Comprehensive 6.0L Powerstroke Maintenance guide & business Schedule

Guide come 2003-2007 Ford Superduty Diesel Maintenance

If you own a 6.0L Powerstroke, the chances are you’re walk to experience some usual issues associated with these trucks. It may not also be her fault. There room just style flaws that make concerns inevitable ~ above the 2003-2007 6.0L Powerstroke. Without appropriate maintenance, you can count on suffering issues more frequently. The problems are likewise likely to be more severe. More severe repairs means more money the end of your wallet. The cab commonly needs to be elevated to carry out engine organization work on this trucks, for this reason you’re looking at some outrageous labor charges. By adhering to our considerable 6.0L Powerstroke maintain guide and service schedule, you have the right to save yourself headaches and also keep much more money in your wallet.


The finish 6.0L Powerstroke Maintenance guide & company Schedule

6.0L Powerstroke company Schedule

When it involves your 6.0, you’re going to have to perform maintenance much more frequently than what her owner’s hands-on calls for. The oil and also oil filter have to be readjusted every 5,000 miles prefer clockwork. I likewise believe coolant need to be changed way more commonly than the owner’s hands-on calls for together well. If friend don’t have a coolant filtration kit, ns would adjust the coolant every 20-30,000 mile to be on the for sure side. The cooling and also EGR solution on the 6.0 are really susceptible come coolant malfunction which have the right to lead to premature component failures. Ns strongly introduce investing in a high quality coolant filtration mechanism like the Sinister Diesel Coolant Filtration System. That will aid you keep the quality of your coolant and drastically mitigate the quantity of problems.

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Change Oil5,000 miles8,000 km
Change Oil Filter5,000 miles8,000 km
Change FuelFilter(s)10,000 miles16,000 km
Replace AirFilterCheck Filter restrictiongauge. Replaceas necessary.Check Filter restrictiongauge. Replaceas necessary.
Flush Cooling SystemEvery 40-50,000 milesor when a year.64-80,000 kilometres oronce a year.
Replace AutoTransmission Fluid30,000 miles48,000 km
Replace ManualTransmission Fluid60,000 miles96,000 km
Change Externaltransmission filter30,000 miles48,000 km
Change internaltransmission filter30,000 miles48,000 km
Replace TransferCase Fluid150,000 miles240,000 km
Replace rear Differential Fluid100,000 miles160,000 km
Replace prior Differential Fluid100,000 miles160,000 km

9 things You need to do every time you company your 6.0

Every time you execute 6.0l Powerstroke maintenance, you should follow the checklist we provide below. It contains both OEM recommendations and also our recommendations on what you have to keep monitor of to store your truck operating smoothly. Girlfriend can frequently identify difficulties early if you space vigilant.

The 6.0L Powerstroke business Checklist:Check every one of your liquid levelsCheck your Degas bottle For Leaks/CracksLook for any type of signs that coolant leaksCheck for blow-byInspect your air filter and also replace the if necessaryCheck all tires and tire pressureInspect all boots and also hosesCheck all suspension and steering componentsCheck your battery(s)

6.0L Powerstroke fluid & Oil volume Guide

Before you order any kind of oils or fluids for her truck, you need to know the appropriate 6.0L Powerstroke Fluid and also Oil Capacity. The chart below shows just how much liquid you’re walking to should make sure your truck has actually the right amount of liquid or oil to run properly. The numbers displayed should act as a guide. You always want to fill oil or fluids according to the dipstick or measuring devices your truck has. Never exceed the full or max level on the dipstick or any type of reservoir. Ns recommend to buy slightly much more than what is referred to as for, just in instance you spill some.

Oil/FluidCapacity – QuartsCapacity – Liters
Engine Oil15 Quarts /w filter14.2 Liters
Auto infection Fluid17.5 Quarts16.6 Liters
Manual transmission Fluid5.8 Quarts5.5 Liters
Transfer Case2 Quarts1.9 Liters
Coolant27.5 Quarts26 Liters
Front Differential Fluid(Dana 60)3 Quarts2.8 Liters
Rear Differential FluidSterling 10.50″Dana 80Dana S110Dana S130See Below3 Quarts3.5 Quarts6.98 Quarts6.98 QuartsSee Below3.3 Liters4.0 Liters6.6 Liters6.6 Liters
Use Motorcraft and Ford OEM Parts and Filters

Be cautious when selecting filters and also oil for her 6.0l Powerstroke. The finest fluids and also filters are Motorcraft or Ford brand. There space plenty of knock-off brands that don’t right properly, offer negative lubrication qualities, or an outcome in inferior filtration. They’re cheap, yet the difficulties aftermarkets fluids and also filters can reason aren’t worth the risk. Everything you need to business your 6.0L Powerstroke is in the graph below.

6.0L Powerstroke Fluids, Oil, and Service Parts

You’re going to have to some parts for 6.0L Powerstroke Maintenance. Ford and also Motorcraft OEM part numbers are found in the chart below. If you’d prefer to purchase Filters, Oil, or company parts for your 6.0L Powerstroke, click on one that the affiliate web links below. I’ve attached most of the parts found listed below to amazon wherein you have the right to take benefit of cost-free shipping if you are a Prime member! Buying parts through our links also helps support our website and we obtain a small commission! thanks for your support!

Part TypePart #
Engine OilFor temperatures over 10 levels Fahrenheit: 15W40 Motorcraft 15W40Shell Rotella T4 15W40Shell Rotella T6 15W40
Engine Oil FilterFord: 3C3Z-6731-AAMotorcraft FL-2016
Oil Filter CapFord: 3C3Z-6766-CAMotorcraft EC-781
Fuel FilterFord: 3C3Z-9N184-CBMotorcraft FD-4616
Engine air FilterFord: 4C3Z-9601-AAMotorcraft FA-1778
CoolantMotorcraft VC-7-B
Automatic transmission FluidFor TorqShift 5R110W TransMotorcraft Mercon SP ATF
Manual transmission FluidFor ZFMotorcraft Mercon V
External transmission FilterMotorcraft FT-145 (Re-Use her O-Ring)
Internal transmission FilterMotorcraft FT-144
Transfer situation FluidMotorcraft Mercon V
Front Differential FluidSAE 80W-90
Rear Differential FluidSterling 10.50″Dana 80Dana S135Dana S110Dana S130See below *(May require to include Additive)*SAE 75W-140SAE 75W-90SAE 80W-90SAE 75W-140SAE 75W-140
Glow Plugs’03-’04’04-’07See BelowFord 3C3Z-12A342-AA (Motorcraft ZD-12)Ford 4C3Z-12A342-AA (Motorcraft ZD-13)
ThermostatFord 3C3Z-8575-AAMotorcraft RT-1169
EGR Valve’03-’04’04-’07See BelowMotorcraft CX-2467-RMMotorcraft CX-2466-RM

What to do if something on your 6.0 Breaks

While yes, 6.0s endure problems an ext frequently than most diesel trucks, they gain a negative name since of insufficient mechanics. A many mechanics diagnosing these trucks are “Parts changers” and also don’t uncover the source of the problem. You can spend hundreds of dollars an ext than you require to and also be ago at the shop following week having actually the same problem. Uncover a good diesel shop that is trustworthy and also make sure they diagnose the difficulty correctly the an initial time.

If something walk break, you can address Common 6.0l Powerstroke problems by instead of failed parts with aftermarket parts. Aftermarket components for the 6.0 often deal with the shortcomings of the OEM parts and you will experience considerably less troubles with them. There are some really great aftermarket carriers that specialize in addressing the 6.0L Powerstroke.

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