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Jimmy Johnson
16 Jul, 1943
78 years
Taurus, Pisces, Scorpio
United states of America
5 feet 7 inch (1.70m)
Rhonda Rookmaker$40 million
BluePort Arthur, TexasAmericanChristianUniversity of ArkanasC.W. Johnson Jr.

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Jimmy Johnson is the American football coach and also former player, and also executive. Jimmy Johnson is the sports broadcaster because that ‘Fox Sports’.

Table that Biography

Early Life and Childhood

Jimmy Johnson was born on 16th July 1943 and also is at this time 77 years old. His zodiac authorize is Cancer. Likewise, he to be born in port Arthur, Texas, United claims of America, and is American by nationality. He adheres to Christianity. He is the boy of C.W. Johnson Jr. And also Allene Johnson.

However, there is no information around his parents’ names. Likewise, around his siblings, he has two brothers. However, he has actually not common their information yet has shared their childhood pictures together in his Instagram account.


Caption: Childhood photo of Jimmy through his father in addition to his siblings. Source: Instagram


Furthermore, showing upon his educational background, Jimmy perfect his high institution from Jefferson High School. The was later renamed together Memorial High School. He to be a other mate with rock icon Janis Joplin and actor G.W. Bailey. Likewise, for his more education, the attended the college of Arkansas however, he has not shared the major he chose.

During his university days, he provided to play in the college soccer team. He was an all-Southwest Conference protective lineman for coach candid Broyles in the Arkansas Razorbacks football team. Likewise, his teammates were Jerry Jones, Ken Hatfield, Jim Lindsey, Ronnie Caveness, and also Loyd Phillips. Moreover, there were other assistant coaches prefer Hayden Fry, Johnny Majors, and Barry Switzer for Broyles and the Razorbacks when his career in Fayetteville.

Likewise, the 1964 Razorbacks squad additional was undefeated and also it was later on titled as a nationwide champion by the ‘Football writers Association that America’. The was provided the nickname ‘Jimmy Jumpup’ by his pan for never ever staying down on the ground because that long throughout football methods or games.

Early Coaching Career

After graduating native college, Jimmy started his career together an assistant coach because that Louisiana tech University in the year 1965. Likewise, he helped Terry Bradshaw to start quarterback in Shreveport, Louisiana. Later he came to be an assistant coach at Picayune Memorial High School, then Wichita State University. Followed by this in the year 1968 and 1969, he operated under former American soccer player Johnny market at Iowa State University. Similarly, he came to be the protective line coach under head coach lining Fairbanks in ~ the college of Oklahoma.

Furthermore, he worked as a protective coordinator after ~ returning back to Arkansas v the 1976 season. Likewise, he functioned at the university of Pittsburgh together the assistant head coach and also defensive coordinator under Jackie Sherrill. Similarly, he worked as a coach in ~ the college of Miami.

Oklahoma State

After working for much more than a te as an assistant coach, he got his very first head coaching job in the year 1979 at Oklahoma State University. In this tenure of coaching for 5 seasons, he led the Cowboys to an 8-4 record and also a 24-14 success over 20th ranked Baylor in the Astro-Bluebonnet Bowl. Moreover, ~ coaching here he readily available was offered as the head coaching task at the university of Miami. Initially, the was puzzled to take it this job but after his friend, Larry Lacewell convinced then he welcomed the head coaching job.

University the Miami

Jimmy replaced the previous coach Howard Schnellenberger. With complete responsibility, he started his career with a shaky 8-5 document in the an initial season. This game was a go out of 31-0 halftime which was a loss come Maryland v Frank Reich. Moreover, it had a loss to Boston university of 47—45 immortalized by Doug Flutie’s Hail mary touchdown happen on the game’s final play.

Likewise, v this, he carried the modern-day 4-3 defense predicated top top an strong upfield lineman come the forefront. Similarly, the made a free-wheeling atmosphere for the football player to showboat, trash-talk, and also run up the score. However, he faced criticism from other teams as ‘Bad boys of university Football’.

During this time, the school challenged the Fiesta bowl loss along with Miami’s prior two bowl games questioned his capability of winning significant games. However, later in the 1987 season, the Hurricanes winner the constant season and the School’s second national title too by defeating Oklahoma Sooners.

Dallas Cowboys

Meanwhile, Jerry Jones the owner of nationwide Football League’s Dallas Cowboys came through an sell to Jimmy to become the head coach that the team Dallas Cowboys. Likewise, by instead of Tom Landry he re-united with previous Miami standout Michael Irvin. In the an initial season, it to be 1-15. However, not in long period, he arisen the Cowboys into a champion-quality team with his impressive coaching skills.

Likewise, he offered there from 1989 come 1993 and was one of six men in NFL history to coach Super bowl winners. His team won two Super Bowls XXVII in 1992 and XXVIII in 1993. However, after a autumn out between Jimmy and Jerry Jones, he left the position of head coach in Dallas Cowboys later on he walk to work as a TV analyst for the ‘Fox Sports’ for virtually two years.

Miami Dolphins and also Television career

However, in the year 1996, Jimmy joined the Miami dolphins after replacing previous head coach Don Shula. However, with his lesser wins in the season, he resigned native the post three year later. Moreover, after ~ resigning, he more rejoined the tv career as an analyst in Fox Sports. Similarly, the is the studio analyst because that Fox’s coverage because that the key Championship series in January together with Chris increased as a host.


Caption: A model picture of Jimmy together with his co-hosts that Fox NFL Sunday program. Source: Instagram

Likewise, that has appeared in assorted Television shows like, ‘Fox NFL Sundays’, ‘Fox NFL’, ‘Fox NFL Pregame’, and ‘The Waterboy’. Furthermore, he has likewise done endorsements because that a firm like ‘Procter & Gamble’. Likewise, he has actually done a collection of a commercial because that the product ‘ExtenZe’ in the year 2010.


While his tenure at the university of Miami, Jimmy enabled American footballer beanie Testaverde’s soccer jersey number #14 to retire. However, he refuse to retire Bernie Kosar’s number #20 as Kosar played one season for him and also made the hurricanes come the national title.

Achievement and also Net worth

Throughout his career together a coach in American soccer history, Jimmy has received countless wins and losses in the match. Likewise, he has been inducted into many Hall of call like, ‘University the Miami sporting activities Hall that Fame’ and ‘College Football room of Fame’. Moreover, it to be announced come induct him into the pro Football room of fame on 12th January 2020. Besides this, he to be honored v the AP Coach that the Year ~ above 1999 through NFL Honors. Additionally, he additionally received the best Coach ESPY award in the year 1994.

He is one of the legends the American soccer coaching history. That is renowned for his job in coaching the NFL and also later as a television football analyst. Throughout his career, he has receive name and fame. His network worth is $40 million.


Jimmy is straight and also married to Rhonda Rookmaker. However, that was previously in a nuptial partnership with Linda Kay Cooper and also has 2 sons together, Brent Johnson and Chad Johnson. The relationship did not last long and ended in January 1990. He divorced his an initial wife quickly after being joining Dallas Cowboys.

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Caption: Jimmy along with his wife. Source: Instagram

Body Measurement

Jimmy has actually a height of 5 feet 7 inches tall (67 inches) and weighs approximately 72 kg. Likewise, he has fair skin with blue eyes. However, over there is no information regarding his human body measurements.

Social Media

Reflecting upon his society media presence, Jimmy is active on Twitter and also Instagram. His Twitter account is
jimmyjohnson and also has 373.1K followers which he joined in August 2011. Likewise, his Instagram handle is