Mila Kunis network Worth and also Salary: Mila Kunis is a Ukrainian-born actress who has actually a network worth that $75 million. Back Kunis gained early notoriety because that her central role in That 70s Show, she later on branched the end to come to be a successful film actress. In addition, Mila Kunis has come to be an created voice actor who is primarily recognized for giving the voice the "Meg" on the animated collection Family Guy.

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Early Life: Mila Markovna Kunis was born on respectable 14th that 1983 in Chernivtsi, Ukraine (formerly component of the Soviet Union). She was increased alongside her brothers in Ukraine till the age of seven, at which point her family determined to relocate to Los Angeles, California v $250 to your name. Return her household was not poor, the was the maximum amount of money they were enabled to take, and also none of her parents" degrees and qualifications were transferable upon reaching the States.

The Jewish family members moved away from the Soviet Union due to the fact that of increasing antisemitism and also because the the lack of future opportunities for Mila and also her brother. Kunis struggled to adjust in primary school School, and also she started appearing on That 70s display very quickly after she started high school. She was tutored on set most of the time in order come earn her GED.

Career: Mila Kunis started acting at period 9 as part of one after school program. She was easily noticed by a manager who started sending her the end on auditions. She booked her very an initial audition because that a Barbie commercial. Her an initial TV functions were ~ above shows like Days of our Lives, Baywatch, and 7th Heaven.

In 1998, Mila Kunis was actors as Jackie Burkhart in That 70s display at the period of 14. The present would end up being one that the most famous shows top top television, and also it ran because that eight seasons. As a 14-year-old, Kunis was play an 18-year-old character. Still, the producers assumed she to be a perfect fit. She at some point won a variety of awards for her performance on the show.

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Just one year later, Kunis landed the role of "Meg" in Seth MacFarlane"s man comedy series Family Guy. She continues to voice the character, and also Seth MacFarlane originally praised Kunis because of the fact that she normally sounded like a real teen (being, in fact, a actual teen). Meg is thoroughly despised through the other character ~ above the show, and also Kunis defines her character as a "scapegoat."


Mila Kunis

Net Worth:$75 Million
Date that Birth:Aug 14, 1983 (38 year old)
Height:5 ft 4 in (1.63 m)
Profession:Actor, Voice Actor, Model

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