3 pounds, based on a quart jug of raw honey i bought, labeled48oz/1.36kg by weight. A pint the water (16fl oz) weighs a pound(that"s why a united state pint is the volume that it is, it"s a lb ofwater. As such a quart of water weighs 2lbs.

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However love husband weighs a lot an ext than water. I"ve simply weighedsome honey and done a calculation and I to speak a pint of honey weights1lb 6oz or 22oz. For this reason a quart have to weigh 2lb 12oz or 44oz.

I doubt the jug mentioned over was weighed and thereforeincludes the load of the jar, no the net weight of thehoney.

The water content of love husband varies a tiny between around 16% and18%, but I doubt that"s sufficient to register on residential scales.

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A quart of love husband (2 pints) will weigh around 3 pounds.

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