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Accurately measure a shoot of alcohol is important. Whether you’re trying to accurately do a cocktail, or also just desire to make certain your drink tastes good, girlfriend can’t just be putting vodka willy-nilly. However, what happens if there’s no shot glass to be found? Well, transforms out there room a few different options to resolve your problem. But first, if we’re going come delve into the people of specific pouring, there are a few other things we have to discuss.

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How Much is a Shot?

Turns out, shot glasses aren’t specifically standardized. Some room 1 oz, part 1.5 oz, big ones are usually 2 oz, the perform goes on. Many don’t have their size written on castle anywhere, therefore you’re left approximating how huge of a shot it will certainly hold. This same issue holds true because that recipes. If it calls for one shot, that can vary a an excellent deal depending on who the writer of the recipe is and also where they live –standard shot size varies from nation to country. Now, this might all it seems to be ~ like separating hairs a bit, but if you’re making something that requirements really accurate measurements, climate it’s worth it –your taste buds (and hangover possibly) will thank you.

In the US, 1.5 oz because that a shoot is (very) typically the conventional measurement, for this reason let’s go v that.

Measure a Shot there is no a shooting Glass

Now, earlier to the problem at your disposal –measuring the end a shot without using a shooting glass. Right here are a few options girlfriend can try if her fresh out of shots glasses, some are even more accurate!

Measuring Spoons


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A tablespoon holds around 1/2 oz that liquid. So, use three of those and you have yourself a 1.5 oz shot. Or, if you’re really out of luck and only have actually teaspoons, you deserve to do some math and use that too (the price is 9, because that the multiplication impaired the end there. 9 teaspoons = 1.5 oz). This only works for actual measure up spoons though, a continuous spoon from the drawer won’t work, silly.

Medicine Cup


Go inspect out your medication cabinet and also chances space you’ve got one of those little plastic medication cups in over there (check on optimal of the NyQuil, because that example). Perfect! What’s good about this is that, while they additionally vary in size, they always have measure lines published on the cup (something around accurate dosing of medicine being important…). Most are 1 oz or 2 oz, which provides them basic to usage as teeny small alcohol measure cups.

Solo Cups


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If you’re doing a most drinking yet somehow don’t have actually a shooting glass handy, opportunities are you’ve got a bunch the red solo cup lying around. And also though this university dorm type scenario doesn’t rather bode well with the need to pour incredibly accurate shots, let’s simply go through it. Hey, probably there space some frat boys out there who are really persnickety around their cocktails, you don’t know.

Anyway, there are insurance claims out there on the interwebs that the lines on solo cup correspond to the precise pouring dimensions of various alcohol (the bottom line because that shots, the center for wine, the peak for beer). And while Dart (the agency the provides the cups) has stated that this isn’t true, friend can completely still usage them come measure.

The bottom heat on the solo cup is 1 oz, therefore you’ll have to change a tiny bit if you’re looking for our magic 1.5 oz, but it’s still completely workable. And also if you’re looking for larger measurements, the middle line is 5 oz and also the optimal is 12 oz.

Make Your own Measuring Cup


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Ok, so friend don’t have any sort of measure up device. As lengthy as you have something with a recognized size, you deserve to make your own measuring cup by using displacement. For example, a ping pong sphere is virtually always 1 oz (1.1 oz to it is in exact), therefore you deserve to use that.

Fill a clear plastic cup half way v water, then note the level v a sharpie. Now, submerge the ping pong ball and mark the new surface level. Take it the ping pong sphere out and fill the cup through water to the level you simply marked. Repeat this process one much more time so friend now have actually two lines and also the fluid in between will be equal to one ounce.

Now, pour simply the water in between those 2 lines out of this cup into a new plastic cup. This time, mark the level that this brand-new one ounce amount in the brand-new cup. (Feel complimentary to continue to perform this one oz at a time and marking lines together you walk in the new cup until you have 1 oz lines all the method to the height to have actually a kind measuring cup when you’re done.)

Once you’re done, you’ll have a plastic cup v perfect 1 oz serving lines significant on it. Boom, science.

Learn to free Pour


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This one takes a little bit of shoot glass-lack anticipation, and also certainly isn’t useful in the moment. But why not find out to cost-free pour favor a boss? then you’ll never need one the those pesky shooting glasses again.

Get one of those to water spouts, prefer they usage at bars, and also practice with a party of water. Count to four as you pour the water right into a cup. Then measure the water friend poured come see exactly how you did. If girlfriend did that right, the four-second count should yield 1.5 oz the water. Practice and adjust your counting speed accordingly until you can accurately count the end the perfect to water every time.

Now you should be set for most any type of situation requiring an exact pour that liquor. But, if every else fails, just guess… and then include a small more. Solid drinks space good.

Any other means you have to get specific shot?

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