Each type of trailer has a details purpose, and also because of this, the weight of each trailer is different. Trailers additionally vary substantially in your capacities, lengths and also construction.

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This trailer weight chart and also guide offers the average weight the each kind of trailer, and the load range, the gross car weight rating (GVWR) and the average pack capacity.

Warning! The trailer weights noted below room intended to it is in a general guideline only. The yes, really weight and also ratings the your certain trailer will certainly vary.

Trailer TypeAverage Empty weight (lbs.)Empty Weight selection (lbs.)GVWR (lbs.)Average pack Capacity (lbs.)

Camper load Chart

There are number of different species of campers, from small teardrop trailers to deluxe fifth wheel RVs. This chart gives a focused look at average weights and capacities for many camper types.

Camper TypeAverage Empty weight (lbs.)Empty Weight selection (lbs.)GVWR (lbs.)Average pack Capacity (lbs.)

Trailer Weights Explained


Canoe / Kayak Trailer Weight

Canoe and kayak trailers are little trailers provided for hauling personal watercraft such as canoes, kayaks and also even paddleboards.

They frequently weigh in between 100 and 400 pounds once unloaded. The average weight that a canoe or kayak trailer is 200 pounds.

Depending ~ above the number of watercraft the trailer is draft to carry -- one, two, 4 or an ext – the preferably trailer weight have the right to be everywhere from 200 come 800 pounds.



Jet Ski TrailerWeight

Similar come a tiny boat trailer, jet ski trailers have an mean empty load of 300 pounds. Smaller jet ski trailers sweet as tiny as 100 pounds and also larger ones are closer come 500 pounds.

When loaded, the load of a jet ski trailer deserve to fluctuate native 800 come 3,000 pounds v an average load capacity of 1,500 pounds.

Weight ratings will differ based upon the variety of jet skis the trailer is configured come haul.



Motorcycle Trailer Weight

A motorcycle trailer is designed for transporting a motorcycle, allowing it to be towed by one more vehicle. This is different from a trailer towed by a motorcycle, likewise known together a motorcycle trailer.

Unloaded, a motorcycle trailer may weigh 300 come 800 pounds v an typical weight the 500 pounds. Castle are generally rated because that a best trailer weight of 1,300 come 3,500 pounds, making their average load capacity simply under 2,000 pounds.

A fishing boat trailer typically weighs 200 to 1,100 pounds on its own, without a watercraft loaded. The typical for a boat trailer is around 600 pounds.

Combined boat and trailer load ratings arrays from 900 to 6,000 pounds, depending upon the length of the trailer and also the boat itself.

The typical weight capacity for a fishing boat trailer is around 2,700 pounds.

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A tow dolly because that dinghy towing a automobile usually weighs about 600 pounds there is no a auto hooked up. Some tow dollies weigh as a little as 400 pounds and also others as lot as 800 pounds, relying on the style and also construction.

Tow dolly load capacity arrays from 3,000 come 5,000 pounds. The volume refers especially to the complete weight of the dinghy vehicle. However, the median capacity for many tow dollies is closer come 3,400 pounds.

Utility trailers typically weigh around 700 pounds unloaded, but they can vary greatly – native 300 come 1,100 pounds – depending on the construction, width, features, variety of axles and more. The type of trailer advert to right here is an open utility trailer less than 10 feet long.

The weight capacity of a little utility trailer can also variety significantly. A short, aluminum energy trailer might only have a GVWR that 1,000 pounds, when a wide, double-axle, steel energy trailer may be rated for 3,000 pounds.

The typical cargo fill for tiny utility trailers is 1,800 pounds.

Empty weight for tiny enclosed trailers spans native 400 come 1,800 pounds. The average for this form of trailer is 1,000 pounds, however this is established largely through the products used to build the trailer and also the number of axles.

When fully loaded, a tiny enclosed utility trailer have the right to be rated because that a best of as much as 7,000 pounds (GVWR). However, for trailers 12 feet long or less, the median cargo load capacity is typically around 2,200 pounds.

Teardrop camper trailers weigh between 500 and also 3,200 pounds, however the typical is about 1,700 pounds. That all depends on the features included. Part teardrop trailers have actually a totally integrated kitchen and also awning system. Rather are an ext basic.

Maximum teardrop camper weight can be as lot as 4,000 pounds (GVWR). Some are just rated for 2,000 pounds.

Most teardrop campers aren’t designed to tow a most weight, and also the typical cargo capacity is only about 700 pounds.

An A-frame camper is a specific form of popular music up camper trailer. This type of camper normally weighs between 1,200 and 2,300 pounds unloaded. The median weight is 1,700 pounds.

A-frame campers carry out a substantial amount of cargo capacity through an all at once average of 1,200 pounds. Gross vehicle weight ratings for this type of trailer range from 2,500 as much as 3,600 pounds.

A automobile trailer have the right to weigh anywhere from 1,500 come 2,800 pounds through itself. The median is 1,900 pounds. V one or an ext cars loaded, that weight boosts to as much as 15,000 pounds.

The weight of a car trailer largely depends ~ above its construction, length and also style. A bumper pull automobile hauler v length enough for one car may have actually a GVWR of 6,000 pounds, while a double-car gooseneck trailer can max out at 15,000 pounds. Additionally, aluminum vehicle trailer weight and capacity will vary considerably from steel.

On average, the load capacity for automobile trailers is 7,100 pounds.

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Larger watercraft trailers are used for hauling yachts, pontoon boats and also other heavy watercraft. Because that this kind of trailer, the north weight ranges from 1,100 to 4,400 pounds, and the mean is around 2,200 pounds.

When loaded v a large boat, the trailer weight increases greatly. The capacity depends on the build of the trailer and also its configuration. GVWR deserve to be as low together 5,400 pounds or as high together 34,400 pounds.

Average load capacity for large boat trailers is about 11,400 pounds.

The median weight of a pop up camper is about 2,300 pounds unloaded. Some room as little as 1,400, and also others sweet as lot as 3,000 pounds if they are equipped with details features.

When completely loaded (GVWR), popular music up trailer load can selection from 2,700 as much as 4,000 pounds, providing this form of camper an average fill capacity that 1,100 pounds. This provides plenty the room for a propane tank, water tank, grille, bedding, luggage and other necessary cargo for a successful campout.

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Large fastened trailers, namely those 12 feet or longer with a bumper traction coupler, typically weigh about 2,700 pounds once empty. Some are tiny as 900 pounds. Heavy-duty models weigh approximately 5,200 pounds.

The capacity of a huge enclosed energy trailer can vary based on how many axles that has, the building and construction of the frame and also other factors.

In general, the average cargo capacity is 4,400 pounds. However, some 12-foot enclosed trailers only have actually a gross car weight rating the 3,000 pounds. Much longer units are rated as high together 10,000 pounds.

A smaller travel trailer – around 22 feet lengthy or less – has an average weight of around 2,800 pounds. The unloaded weight variety is typically in between 1,200 and also 3,900 pounds.

The gross vehicle weight rating of little travel trailers different from 1,900 pounds up to 4,500 pounds.

Generally, little travel trailers don’t have actually a most extra cargo capacity. The average is only around 800 pounds. However, some are rated to lug as lot as 1,400 pounds. The cargo volume may rise with certain design attributes and extr axles.

A horse trailer designed to deliver one or 2 horses generally weighs between 2,300 and 3,900 pounds. Through horses and cargo loaded, this number increases. The mean empty load of a steed trailer is about 2,900 pounds.

When invited up, tiny horse trailers max out at 7,000 or 8,000 pounds (GVWR). This permits for a cargo capacity of about 4,300 pounds.

Load capacities vary by trailer style and also construction. A simple, one-horse trailer made from aluminum will weigh much less 보다 a deluxe, two-horse trailer through a stole frame.

Large flatbed trailers, together as vehicle haulers, equipment trailers and also utility flatbeds, have the right to weigh all over from 500 to 7,700 pounds, even when empty.

However, due to the fact that they room designed because that transporting huge amounts the cargo, most big flatbed trailers – that is, bumper traction flatbed trailers – have actually a greater cargo capacity. The typical is around 7,400 pounds.

For gross trailer weight ratings top top flatbed trailers, the low end is around 2,900, however some space rated as high together 26,000 pounds, also with a bumper traction configuration. Gooseneck models room rated even higher.

When empty, a recording trailer can weigh all over from 1,100 to simply over 10,000 pounds. The typical weight because that dump trailers is 4,500 pounds unloaded.

This form of trailer is extremely beneficial for transporting huge amounts of well or loosened materials – whatever from gravel come demolition waste. The hydraulic or it is provided dump receptacle renders unloading fast and also easy.

The smallest dump trailers have actually a gross vehicle weight rating of 3,000 pounds. The biggest models have the right to weigh as lot as 30,000 pounds. The average GVWR for dump trailers is approximately 12,400 pounds.

A huge travel trailer – anything around 20 feet or much longer – has an median weight of around 6,700 pounds. Specifics this refers to the travel trailer dried weight. This load is mainly dependent on the varieties of features and how countless axles the trailer has.

Some larger travel trailers only weigh about 4,500 pounds, yet the largest are about 9,000 pounds. Fifth wheel camper trailers weigh even more.

When fully loaded with cargo, supplies and fluids, the gross car weight rating that a travel trailer can vary native 6,300 come 10,500 pounds. The typical cargo volume of a bumper pull take trip trailer is 1,600 pounds.

Gooseneck flatbed trailers and also utility trailers typically have greater weight ratings than their bumper pull cousins. A common gooseneck flatbed trailer weighs around 7,000 pounds without cargo.

Smaller gooseneck flatbeds can weigh as little as 4,700 pounds, yet the largest are upwards the 10,000 pounds.

For gross auto weight ratings, gooseneck flatbed trailers are constructed for heavy-duty hauling, even if it is it’s construction materials, farm tools or automotive toys. Some are just rated for a best weight simply under 16,000 pounds. Heavier-duty options are rated as much as 36,000 pounds.

The average pack capacity for gooseneck flatbed trailers is 16,000 pounds.

Larger breed cub trailers selection in weight from 4,200 to nearly 11,000 pounds as soon as unloaded. V animals and also cargo on board, that range increases up to 24,000 pounds (GVWR).

Livestock trailers are relatively diverse in their design and also size. For example, a 20-foot aluminum bumper pull livestock trailer will be lot lighter than a 40-foot stole gooseneck steed trailer. Some livestock trailers are additionally equipped with wash stalls, a living space and various other features, adding to the all at once weight.

The average empty load for large livestock trailers is around 7,300 pounds. For pack capacity, the average is around 11,400 pounds.

A toy hauler is a bumper pull, 5th wheel or gooseneck trailer through a living space and a huge compartment for carrying ATVs, UTVs, dirt bikes and other entertain motorsport vehicles.

Toy haulers, once unloaded, range in load from 3,600 to 11,400 pounds, with an average of around 7,600 pounds.

Because they’re built for transporting smaller vehicles, toy haulers typically have a higher cargo capacity. The mean is about 10,000 pounds.

Gross automobile weight ratings for toy hauler trailer can vary from simply under 15,000 to end 22,000 pounds.

5th wheel campers have actually an typical weight the 12,700 pounds, empty and also unloaded. Smaller sized models sweet as tiny as 5,000 pounds, if the largest 5th wheel camper trailers weigh approximately 16,000 pounds.

To permit plenty of an are for camping gear, equipment, cargo and fluids, the average fill capacity is 6,000 pounds.

When fully loaded and also ready because that towing, most 5th wheel campers have actually a gross car weight rating in between 17,000 and also 20,000 pounds.

1. How much does a camper weigh?

A camper have the right to weigh almost everywhere from 500 come 20,000 pounds. That all counts on the layout of the camper. Because that example, a teardrop camper generally weighs about 1,500 pounds unloaded, when a 36-foot fifth wheel camper can weigh as lot as 15,000 pounds, even when empty.

2. Just how much walk a teardrop trailer weigh?

A teardrop trailer is one of the smallest camper types and one of the lightest. They generally weigh between 500 and also 3,000 pounds, yet the mean is closer to 1,500. Some teardrop camper trailers have actually a gross auto weight rating as high together 4,000 pounds.

3. How much do pop increase campers weigh?

Pop up campers weigh between 1,400 and also 4,000 pounds. When empty and unloaded the typical weight because that pop up campers is about 2,300 pounds. However, castle can also carry an typical cargo load of 1,100 pounds. For maximum auto weight, a popular music up camper can selection from 2,700 to 4,000 pounds (GVWR).

4. Exactly how much go a little camper weigh?

A small camper deserve to weigh everywhere from 500 pounds to 4,500 pounds, relying on the style. Teardrop campers, pop up campers and much shorter travel trailers deserve to all it is in classified as little campers. The mean weight of a teardrop camper is about 2,000 pounds v cargo, and also the average for little travel trailers is around 3,000 pounds.

5. Just how much does a travel trailer weigh?

Travel trailers differ in weight from 1,200 to almost 9,000 pounds. Lock come in various lengths, styles and also builds, enabling for a varied weight range. Smaller sized travel trailers have actually an typical maximum load of around 3,500 pounds (GVWR). Some bigger travel trailers have the right to max out at end 10,000 pounds when fully loaded up.

6. Exactly how much walk a 5th wheel weigh?

5th wheel trailers are among the heaviest varieties of trailer, with an average empty weight of about 13,000 pounds. The average gross vehicle weight rating for fifth wheel trailers is approximately 18,000 pounds, yet some space as much as 20,000. Additionally, gooseneck trailers with a 5th wheel conversion can be even heavier.

7. Exactly how much go a watercraft trailer weigh?

Boat trailers through themselves can weigh as little as 100 pounds or as much as 4,400 pounds. The weight is figured out by the size of the trailer and also the form of boat or boats it is designed to carry. For example, jet ski trailers are about 300 pounds top top average. Standard fishing watercraft trailers typically don’t weigh an ext than 1,000 pounds. Large yacht trailers, also without a watercraft loaded on, deserve to easily more than 4,000 pounds.

8. Exactly how much does a boat and trailer weigh?

A boat and also trailer together have the right to weigh anywhere in between 900 and also 35,000 pounds. For tiny fishing boats and also jon boats, the total weight for the boat and trailer ranges from 900 to 6,000 pounds. Top top the other hand, a heavy-duty yacht trailer and its craft with each other can easily weigh beyond 30,000 pounds.

9. Just how much walk a equine trailer weigh?

Horse trailers vary in length, construction and features. A basic, aluminum single-horse trailer generally weighs much less than 3,000 pounds. ~ above the various other hand, 12-horse trailers or steed trailers v a life space, sophisticated wash stalls and also other tools can sweet upwards the 20,000 pounds.

10. Just how much does a 2-horse trailer weigh?

2-horse trailers weigh in between 2,000 and 8,000 pounds. Some are an ext simple and also constructed native lightweight materials. Rather are more elaborate and longer, even though the equine capacity stays at 2 maximum. The average load capacity for a 2-horse trailer is around 4,000 pounds.

11. Exactly how much walk an fastened trailer weigh?

The load of an enclosed trailer have the right to fluctuate indigenous 400 pounds to much more than 20,000 pounds, depending on the format of the trailer and whether it is loaded with cargo or not. Because that example, a small, basic, enclosed utility trailer, empty of all cargo, may only weigh 500 pounds. Whereas a toy hauler loaded up with a couple of ATVs could weigh in in ~ 22,000 pounds.

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12. How much walk a automobile trailer weigh?

An unloaded automobile trailer commonly weighs between 1,500 and also 3,000 pounds. Gooseneck-style automobile trailers deserve to weigh end 10,000 pounds. The construction, length and number cars the trailer is built to transport can make a large difference. As soon as loaded, the weight of some automobile trailers can increase to as much as 36,000 pounds.

Warning! The trailer weights noted on this page are to plan to be a general guideline only. The really weight and ratings that your details trailer will vary.