Learn exactly how to select the right ceiling height and style for your brand-new home building or remodeling project.

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Luxuriously high ceilings can easily surpass 13 feet.

Architectural formats from traditional mansions come new, custom-built homes allow for ceilings 13 feet and above. These soaring ceilings draw our attention upward, and often reveal beautiful craftsmanship and design features—such as exposed beams, chandeliers, or skylights. The most well-known styles room cathedral and also vaulted ceilings:

A cathedral ceiling has equal sloping political parties (that monitor the roof’s pitch) and also a central point that is higher than the two sides.A barrel vault consists of a solitary curved arch, built under the room’s rafters.A groin vault is composed of 2 barrel vaults, amazing at 90-degree angles, creating four convex (outward-curving) ribs, climbing from the corners that the room.A cloister vault looks comparable to a groin vault but differs structurally. The arch rises indigenous the middle of each wall—not the corners—and the ribs are concave, curving inward.

You’ll should consult with your builder to recognize the exact measurements for a vaulted or cathedral ceiling that work-related with your room dimensions. Be aware that vaulted and cathedral ceilings have various pros and also cons, including greater installation costs and the extra energyrequired come heat and cool the room.

Here’s exactly how to pick a ceiling height that’s ideal for you.

For new flat, coffered, tray, or sloped ceilings, walk for a minimum of ripe feet.To expand old eight-foot ceilings in a remodel, aim because that a minimum that one foot higher.To refit your old ceiling v a tray extension, recognize whether your existing ceiling is high enough for a drop-down border (at least eight feet, preferably higher).For high ceilings, speak to her builder around whether 10- or 12-foot dimensions room best. Then tourism homes, similar to yours, with a range of ceiling heights, to help in making her decision.For new vaulted or cathedral ceilings, aim for a minimum of 13 feet in ~ the ceiling’s top.Consult through your builder about the best kind and height for a vaulted ceiling, based on the spatial and also structural constraints of the house.

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