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KOHAKU-PAPAおまえももう十一だ。 そろそろ実戦に出ねばな。Omae mo mou juuichi da. Sorosoro jissen ni deneba na.

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You are already eleven. It’s around time friend participated in a genuine battle.

All that the other characters’ eras come native the Zusetsutaizen Ougikaiden (Inuyasha Profiles) book. Native this publication we get:

HumansKagome - 15Miroku - 18Sango - 16Kohaku - 11Kikyou - 18Bankotsu - 17Jakotsu - 20Renkotsu - 24Suikotsu - 26

Non-human personalities are only offered human tantamount ages:

Non-humansInuyasha - 15Shippou - 7Kouga - 15Sesshoumaru - 19Naraku - 23Kagura - 17Kanna - 10

But what around actual ages for the non-human characters? Is there any means to number that out?

Naraku’s team is nice easy. We recognize Naraku was developed from Onigumo shortly prior to Inuyasha to be sealed, so Naraku himself is 50 year old. Every one of his incarnations choose Kagura and also Kanna were spawned native him, which make them all much less than a year old.

But when most human being ask this, they’re generally wondering about characters like Inuyasha, Sesshoumaru, and Shippou. Personalities who are known to have biological parents and also therefore many likely had actually a natural birth.

The manga provides us small clue to these, however the anime is more adventurous when throwing around dates. The 3rd movie areas Inuyasha’s bear 200 years prior to the key series, making that 150 years old minus the 50 years on the tree.

Which is… honestly daunting to believe. Inuyasha has actually been shown as learning and interacting with civilization at the exact same level together a human, and also given the fact that it took him less than a month to warm up to and also trust Kagome, and he learned eleventy billion attacks over the food of a year, if he’d seriously been lively for 150 years prior to that, that should have actually had method more street smarts and also been method more jaded than he to be at the beginning of the series.

So, given the truth that Inuyasha gave no indication that he had actually significantly more life endure under his belt than a person of his noticeable age, native a characterization standpoint the doesn’t seem possible for him to be lot older 보다 he looks.

So what’s the obsession v 200 years? that probably has to do through what Inuyasha’s mommy is portrayed as wearing, i m sorry is a Heian-era 12-layer robe (juunihitoe/十二単).


Therefore, I’m walk to make the non-expert assertion the the anime is talking out its ass as soon as it throws roughly ages favor “200 years” because that Inuyasha, and figure it’s much more likely his mommy just had a point for retro clothes (hell, the Profiles publication says she to be from a damaged noble family, for this reason it’s quite possible she couldn’t afford new clothes).

There does it seems to be ~ to it is in a little of a disconnect between what Takahashi considers “old” vs. What the anime considers “old”. For example, the epilogue drama “Asatte” casually pegged Jaken’s period at 700-800 years old! Really? Really?! whereas the manga considers this to it is in a saturated old youkai:


BAKE-NEKOくくく… 齢三百年のわらわに比べれば… そのような猫又なぞ子猫も同然…Kukuku…. Yowai sanbyakunen no warawa ni kurabereba… not like that youna nekomata nazo koneko mo douzen…Heh heh… compared to a 300 year-old favor me… the two-tailed cat is nothing yet a kitten…

So, hey, currently we understand Kirara is considerably less than 300 years old (ha, suck on that, anime filler that illustrated her together Midoriko’s familiar).

Beyond that, the anime likewise gave us the Hyounekozoku (Panther Deva) story, which speak of a war between Sesshoumaru and the cats while Inuyasha to be sealed. Shippou had actually no recollection that this war since he was as well young, therefore the anime at the very least believes Shippou to be much less than 50 (which is, again, understandable. He, prefer Inuyasha, doesn’t seem to be much older 보다 he looks).

But climate we’ve acquired Sesshoumaru. Unlike Inuyasha, he seems to recognize much an ext about the world and also has much an ext experience 보다 a typical 19 year-old. Well, we currently know he’s older 보다 50 due to the reality that the wasn’t sealed for 50 years and we understand he and also Inuyasha interacted prior to the sealing. And also since he’s older than Inuyasha, and Inuyasha is at the very least 15, the pushes Sesshoumaru’s period to at least 65. But beyond that, there’s really no other indicators as to how old he might actually be.

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Takahashi, do you have any type of input?


As for youkai prefer Shippou, Sesshoumaru, and Kouga, they have the right to live because that dozens or numerous years, so ns think it would certainly be best for the readers to do their own judgements based upon appearances.