A common serving ~ above a catering (if you are not food preparation for large eaters) is 4 oz. …or 4 world to the pound. As soon as feeding huge eaters, you generally number 3 people to the pound.

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Click to see complete answer. Thereof, how many pounds the BBQ do I need to feed 50 people?

So you need around 34 pounds of raw pork butt to feed 50 guests.

Also Know, how plenty of pounds that BBQ carry out I need for 8 people? pound of cooking meat because that each human for a main. This quantity may vary between ½ pound if your guests are huge eaters or girlfriend don"t have many sides, come ¼ pound if her sides are generous.

additionally Know, how plenty of does a lb of BBQ serve?

Generally, chefs recommend serving ½ pound (8 ounces) that meat per person. To feed a party the 10 girlfriend would desire at the very least 5 pounds of cook meat.

How plenty of pounds the BBQ execute I need for 20 people?

There are 16 ounces in a pound, so about 10 pounds the meat would certainly be essential to feed 20 people. According to the Food Network, when planning a barbecue or dinner party, there need to be around 6 come 8 ounces that meat allocated every adult.

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How many pounds the pork do I must feed 60 people?

60 pounds eco-friendly weight will certainly yield 30 Lbs finished pork, or around 1/2 Lb per person.
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How countless pounds of pork carry out I have to feed 25 people?

For pulled pork, the standard dominion of thumb is one-third come one-half pound the meat per person. When cooked and also shredded, a bone-in pork shoulder will lose about 40 percent of its weight. Because that example, a life 10-pound pork shoulder (or 2 5-pounders) will yield about 6 pounds of perfect meat, serving 12 come 18 people.
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How plenty of pounds the BBQ perform you have to feed 60 people?

I usually figure 6 civilization per pound (cooked) since women and children will eat less. Entirely agree ~ above the 50% yield. V that said, because that 60 civilization I would certainly take at the very least 10 lbs. However no more than 12 lbs.
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How numerous pounds of pork carry out I need to feed 30 people?

Generally, allow four to 5 ounces of boneless meat for each guest in ~ lunch. Arrangement for a bit an ext meat, around five to 7 ounces, if you"re offer dinner to your crowd. For a party the 30 come 40 people, this functions out to be nine to 12 pounds of traction pork for lunch, and 13 to 17 pounds for dinner.
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How plenty of pounds of meat execute you require per person?

When Meat Is the Main: When food preparation something prefer steak, roast, chicken, or pork, wherein meat is the main feature of the meal and paired v a few side dishes, we recommend around 1/2 pound (eight ounces) per person, up to 3/4 (12 ounces) pound because that bigger appetites and those who love leftovers.
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How carry out you calculation BBQ per person?

To keep portions in perspective, we recommend 1/2 lb to 1/3 the a lb of barbecue meat per person (for example, as soon as we cater through our timeless brisket and also sausage plate, us calculate 1/4 pound brisket and also 1/4 pound sausage per person).
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How countless pounds the pork perform I must feed 75 people?

1/2 pound per person. 35-40 pounds. Friend don"t want pork loin, you want pork butt.
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Does Costco market pulled pork?

Kirkland Signature acting Pulled Pork (32 oz) native Costco - Instacart.
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How many pieces of chicken do I require for 40 people?

To use this food quantity chart:
Food type Approximate Amount for 50 Servings Serving dimension Per person
Beef or Pork Ribs 25-40 lbs 1 lb cooked
Pork Chops 17 lbs 1 chop 3/4" Thick
Chicken, pieces through bone-in 18-20 lbs 1-2 pieces
Chicken, boneless, skinless, cut-up for casserole, soup, stew etc. 16-18 lbs 3 ounces

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How many sandwiches does a pound of BBQ make?

One pound the meat. 16 ounces. Yields four 4 oz. sandwiches or 3 5+ oz.
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How much BBQ perform I require for 6 people?

For protein-centric parties: arrangement on serving every adult 6 come 8 ounces of meat or seafood complete for their key course. Smaller grill staples like hot dogs, ribs, chicken legs and also thighs each operation 1 1/2 come 4 ounces each, enabling for an ext variety on your guests" plates.
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How plenty of pounds that ribs carry out I require for 20 people?

`The dominion of thumb when buying ribs is to enable a minimum that a pound per person. Spare ribs come indigenous the belly side that the hog, have actually the the very least amount the meat and also are the least tender. Back ribs room from the blade and center section of the loin they are meatier and also easier to handle. Enable one pound every person.
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What do you offer at a BBQ party?

Appetizers. Gigantic bags the potato chips and also bowls the peanuts are the standard fare for BBQ parties, but homemade snacks space a action up from store-bought and add a unique touch whether you"re a guest or the host. Shot your hand in ~ homemade potato chips, homemade pretzels, honey roasted peanuts, or also sweet potato chips.
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How plenty of pounds that BBQ will feed 100 people?

Ex: because that 100 civilization it will certainly take 25lbs of cook pork to feed them. 25 + 7.5 = 32.5lbs of raw pork will certainly yeild you about 25lbs of cooking pork to feed 100 people.
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How countless pounds of BBQ execute I need for 50 people?

30+lbs every 50 people. Butts average roughly 8+lbs usually, so ns usually deserve to serve 50 human being with 4 butts. Others may have actually it down to a science, yet that"s the number I always use and also we give big servings and constantly have a little left for anyone that desires seconds.
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How much food carry out I should BBQ because that 50 people?

If you"re putting out fruit or veggie platters at your barbecue, go through 5 pounds because that 50 people. Together for tossed salad, serve about one big handful per person, and also don"t forget to offer a few types the dressing.
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How lot BBQ carry out I require for 8 adults?

Even with a pretty mix of side dishes her meat entree will certainly be the star of the party! Generally, chefs recommend serving ½ pound (8 ounces) that meat per person. To feeding a party the 10 girlfriend would want at least 5 pounds of cooked meat.

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How much will a pound of chopped brisket feed?

Packer cut Brisket will lose approx. 50% cooked - leave 1/2 pound. The is enough for a 1/3 # plate serving (rule of thumb) v a couple of getting seconds. Or it is 2 sammies for everybody (rule of thumb 1/4 # every sammy).
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