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Got a albino coon just prior to Christmas critical week, so completely prime. It has been skinned, fleshed, and put ~ above a coon board. That is measurers 34 come 34.5 inches long from nose to the i know well line. I"m looking for someone that is interested in purchasing this pelt native me. It would certainly make a good tanned pelt to cave in camp or in your "hunting room", etc...If you space interested, please PM me your call information. I"ll shot and acquire some pics up. Thanks.
Something to save in mind for the future----rare specimens prefer albinos are much an ext valuable to taxidermists as soon as in the carcass. Just put the animal in a garbage bag and freeze it.
Yeah like 100.00 and also up depending upon size and also if any type of damage. However maybe it had actually trap damage on 1 paw the made that paw no good.

You might too just rubbish it.It"s unsecured to the hair market and unless It has all it"s feet and minumal damage and also (of cource ) the taxidermist has a customer in search of one it would certainly be a waste of his time and money.

Odd colors are worth less on the fur market, however often worth an ext on the taxidermy market. That depends on damage done. Also a purple raccoon isn"t worth lot to a taxidermist if it to be shot in the confront with a slug. The being stated though, that is not useless. You can get it tanned for yourself, or I"m certain someone would want it. A many of human being collect different pet pelts. You will certainly not be able to get what you could have if it to be frozen whole like Paul said though.

I"ve to be a taxidermist because that over fourty years and also I would"nt think about buying a albino raccoon unless I had a customer requesting one ( which has never happened yet )and then it would have to be finish with all feet and taxidermy quality.


That"s a good offer, he"d far better take it.As the old saying goes " The finest time to market something is as soon as you have actually a the person who lives ".Or together old Joe Kennedy when said, " just a fool waits for optimal dollar ".

See more: Is Water Evaporating Endothermic Or Exothermic, How Is Evaporation Of Water Endothermic walk to the for sale forum. You would be surprised what plenty of taxidermists will certainly pay because that a rare specimen. They will pay peak dollar for a rare display room piece. Unfortunately, that sounds favor the coon was skinned for the fur market and also is only helpful as a wall surface hanger. However, i still believe that is wherein you will acquire your finest $
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