If you’ve ever before wondered about the best means to chop cilantro then this video is for you!

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I offered to waste so lot time pulling the separation, personal, instance cilantro pipeline off the stems due to the fact that I believed that’s what you had actually to do!

But climate I spent some time in Mexico and also found that it’s more common down there to use the stems together well.

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So let’s to speak you’re beginning with half a bunch of cilantro prefer this:


See those thicker, bottom stems? twisted those off and discard them.


But the top stems that organize the leaves are currently officially part of her dish!

I usage those top stems all the moment now and it renders things so much easier. Once you twist off the bottom, thicker stems then you have the right to dice increase the rest of the cilantro.


Using light push with a spicy knife will obtain you there quicker. If you have a dull knife then you’ll it is in crushing the cilantro as you chop that up and some of the will simply disintegrate. No bueno.

A light chopping v a spicy knife will offer you a buoyant pile of cilantro in a issue of seconds.

Easy right?

On Mexican please you’ll frequently see me usage “sprigs” to measure up cilantro. I just uncover it’s simpler to grab a bunch the sprigs rather of measuring the end the chopped cilantro. But for reference, the over photo led to a fifty percent cup that chopped cilantro, and that’s usually what you’ll get from a fifty percent bunch of cilantro (approximately 20 sprigs).

Okay ns hope this video and short article officially converted you over to a stem user because that life! It provides chopping cilantro so much easier and also I’m a vast fan the simplifying things in the kitchen.

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P.S. We also sometimes use finely diced cilantro stems as a garnish! You have the right to see that an approach in ours Roasted Poblano Soup. 


Still hungry?!

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