MW3 Prestige Leveling Guide – How to rank up conveniently in Call of Duty Modern War 3 (Version 2.0)“Our deepest are afraid is NOT that we are insufficient. Our deepest fear is that we are powerful beyond measure.”This guide is intended to help you level up quicker while playing Modern War 3. I began making leveling guides for cevery one of duty back in MW2 because I essential a way to level up conveniently. I have a wife, 2 youngsters and also a full time project so I don’t have as a lot time as I did in college to play video games. Yet, I still wanted access to every one of the bonsupplies that come through prestiging in Cevery one of Duty so I began rebrowsing leveling tactics and approaches to help me level up fast. After dozens of hrs of experimentation and implementing different leveling methods, I feel I have developed the a lot of detailed and many valuable leveling guide available.

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Why must you listen to me?

I have actually been playing video games all my life. I take into consideration myself a gamer through and also via. I have actually won over $40,000 worth of prizes playing in Cevery one of Duty competitions. By making use of the approaches in this overview I was able to max out at 8th prestige Level 80 through approximately 4 days of in game time played. That indicates on average I was going via an entire prestige eincredibly 11 hrs. Talk around overdrive. But you don’t have to take my word for it. Dozens of well known cevery one of duty players within the area have pincreased my overview as being among the finest guides they have actually ever checked out, including Woodysgamertag & WickedShrapnel.

Why must I prestige?

Other than increasing the size of your e-peen, prestiging in MW3 provides you a distinctive in-game prestige icon or emblem that reflects up alongside your player name. You additionally unlock prestige tokens that can be used to purchase in game rewards via the prestige shop.

In the prestige shop, you can spfinish prestige tokens on the following rewards:

Extra custom course slotsDouble XP (2 hours in game time)Double Weapon XPRegular Package (unlocks an additional callsign title & emblem)Hardened Package (Requires prestige 5: unlocks an added callauthorize title & emblem)Veteran Package (Requires prestige 10: unlocks an added callauthorize title & emblem)Unlock Gear (choose one weapon, equipment or perk to unlock permanently on every prestige from that suggest forward)Reset All Stats (resets everything, including your prestige level)

NOTE: If you prestiged in any kind of of the previous call of duty games (xbox 360 and also PS3 only) you will instantly obtain one bonus token for each COD game you have actually currently prestiged in. You can just obtain one token per game, regardmuch less of your prestige level in that game, for a full of 4 potential prestige tokens (COD 4, COD WaW, COD MW2, COD Black Ops)

The prestige emblems or in-game icons that you unlock for each prestige are shown below.


Update: Five Prestige Levels and Icons were included during a recent update. Anvarious other five are supposed to be released at a later on day. Tright here emblems are shown listed below (Tbelow is so much diversity, I know…)


Before deciding to prestige, ask yourself if it is worth it. Do you gain leveling up? Is tright here a prestige symbol that you really want? Do you desire additional practice classes or various other prestige bonuses? Eincredibly time you prestige you will certainly lose all your unlocked firearms, perks and devices so make sure that you want to perform it. Some human being choose to prestige simply because they enjoy leveling up and unlocking things. Other civilization despise leveling up and just desire to stay at level 80 forever. I am somewright here in the middle. I gain leveling up, and also I really choose the 8th prestige icon. So I made a decision to level as much as 8th prestige and then I stopped leveling tright here. That permitted me to unlock all my custom classes and screen my favorite prestige symbol beside my name.

How a lot suffer is required to prestige?

The maximum amount of suffer you can earn per prestige in MW3 is 1,746,200 XP. This is spreview out over 80 levels. That is fairly a little different from Modern War 2, which had 70 levels and a maximum experience of 2,516,000. So while MW3 has 10 even more levels to go with than MW2, the complete amount of endure necessary to prestige is more than 30% less.

Leveling scales up as you level up, which indicates that the later levels will certainly take much much longer to obtain via than the beforehand levels. Experience wise, fifty percent means through a prestige is about level 60.

Here is a failure of each level in MW3, and exactly how a lot endure is required to reach it:

LevelXP Required% CompleteXP to Next Level

How lengthy is this going to take?

Leveling up in Call of Duty even when utilizing the tips in this guide is still an extensive procedure. Depending on the skill of you and also your team it can take all over from 12-24 hrs of in game time played to prestige.

If you can complete 80 levels in under 12 hours of game time played you are leveling at a great pace. I maxed out at 8th prestige Level 80 via approximately 101 hours (4.21 Days) of in game time played. That indicates I leveled at a pace of around 7.12 levels an hour and also on average I went with 1 prestige every 11.2 hours of in game time played. While this is not the fastest I have seen, it is up tright here.

Leveling basics

As I discussed previously, leveling is based upon endure earned while doing in game tasks such as kills, assists, captures, calling in pointstreaks or destroying adversary poinstreaks. So the number one way to level up quicker is to obtain better at the game. That being sassist, this overview is not focused on helping you gain better at the game. If you would certainly like some tips on gaining much better at Cevery one of Duty, subscribe to my youtube channel at youtube.com/oTradeMark

Aside from energetic in game jobs that earn you experience, the 2 other primary means you earn endure is via your complement bonus and also your obstacles.

Match Bonus

Match bonus is experience earned at the finish of each game as a bonus for staying until the game ends (rather than quitting out or dashboarding). The multiplier for your enhance bonus is twice as big if you win than if you shed. So that brings me to my first leveling reminder of the guide:

Leveling Tip #1: Win

And what’s the easiest method to win consistently? Play with a knowledgeable group of players that connect and also go for the goals. If you commonly play solo, attempt acquiring a group together of world you deserve to play with. If you don’t have any friends that you play via currently, checkout hupitgaming.com to find some players you can play through.

If you would certainly favor to understand specifically just how the enhance bonus is calculated check out below (thanks to Pozzuh & BlakCrow
reddit)Match Bonus = S x T x ((R + 6) / 12) … Where:

S = Scaler (1 if Success, 0.5 otherwise)T = The length of time the game lasted (in seconds)R = Rank (1-80)

So let’s say my rank is 65. I’m playing FFA which has a max game size of 10min and I won the enhance after 7 min and 46 seconds (=471 sec)Match Bonus = 1 x 471 x ((65 + 6) / 12) = 2787

And let’s say my rank is 80. I’m playing Kill confirmed which has actually a max game size of 10min and also I shed the complement after 10 min. (=600sec)Match Bonus = 0.5 x 600 x ((80 + 6) / 12) = 2150

Leveling Tip #2: Play the game forms which cater to you and also your teams play style while still being able to gain the game.Gametypes

In previous COD games there have actually been stand also out gameforms that offer leveling advantages. In MW3, I feel that the finest gametype for leveling counts on your staminas and also preferences. Overall, I think the 4 gametypes through the best leveling potential are Search and Destroy, Team Defender, Domination and Kill Confirmed.

Search and Destroy is a 1-life per round, bomb plant based game. The winner is the team that wins the best of 7 rounds, or initially to 4 round wins. SnD has always been a strong way to level up for players who have the right to get a lot of kills each game. SnD uses a whopping 500 XP per kill and also bomb plant, which turns right into a huge 1000 XP per kill when offered in conjunction via double XP. For players that can consistently acquire many kills and also plants/defprovides in SnD, this is a great method to level up. But if you are impatient favor me and also find yourself running straight into the nearemainder adversary clayeven more at the start of each round,then you are simply going to spfinish many of the game dead, watching your teammates play and also earning absolutely zero experience.

Team Defender is a new game kind to MW3. It is similar to Halo’s oddround. The game is TDM based, initially team to 7500 score wins, but the capture is that tright here is 1 flag on the map at all times. Whichever team possess’ the flag likewise earns a bonus score in the direction of the team whenever before they earn kills. Most world dischoose Team Defender, as the spawns are extremely tightly bunched, thin, and also bring about many hectic deaths and also score alters. But a solid group of players will learn just how to camp one location and rack up kills exceptionally quickly on the adversary team. The factor these games are so quick to level up is because it is basically a TDM game wright here the foe team is constantly running towards the flag (quite than camping like usual TDM games). Just make certain that you play this game type through a team of skilled players, because if you play versus an additional team that is well arranged you will number out that it is extremely challenging to break a 6 male defense all camping a couple of choke points on the map.

Domination is my following reference for game kinds and also by far my the majority of played game type. Domicountry earns you +50XP for a kill and +150XP for a flag capture and +50XP for a flag protect. If you play aggressively in a game favor this you can conveniently rack up the majority of points and kills. Because it is my favorite game type I am partly biased in the direction of it, however statistically it uses a lot of advantages too. If you strictly compare Score Per Minute on gametypes you will certainly watch that SnD offers a large benefit versus other typical gametypes, as it takes 10 supremacy kills to equal 1 SnD kill. But what a lot of players don’t take into consideration is that when you are playing SnD, you are going to have an extremely challenging time earning in game challenges, as most of them are based roughly kills or other actions that carry out not occur almost as much in SnD. Through one prestige I will certainly earn hundreds of countless experience points on difficulties alone, which I believe trumps the leveling potential of SnD.

NOTE: Challenge XP is not doubled. So if playing on a twin XP weekfinish or while utilizing double XP hours, S&D becomes even more reliable for leveling.

Kill confirmed is my last game type referral. Kill Confirmed is another TDM based gameform which rewards you for kills and also collecting dog tags (confirming or denying a kill). The reason why kill evidenced is a great game form to level up quickly is because it’s quicker paced than TDM and also at the same type uses more leveling potential. When you kill a player you obtain +50 XP. When you deny a kill you get +50 XP. When you kill a player and collect their dog tag, you earn +100 XP. When you kill a player AND A TEAMMATE collects that dog tag, YOU STILL EARN +100 XP. Then last yet absolutely not leastern, once you die and recover your very own dog tag you acquire +250 XP, the equivalent of 5 objective kills! Kill shown is an excellent method to level up for these reasons. Even if you aren’t the best slayer, you can collect and deny dog tags all game and also earn even more XP than the highest possible killing perchild on your team!

To sum it all up, the best game form for leveling relies on what kind of a player you are and who you play with and what form of players they are. And remember that you should be playing this game to have fun, so if tright here are certain gamekinds that you dischoose, simply don’t play them.

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Aside from being rewarded XP for your match bonus and also in game actions, the various other major means you level up is through completing in game obstacles. MW3 obstacles are certain work that you need to complete in order to earn a set amount of experience and they are either static (finish once and also you are done) or steady (multiple tiers or levels of the difficulty are consecutively completed)

No matter who you are, as you play the game you will certainly complete difficulties. But if you desire to maximize your leveling efficiency, you want to plan out your obstacles in a way that maximizes your endure acquire during the time you spfinish playing. The following few sections are dedicated to all the various difficulties in the game,

Leveling Tip #3: Complete your primary and also second weapon difficulties as efficiently as possible. Get 500 kills via a major prior to relocating on, and earn the mastery difficulties for your finest secondaries.Key Weapon Challenges

Let’s take a look at a typical set of difficulties related to a major weapon: