the lady owner will provide you TM 13 - Snore. Also, you will have the ability to purchase milk because that $500 native the man. Milk can recover 100 HP for her Pokemon however the guy will only sell you one at the time.

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A couple of trainers with Pikachu will certainly be battling friend on course 39.

Locations (Route 38 and 39)
Crystal Locations

Fog BadgeTM 30 - zero BallHM 03 - SurfItem FinderTM 20 - EndureBerriesTM 13 - Snore