If girlfriend don"t, it deserve to be difficult to reach her financial goals, even if it is purchasing a home or payment for her child’s college education. Conserved money additionally helps pay for sudden, unanticipated expenses, choose a automobile repair or an surprise doctor’s bill. However, if you’re stuck in the catch of life paycheck come paycheck, conserving money might seem totally out the the question.

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That’s wherein the penny difficulty comes in! Designed to aid you save virtually $700 in one year, the penny difficulty makes saving money manageable and also fun by breaking her goal right into tiny daily payments.

In this article, okay talk about how the penny challenge works, even if it is or no it’s a good way to conserve money, and also offer tips to help you success if you shot it.

What’s the coin Challenge?

The 365 work penny an obstacle (or penny-a-day challenge) makes saving money less complicated and more manageable by having world deposit a little amount the money every day right into a savings account or tiny jar.

Basically, you start by depositing one penny right into your save on the an initial day that the challenge. The next day, girlfriend deposit 2 pennies. Top top the third day, girlfriend deposit three pennies. You keep enhancing the amount of money you deposit through one penny every day, till you deposit $3.65 into the account ~ above the final day. After a year of doing this, you’ll have actually saved $667.95.

The penny an obstacle helps you save money in manageable small increments. rather of struggling to put 20% of her paycheck right into your to save account, or payment a bigger amount that money into your account on a less consistent basis, the 365 work penny an obstacle gets you into the habit of saving a small amount that money really regularly.

Penny difficulty Printout

Use this printout to store track of just how much money you should deposit into your save account every work of the 365 day penny challenge.

You can also download a larger, PDF version of this graph here: Penny an obstacle PDF.

Tips and Tricks because that the Penny-a-Day Challenge

Use this tips and also tricks to make adhering to the 365 day penny challenge easier and more fun.

#1: Make conserving Easy and also Fun

Looking for extra an ideas to make her savings exciting? use a fun jar or piggy bank!

Find a safe place in your home to placed your makeshift savings account. Using a fun jar can incentivize saving money by do it fun and an ext game-like to deposit your pennies. girlfriend can likewise visualize your progress and also see the physical fruit of her savings job every day.

If you"d rather deposit money right into an online savings account or an account at your bank, girlfriend should try to minimization the frequency of her transactions. If you"re depositing the money into a physics savings account, collect all the money from every day the the main in one place and also designate a specific day the the week that you"ll deposit that right into your to save account at the bank. If you"d rather make online transactions, tally the money that you"re an alleged to deposit every week and transfer it from your checking come savings account in one transaction. You deserve to schedule those digital transactions front of time if you"re worried about forgetting them.

I"d very recommend making use of a fun jar or piggy bank to conserve your money throughout the penny-a-day challenge. Depositing her money that means will make conserving money much more easy and also automatic, since you won"t need to make weekly trips to the bank or remind you yourself to transfer funds online.


#2: Deposit her Money an initial Thing in the Morning

One of the best things you have the right to do to make the penny an obstacle easier because that you is to gain into the habit that depositing your money very first thing in the morning.

If you acquire into the habit of depositing money very first thing in the morning, it’ll be simpler for you to remember to do it every day. turn saving money right into a part of her morning routine, as with brushing your this or washing your face. That way, you’ll never forget to do it!

It’s much better to deposit money in the morning, quite than at night, due to the fact that when girlfriend deposit money first thing in the morning, friend won’t have actually encountered any type of opportunity to invest that money. If friend wait till the finish of the day to deposit her money, you might have currently spent the on a movie ticket or dinner or various other purchase. Depositing money very first thing in the morning prioritizes conserving over spending.

#3: Track her Progress

A great way come motivate you yourself is to track her progress. You can track your progression by watching her savings account online, or by update a small card or placard near your piggy bank. You’ll it is in surprised how conveniently the conserved pennies add up, and also tracking your progress can also motivate you to proceed saving if you"re struggling.

#4: location the graph Somewhere straightforward to See

Worried around forgetting around the penny challenge? Print out our penny an obstacle print-out and also paste it somewhere you’ll watch it every day, prefer your frozen refrigerator or her bathroom mirror. If you see the challenge every time friend reach for a snack, you will do it be much less likely come forget around it.

Does the Penny an obstacle Work?

So, is the penny challenge actually efficient at helping you conserve money?

If you’ve failed at larger savings challenges, choose the 52 week an obstacle or the bi-monthly challenge, the penny an obstacle is a solid method to conserve a little of money every day, leading approximately a kind savings account at the end of the year.

Because the 365 day penny challenge requires depositing only a tiny amount of money every day, the a good way for civilization who battle with money to begin saving. also if you’re life paycheck come paycheck, you can likely find several pennies every day to put into your to save account. Many human being who carry out the penny challenge are pure beginners at saving money - which is okay! The penny an obstacle helps you type a constant habit of saving money by gaining you into the exercise of conserving money everyday.

The best con that the 365 day penny difficulty is that it doesn’t at some point save that much money. when $667.95 is a decent amount that savings, it i will not ~ go very far in helping you salary for bigger purchases, choose a house or a car, or encountering unexpected costs, choose a hospital bill. You’ll require to ultimately start putting away more money in order to fund any kind of larger purchases.

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Review: how the Penny difficulty Can help You save Money

The penny an obstacle is a an excellent way for world who battle with saving money to obtain into the habit of putting away a tiny amount the money every day. By saving pennies every day, you’ll develop your to save account and develop smart habits about saving money.