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Side impacts of PiercingHow to adjust Out a Belly button PiercingWhat kind of jewel Is provided for a Belly button Piercing?What Jewelry product Is offered for a Belly switch Piercing?

Belly switch piercings have been famous for a long time—and for good reason. Considering the piercing is relatively painless as result of a fleshy placement and also easy come take care of due to the fact that you don’t have to look in a mirror to view it, lock a an excellent choice that has withstood the test of time.

However, it’s essential to note that no everyone can gain a belly button piercing. Due to the fact that they are very anatomy dependent, part piercers may deny you organization or imply a different form of belly switch piercing (like a floating navel piercing) or location over the traditional style and also placement.

If you’re tho interested in a belly switch piercing, the ideal place to start is to uncover a licensed, skilled piercer who will occupational with her anatomy to give you the best piercing. For much more info, read on for whatever you must know around the popular piercing.

Placement: Pierced through the skin right over the naval, through a true belly switch piercing focused directly over the navel

Pricing: $30-$75

Pain level: “I would certainly say approximately a 4 or 5 v my clients based on their feedback,” says Kristina Outland, a human body piercer at Deep roots Tattoo & Piercing.

Healing time: 6-8 months, totally healed by 12 months

Aftercare: wash the piercing 2 times a day v either antibacterial soap or a sterile saline solution and also pat dry through a document towel.

What is a Belly switch Piercing?

A belly button piercing, also known together a navel piercing, is a piece of jewel that’s generally inserted v the skin, directly over the belly button. This enables the jewelry to hang slightly over the belly button to essentially highlight itself.

Belly switch piercings room done either through tools or freehand by a expert piercer. First, the area will certainly be cleaned, and also if you have actually some hair there, her piercer will most most likely shave the area with a disposable razor to enable for a smooth and also clean piercing site. Then, if your piercer is using tools, the area is held taut through a clamp. The placement is then marked; you should have agreed on place with her piercer beforehand, but now is the moment to double-check the it’s significant in the correct spot. After that, a hollow needle will be driven through to create a hole in the designated spot, followed by the jewelry. Don’t concern if you suffer slight bleeding, swelling, or redness immediately after the piercing—that’s completely normal and should subside quickly.

Pain and Healing Time

Although you may think a belly button piercing i will not ~ hurt that much because of being on her stomach, it will hurt slightly—just like any type of other piercing. Because the skin on her stomach is fleshy, it’s true that you have the right to probably expect it come be much less painful than some type of cartilage piercing. However, a piercing is created by pulling a needle v the skin, so over there is, of course, part pain involved.

“I would certainly say around a 4 or 5 v my clients based on their feedback; i would rate my very own at a 4 or so,” says Kristina Outland, a human body piercer at Deep root Tattoo & Piercing. “It’s a super quick procedure which renders it very manageable.”

A belly switch piercing will most most likely take everywhere from 6 months to a year to totally heal depending on how you care for it and your day-to-day lifestyle; however, the most usual time framework is between six and eight month Regardless, it’s important to inspect with her piercer when you believe it’s healed before stopping aftercare—if it\"s tho healing, the site could end up being infected.

cost of a Belly switch Piercing

How much a piercing costs is totally dependent on the studio you go to, your geographical location, her piercer’s experience, and how facility your piercing is. ~ above average, however, you have the right to expect a belly switch piercing come run in between $30 and also $75. Of course, this price often tends to encompass a very basic jewelry option (if it’s consisted of at all). If you decide you desire to gain a better or different piece the jewelry, you most likely going to need to pay more. Some studios may also have you salary a different fee completely for both the piercing itself and the jewelry.

“In my studio, we commonly charge 40 euros with a simple titanium internal threaded piercing,” says Claudia Valentini, a Barcelonoa-based body piercer. “If the costumer chooses one more option, we charge the jewelry.”


Following the correct aftercare throughout the healing process is supervisor important, both since it will help the piercing cure properly and because no doing so can slow under the process.

The very first thing to keep in mind is the you must wash her hands before touching her piercing to ensure you being together sterile as feasible and to avoid passing any bacteria. Then, it’s recommended to clean her piercing twice a work either v a sterile saline equipment or unscented, tenderness soap and also water. Regardless of what girlfriend use, be sure to dry the area v a record towel after, together a common hand or bathtub towel could harbor bacteria.

During the heal process, Dr. Lauren Dozier—a dermatologist and medical director in ~ Brickell Cosmetic facility in Miami, FL—suggests remaining away native antibitotic ointment, together this deserve to suffocate the piercing site and also cause an ext problems. She likewise recommends wearing loose-fitting clothing and pants that have low-rise waistbands come ensure you nothing irritate the piercing site or reason further complications.

After washing her hands v soap and water, to wash the area with warmth water. Don’t choose at the area, together it can reason further irritation or bleeding. It’s also important to stop soaking your new belly switch piercing in anything but a sterile saline systems until it’s healed; body of water both huge and tiny like baths, the ocean, or a pool might harbor bacteria and also cause infection.

Side impacts of Piercing

Rash: The piercing site should keep a regular appearance because that the whole healing process, but it is possible that a rash could pop up as result of irritation that the jewelry or the skin roughly the piercing location. If at any point you notice a rash the wasn’t there before, seek medical aid immediately.Infection: An epidemic is the most usual risk when gaining a piercing and also is usually led to by improper treatment at home (though an inexperienced piercer through unsafe tools could also be the culprit). Watch for a deep red color, boosted swelling, skin that’s warm to the touch, and also pain, as these might be indicators of one infection.

“I always recommend seeing a physician, such as a dermatologist, for evaluation and treatment ideal away if you develop any of these symptoms,” claims Dozier.

just how to adjust Out a Belly button Piercing

You have the right to effectively readjust out a belly button piercing yourself, however you need to be completely sure that your piercing is completely healed before doing so. And, as mentioned, while 6 to eight month is the usual healing period, it might actually take approximately a full year. Due to the fact that of that, most piercers recommend wait the complete year-long period before switching it out, but if you can’t wait, your finest bet is to go back to her piercer to gain it changed out.

“I imply coming come the studio for the first change,” claims Valentini. “If that’s not possible, make certain that that the ideal time to change it, and have an excellent quality jewelry to change it.”

According to Outland, the peak of the jewelry usually comes unscrewed, enabling for the jewelry to it is in slipped out and easily changed in the same manner. The one point to keep in psychic is to constantly wash her hands prior to touching the piercing in any means to avoid irritating the or carrying bacteria.

“If you execute need assist or have questions, a reputable piercer is always willing to assist you out,” notes Outland.

What kind of jewel Is provided for a Belly switch Piercing?

The usual jewelry selection for belly button piercings is a curved barbell, which slightly curves outside to pop versus your ship button and generally fit much better with the natural shape of your body. This jewelry has actually a tiny bead on each end, with among them gift adjustable/removable to enable for friend to adjust out the jewel if friend want.

What Jewelry product Is supplied for a Belly button Piercing?

Titanium: If you will do rather stop the potential an adverse affects that surgical stole or if you recognize you’re allergy to nickel, medical-grade titanium is your finest bet. That basically specifically the exact same as operation steel, albeit lighter and without nickel.

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Gold: If you’re more of a gold human being for the general aesthetic and also look, feel cost-free to select that metal for your new piercing. Also, make sure it’s at least 14 karats, as anything much less than that is too soft and also unsafe because that the body.