Tami roman inn is life happily since leaving Basketball Wives. The budding actor claims she quiet keeps in touch with several of her old co-stars but unfortunately, her relationship with Shaunie O’Neal remains estranged. 

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Tami roman quits ‘Basketball Wives’

Roman joined the Basketball Wives Miami cast in season 2. Because that years, roman inn was perceived as a villain and also bully top top the show, regularly coming come blows through her co-stars. She made a vow to change her behavior and the means she was viewed after season 6.

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She started dating she now-husband, Reggie Youngblood, and wanted to showcase her brand-new family life and her expanding her career external of reality television through acting. Unfortunately, the drama in between she and also Evelyn Lozada resurfaced.

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The two had actually a nasty exchange after roman accused Lozada the lying about a domestic violence incident. It was later revealed that roman inn was aware of a rumor the Lozada had actually an affair through Shaunie O’Neal’s ex-husband. Things became messy as O’Neal is a common friend the both Lozada and Roman.

Roman grew tired of the drama and also began filming much less with her co-stars. She additionally refused to attend occasions or take part in the actors trip they take it every season. She announced her departure mid-season v a pre-recorded farewell in a confessional and did no attend the season 8 reunion taping, citing an allergy reaction.

Tami roman on who she keeps in call with from ‘Basketball Wives’ cast; admits she no speak come Shaunie O’Neal

While speaking through fans on she Instagram live, Roman opened up around who she keeps in contact with from her previous show.

“Do ns still talk to Malaysia ? Yes, I speak to Malaysia via Instagram,” she said. “I feel choose I’m talk to you once I prefer your pictures. That like, I check out a photo I like or i leave a talk about your picture. That’s me talk to you.”

As much as whereby her relationship with O’Neal stands, Roman claims a connection is nonexistent.

“Somebody said how is me and Shaunie. I haven’t speak to Shaunie due to the fact that I left the show,” she said. “So that’s exactly how me and Shaunie are.”

Source: YouTube

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“I uncovered out end the past three seasons that the absence of friendship was presented rather 보다 the sisterhood together it concerned me, which was unfortunate because I care for Shaunie,” roman inn said during an interview v Keyshia Cole on her FOX heart talk show.

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In a different interview through Dr. Heavenly Kimes ~ above Kimes’ YouTube channel, Roman stated of O’Neal:

“I thought that Shaunie and also I were actual friends. I think that i put more weight and more value on the friendship 보다 she in reality was doing,” she revealed. “From mine standpoint, i really loved and also respected Shaunie a great deal. And so the critical two seasons made me feel choose it wasn’t any reciprocity. Girlfriend gotta identify that and honor it. If human being don’t f**k with you favor that they just don’t f**k with you. No harm, no foul. Yet I just realized the it wasn’t that deep because that her.”

Roman is currently starring in a number of television and film projects. She additionally has a well-known digital series and is feather to hold her own talk show.