Telephone poles, usually made of timber in bespeak to carry telephone cables around a whole nation or even continent if needed, are often used to provide phone solutions to houses and also offices; however, this isn’t always the case. Personal buyers regularly purchase call poles for assorted projects, including producing a fence, zip line or even a bridge, because that example.

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How lot does a telephone pole cost?

Most the the time, a call pole that has to be replaced because of an accident can price anywhere indigenous $3,000 to as much as $6,500 because that the pole and installation.  However, if the pole is damaged due to the fact that of a automobile accident and also the driver to be insured, the insurance agency will covering the costs based upon your plan details.

Those who are just looking come buy a pole will uncover the cost of a solitary pole different from one kind to another. A usual 45-foot class 3 pole, about 16 come 20-feet in ~ the base, deserve to cost around $150 come $700 depending upon the kind of wood and who you purchase it from.

It will, that course, cost an ext if you require it professionally installed. The price with installation and also supplies can price well over $3,000 because of the equipment, shipping and also man-hours required.

Refer come our table below to watch what a telephone pole would expense on its own without installation.

Pole SizePrice Range
25-foot$100 come $200
30-foot$100 come $350
35-foot$250 to $425
40-foot$350 to $550
45-foot$400 come $700
50-foot$500 to $850
55-foot$650 come $850

NOTE:  these prices room for the pole only. This will certainly not encompass installation and delivery charges., an digital retailer the sells phone call poles, sell a variety that arrays from $100 come as much as $700. The taller the pole is, the much more you are most likely going to pay.

This forum object on, for example, a forum member asserted they paid close come $1,800 because that installation and also the pole.

Another forum member on this forum thread proclaimed that they got a bill for $3,000 after ~ they obtained into one accident.

In a blog article written by, they had talked around a utility agency that had sent a bill to a driver the hit a 50-foot pole. The fix bills, according to this post, was broken down into three parts: the products ($1,722), the devices ($2,059) and the labor, i m sorry totaled 132.6 hours, averaged $172 per hour for your linemen, $185 per hour because that the foreman and also $188 every hour for your troubleshooter. These prices were much higher than the market average, which prompted the driver’s insurance firm to controversy this claim, successfully lowering the job rate, every one of which, wasn’t pointed out as the grand total.

Telephone pole overview

Wooden phone call poles are frequently made indigenous pine or cedar. Companies that manufacture telephone poles often made decision the stems native pine or cedar trees due to the fact that they enhance the natural attributes to satisfy the engineering and also design criter in stimulate to support telephone lines.

The conventional utility pole in the United states is 40 feet; however, poles can reach together high as 120 feet.

What are the extra costs?

As mentioned above, if you need a contractor, extr installation fees deserve to apply, and the prices will count on the complexity of the job and also how countless poles friend need mounted at once. Most builders are going to charge everywhere from $500 come $2,000 to download the pole, however the costs can go under if much more than one pole requirements to be installed at once. To obtain a quote ~ above your details job, consider using to receive multiple price quotes from local contractors for free.

Due come the size, shipment fees can be in the hundreds, depending upon the dimension of the pole.

If one electrician is essential to operation wires come the pole, extr fees deserve to apply.

Tips come know:

Because the the way that call poles space made, they deserve to be dangerous and also toxic if they room handled also much. Cut them can also release toxins right into the air. The reason for this is that there are many liquid preservatives that are included to the call poles once they room being made. This preservatives for sure the strength and longevity of the call pole, and since castle are offered outside and away native people, they perform not typically pose a threat. If you space going to acquisition a telephone pole for other reasons, make sure it is made from untreated wood.

How can I conserve money?

Remember to check with your car insurance policy to view what might be covered in instance of one accident.

Talk v your regional utility company. They might be maybe to suggest you in the right direction as soon as it pertains to buying one.

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