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What does the take for a sports to end up being one of the many popular and universally loved points on the planet? The prize is simple: there must be people willing to watch it, as well as strict rules and also regulations that govern it. Soccer, as we’re every aware, is perceived by millions of people approximately the world and also regulated through FIFA. FIFA has an ext members than the joined Nations and the global Olympic Committee. That else could provide a much better answer come the question at hand: how plenty of acres is a football field?

Taking the official FIFA soccer field dimensions right into consideration, we can conclude that, depending on the field size, the typical soccer field for adult players arrays from 1.59 come 1.98 acres. The typical size that a soccer ar is 1.86 acres.

There are, however, various factors that can affect the dimension of a football field. This are generally the age and gender of the soccer players. Woman players and those under the period of 17 commonly have the option of playing on smaller soccer pitches 보다 their adult masculine counterparts. Let’s talk about these distinctions in pitch dimension further:

Are football Fields different Size?

As mentioned above, soccer areas can it is in of different sizes. The field size deserve to vary also within a single league. FIFA says that the soccer field for adult players can selection from 100 to 130 yards in length, and also 50 come 100 yards in width. For adult mrs players, the length of the ar must range between 115 and also 120 yards in length, and it also can’t be more comprehensive than between 70 and also 75 yards. High school soccer players in the us play top top a ar that deserve to be contempt smaller; native 100 come 120 yards long, and 55 to 80 yards wide. All similar, however not the same.

How countless Acres is a traditional Soccer Field?

Like football balls sizes, the size of a standard soccer field in acres deserve to be variable, relying on the goal and touchline length. If us take the FIFA prescribed measures, us can easily calculate that the area the a standard soccer ar ranges native 1.59 come 1.98 acres for football pitches designated to adult players.

For women, the size of a soccer field can be a bit different; indigenous 1.69 to 1.85 acres. This, however, doesn’t median that all female soccer gamings are play in smaller sized venues. In fact, the bulk are play on typical adult soccer pitches.

Youth soccer fields for football player under the age of 8 room typically between 0.12 and 0.31 acres. Those a little older but still under the period of 11 play on a soccer ar that is 0.31 to 0.50 acres.

How countless Square Feet is a soccer Field?


When it comes to square footage, the mean soccer ar is 81,000 square feet. Kids under the period of 8 beat on a pitch that ranges from 5,400 come 13,500 square feet. Those who room 9 or 10 year old have to run a little more, as they room playing top top a soccer field that is between 13,500 and also 21,600 square feet. 

Male adults typically play ~ above soccer fields that are between 45,000 and also 117,000 square feet. For adult mrs players, that figure is in the variety between 73,710 and 81,000 square feet.

How many Square Feet is a High college Soccer Field?

High college soccer is play on fields that can be under the regulations for adult players, however they generally play on larger fields. In the US, high institution soccer fields can selection from 49,500 to 86,400 square feet. Once they move on to college, previous high school soccer players can expect come be play on a ar that has actually an area that 72,450 come 81,000 square feet, according to the NCAA. NCAA prescribed soccer field sizes indicate that the college soccer areas can range from 1.66 to 1.98 acres.

Both male and female high schoolers in the us play on the exact same fields, together it i will not ~ be feasible because that schools about the country to construct multiple football fields.

How countless Square Feet is one Indoor soccer Field?

Rules state that an at home soccer field has to selection between 58 and also 70 yards in length, and between 25 and 33 yards in width. This means that the area that an indoor soccer field can it is in anywhere between 13,125 and 21,000 square feet.

Table that Soccer field Sizes

Type that FieldSize in YardsSize in AcresSize in Square Feet
Adult soccer Field100×50 to 130×1001.59-1.9845,000-117,000
Women’s soccer Field115×70 come 120×751.69-1.8573,710-81,000
High college Soccer Field100×55 come 120×801.13-1.9849,500-86,400
Indoor soccer Field58×25 to 70×330.30-0.4813,125-21,000
Average Soccer field Size(not consisting of indoor fields)115×701.7075,435

Soccer vs. Football field Size Comparison


Have you ever before wondered if a football ar is bigger than a soccer field? This answer can come together a surprise, for this reason brace yourself:

Regulations state that a football ar must be 120 yards long, through 100 yards of play field and also 10 yards specialized to every endzone. The standard width of a football ar is 53 1/3 yards.

As soccer fields can get much wider, they space the ones with an ext land area; the typical football field has a land area that 57,600 square feet. That number equates to 1.32 acres.

Check the end our complete write-up on football Vs. Football field dimensions.

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As us learned in this article, the median soccer field for adult males has actually 1.86 acres of soil area. We also learned the soccer fields can get quite huge and that they space much bigger than soccer fields. That’s a totality bunch of data we have the right to use to bore our friend to fatality next time we’re every gathered because that a game. Through the way, a tennis court is 2,808 square feet or 0.06 acres.