So girlfriend are probably halfway into setting up your gaming PC, and you are maybe thinking of was standing your computer on a short table yet have no idea just how much the computer weighs to understand if the table is strong enough.

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Or probably you room gathering specifications to look out for as soon as picking a gaming PC, and so you desire to know how much an average gaming pc weighs…

Well, the load of a gaming pc varies from case to case.

However, a low-end gaming computer usually weighs 20 come 30 pounds, i m sorry is roughly 10-13 kg.

But because that a full-size case with gaming materials such together multiple GPUs, multiple tough drives, extra fans, and also or water cooling, a huge CPU cooler, the gaming computer can quickly weigh 60-80 pounds (28-37kg).

So you have the right to see that it in reality varies considerably from situation to case. For example, Corsair 500R weighs around 60 pounds with the drives, motherboard, PSU, GPU, and all other components installed.

I made findings on the rig’s 600T which weighs around 70 pounds.

Entering a pc gaming scene can be intimidating, particularly if you are a newcomer.

Even through one’s know-how on basic computer components, one might still discover difficult-to-understand hardware specs, tons of various storefronts, and also hundreds of games to play.

When I very first starting gaming, the look of its every was overwhelming (not to mentioned obtaining to pay fist to specs, weights, size, and all).

All and above, you don’t necessarily have to spend hrs trying to wrap your head approximately what the tinniest component works for. You really just need to know the basics for a start.

Speaking around the basics, the weight of her gaming PC must be among the points you are familiar with, and that is exactly what we space covering in this post.

Having plainly mentioned the weight of an mean gaming PC, and establishing the fact that lock vary from case to case, we will certainly then move into all other things you must know about weighing gaming PC.

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Why are desktop gaming pcs so heavy?


If you have actually been monitoring the industry in recent years, you will certainly agree with me that computer monitors it seems ~ to get lighter and more environmentally friendly every year.

If you are the form that moves her monitor roughly your gaming room or office favor me (I love renovation), that is compelled to know how much your computer system monitor weighs therefore you don’t have problems down the line.

So right here is a quick table I produced showing girlfriend the general types of monitors and also their median weight in pounds and kg.

Computer MonitorsWeight in PoundsWeight in Kg
Monitor for a residence office8.82 pounds4kg
Small monitor (20 customs or less)5.49 pounds2.4kg
Medium monitor (25 customs or less)7.25 pounds3.2kg
Large monitor (30inches or less)10.2 pounds4.6kg

Ensuring that you know exactly exactly how much a computer system monitor weighs before buying it is really important because it makes you recognize if you could move it roughly easily.

Final words

The underlying truth is that it is one intimidating procedure to build your own gaming PC, particularly for the very very first time. But it is likewise an exciting and rewarding experience.

Gaming PC deserve to save you a most money as soon as you craft them, rather than buying a pre-built machine from a retailer.

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In the mission to build her gaming PC according to your very own budget, specifications, and also preference, you may concerned the point where you need to understand the load of a gaming PC, and also I expect you have been may be to uncover your price in this post.

What gaming computer do girlfriend use and how has actually your experience been therefore far, re-publishing in the comments!