I recently purchased a MSI B450 Tomahawk motherboard together the ryzen 5 3600 processor and I was wondering how many screws perform I need for the motherboard to sit steady on the case. The motherboard has 9 screw positions but at this time I just have around 6 because my ahead motherboard to be m-atx. Will certainly that it is in enough? also which slots are the most essential to prevent and flexing?

I"ll be using a ROG STRIX GTX 1060 6GB as well as the stock amd stealth cooler for the processor. 

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one in all corners and also 2 in the center should it is in fine.

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the most vital slot is the gpu slot (x16).

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Your case comes through the necessary screw to install ATX motherboards, assuming it"s an ATX case. Therefore if you have actually an ATX case, friend should have actually 9 motherboard screws.


PCi-E slot flexing isnt really a variable in identify which PCI-E slot to choose. It"s constantly recommended to go for the height most easily accessible slot for best results because boards will provide that slot the most PCI-E lanes (x16)

I"m utilizing the same instance as prior to which i had actually bought in 2016. The is one atx case however i don"t have actually the added screws v me anymore. 

I"m using the same situation as prior to which i had actually bought in 2016. That is one atx case however i don"t have actually the added screws with me anymore. 

In that case I would execute all four corners, the really center was standing off (if it ~ no a raised nub) and also then the critical screw to the left of the center standoff. 

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You want to usage standoffs and also screws in the areas where you desire to prevent the motherboard from flexing (bending) also much.

It"s a an excellent idea to have a screw by the corner near the IO shield, for this reason that as soon as you insert connectors in the IO shield, the motherboard won"t move.

It"s a good idea to have actually a screw in the middle, close come the pci-e connector, through the ideal standoff under the board, therefore that when you insert a video clip card, the plank won"t bend in the middle.

It"s a good idea to have actually a screw near the 24pin strength connector, since when you insert that connector into the motherboard, it takes a bit of downwards push so if there"s no standoff under the board near tht connector, the board would bend.

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The remainder are usually less critical, for instance the bottom corners, due to the fact that you typically don"t fill all the board through cards to put weight top top the motherboard, and also on the other edge there"s just front panel header and also sata connectors for this reason again not much downwards pressure to reason flexing.