Tumblr"s ask feature enables your blog readers to send questions and comments straight to your Tumblr mailbox, wherein you have the right to respond come them one of two people publicly or privately. However, readers may not recognize this attribute is accessible unless you carry out a attach to the Ask box in her sidebar. You can add the attach manually, or you have the right to use Tumblr"s "Add a Page" function to produce the attach automatically.

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Create connect Manually

Go to her Tumblr dashboard and also click "Customize" to open up your theme settings page.

Click inside the description box in the left pane in ~ the allude where you want the attach to show up in her sidebar.

Enter the following line of code: ask Me Anything change "Ask Me Anything" if you prefer to use another word or expression for the link.

Click "Save" and also then "Exit."

Create link Automatically

Go to your Tumblr dashboard and click "Customize" to open your theme setups page.

Scroll come the bottom that the left pane, and then click "Add a Page" to open a page creation window.

Change the URL in the brand-new window to "username.tumblr.com/ask". Use your own Tumblr username rather of "username."

Enter a web page title such together "Ask Me Anything." What you go into here appears as a attach on her sidebar.

Enter anything in the summary field -- the doesn"t show up on her Ask page, but Tumblr won"t let you proceed until you enter something.

Move the toggle move at the height of the window to the right. This speak Tumblr to include the web page title as a link in the sidebar.

Click "Save," and also then departure the customization page. The link to your Ask page appears in the sidebar along with links to any other pages girlfriend create.


Before readers have the right to submit questions, friend must allow the Ask feature in her blog settings. To permit the feature, click the gear icon on your dashboard and also select the surname of her blog. Check the box beside "Let world Ask Questions," and likewise check "Allow cotton Questions" if you desire to allow this option. Click "Save" once done.

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