Wayne Brady net Worth and also Salary: Wayne Brady is one American actor, comedian, singer, and television personality who has a network worth the $12 million. Brady is ideal known for his occupational as a consistent on the American version of the improvisational comedy series "Whose heat Is it Anyway?" (1998–2007, 2013–present), which he likewise produces. Wayne wrote, produced, and starred top top ABC"s "The Wayne Brady Show," a selection show, climate a speak show, from 2001 come 2004. Also though the present was canceled, Brady"s popularity has actually rapidly grown thanks to his amiable, down-to-earth persona and also everyman attitude.

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Wayne has guest-starred on numerous television shows, consisting of "Chappelle"s Show" (2004), "Sesame Street" (2004), "Stargate SG-1" (2005), "Everybody hates Chris" (2006–2008), "30 Rock" (2007), and also "Psych" (2012), and he played James Stinson, half-brother of Neil Patrick Harris"s Barney Stinson, ~ above 13 episodes of "How ns Met her Mother" (2006–2014). He held the Fox game present "Don"t Forget the Lyrics!" indigenous 2007 to 2009, and also he began serving as the hold of CBS"s "Let"s make a Deal" renewal in 2009. Brady has also released two albums, "A lengthy Time Coming" (2008) and also "Radio Wayne" (2011).

Early Life: Wayne Brady was born Wayne Alphonso Brady on June 2, 1972, in Columbus, Georgia. His mother, Linda, operated at a hospital, and his father, Wayne, was a drill sergeant in the Army; due to the fact that his father was overseas and also his mommy was simply 17 at the moment of his birth, Wayne was sent out to Orlando, Florida, to live v his head grandmother, Valerie, that he describes as "Mom." Bullied during his youth, Brady"s anxiety led to him to develop a stutter. He attended Dr. Phillips High School, graduating in 1989, and also he was good friends with future *NSYNC member Joey Fatone. Despite he was planning to join the military, Wayne started performing in neighborhood theatrical productions at period 16 and honed his improv skills at SAK Comedy Lab. He started attending the university of Miami in 1990, and he relocated to Los Angeles in 1996.

Career: Brady made his television debut on a 1990 episode of "Superboy," and also three years later, that guest-starred on "I"ll paris Away" and "In the warmth of the Night." native 1996 to 1999, he appeared on "Kwik Witz," an improvised lay out comedy competition, and in 1998, he was featured on 3 episodes the the British/original variation of "Whose line Is the Anyway?" that year, the American version launched, and Wayne ended up being a regular performer ~ above the drew Carey-hosted series, in addition to Ryan Stiles and Colin Mochrie. Brady"s power on the display earned him 3 Emmy nominations, and also the third time to be the charm – the took house the compensation in 2003. He continued to be on the display until it finished in 2007, then changed for the 2013 revival, i beg your pardon airs ~ above The CW and is held by Aisha Tyler.

During the original run the "Whose heat Is that Anyway?," Wayne appeared in the films "Going come the Mat" (2004), "Roll Bounce" (2005), and also "Crossover" (2006) and lent his voice come "Clifford"s Really huge Movie" (2004), "Stuart little 3: contact of the Wild" (2005), and "The Adventures of Brer Rabbit" (2006). He likewise guest-starred on 2 improvised illustration of "The attracted Carey Show" (1999, 2000), play Lazardo V The Magician in the TV movie "Geppetto" (2000), and also hosted the miss America pageant (2002). In august 2001, Wayne began hosting the range show "The Wayne Brady Show," and also after it to be cancelled in march 2002, it to be relaunched as a daytime talk display six month later. The present earned him 2 Daytime Emmys and also won the award for exceptional Talk display (tied through "The View") in 2003. In 2004, Brady play Billy Flynn in "Chicago" ~ above Broadway, and he would star on Broadway again in "Kinky Boots" (2015–2016, 2018) and also "Freestyle Love Supreme" (2019-2020). He also played Tom Collins in "Rent" (2010) in ~ the Hollywood Bowl and Aaron Burr in a Chicago production of "Hamilton" (2017).

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In 2009, Wayne began hosting "Let"s do a Deal, which has actually earned him an ext than a dozen Daytime Emmy nominations, and he co-hosted the NAACP image Awards v Holly Robinson Peete in 2011. In 2012, he showed up on the improv comedy collection "Trust Us with Your Life," and he voiced Clover the hare on the Disney channel series "Sofia the First" from 2013 come 2018. Brady landing a recurring duty on the USA network"s "Colony" in 2018, and that year, he likewise began showing up as Dr. Reese Buckingham ~ above the soap opera "The Bold and also the Beautiful." He won "The masking Singer" in 2019, and also in 2020, he depicted Tyson Sykes / Gravedigger top top The CW"s "Black Lightning." In November 2020, it to be announced that Wayne will host and also produce the Fox variety show "Game the Talents."


Wayne Brady

Net Worth:$12 Million
Date of Birth:Jun 2, 1972 (49 year old)
Height:5 ft 11 in (1.82 m)
Profession:Talk display host, Singer, Comedian, Actor, tv producer, Screenwriter, Game present Host
Nationality:United states of America

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