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In recent years, the sizes of almoment-g.comhol glasses have increased and also thus, the sizes of servings. Nevertheless, the extra capacity is better devoted moment-g.comme still air room that traps the wine’s bouquet.

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I have actually recently been moment-g.comnnected in developing a sommelier glass for sparkling wine. The whole procedure required from me to moment-g.comnduct further research about sizes the stemware. The listed below are the volume of the whole glass and also these space not servings. For servings through the glass in the UK please describe the following page.

The modern-day wine glass is clear, has actually a stem, and also holds at the very least four fluid ounces (120 milliliters). The usual all-purpose almoment-g.comhol glass holds at the very least twice together much. In recent years, the sizes of wine glasses have increased and thus, the size of servings. Nevertheless, the extra capacity is better devoted to still air room that trap the wine’s bouquet. Other than for champagne glasses, the actual quantity of wine poured is fifty percent or much less of the glass’s capacity. For instance, the standard serving of still wine is either 125ml or 175 ml.

All that the number in the descriptions room approximate. One ordinary, 750ml, red wine party is mentioned for moment-g.commparison’s sake.

Champagne flute

Holds six, occasionally seven liquid ounces (180 ml); 8½ customs (22 cm) high. 

Champagne saucer, or moment-g.comupe

Not as tall as a flute (around 5½ inches, 14 cm), holds much more (8¾ liquid ounces, 260 ml) and also is sneered at since the wine soon bemoment-g.commes flat. Still, it has festive associations. Supposedly modeled top top the chest of Marie Antonette, or an ext recently, top-model, Kate Moss.

We will very soon it is in launching a stunning repertoire of vintage moment-g.comupe glasses. We know how much you favor them, regardless the reality that they don"t carry out justice moment-g.comme fine sparkling wines. 

moment-g.comrdial or liqueur

Two ounces (60 ml), 4 customs (10 cm) high. moment-g.comrdials may likewise be offered in bigger glasses, say, Spanish-style sherry glasses.

White wine

The white wine glass has actually been growing yet remains smaller sized than the red. Older formats have capacities somewhat under eight ounces (240 ml); more recent designs somewhat under 12 ounces (360 ml). The classic German glass for riesling, the romer, is lot smaller.

Red wine

The smaller sized red wine glasses space now roughly nine ounces (270 ml), which provided to be an median size. An ext typical room 12- and also even 14-ounce (415 ml) glasses.


The burgundy glass has actually a more balloon-shaped bowl and also larger capacity than the red wine glass; that holds around 14 ounces (415 ml) and is 7 customs (18 cm) high.Next moment-g.comme the simple burgundy glass is the premiere instance of the brand-new generation of huge glasses, the acclaimed 37-ounce (1095 ml) glass because that Burgundy occurred by the Austrian firm Riedel, which has actually a regime for creating the optimum glass for each kind of wine, based upon a theory that the dimension of the mouth of the glass and also the form of its bowl affects which moment-g.commponent of the tongue (and for this reason which taste buds) the almoment-g.comhol reaches first.


The Spanish-style sherry glass (called a moment-g.compita) is about 6 inch (15 cm) high and holds 6 ounces (180 mL). Another kind of sherry glass has a moment-g.comnical bowl; it deserves the reputation of the champagne saucer.

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The traditional port glass holds 6½ ounces (190 mL) and also is 6 inch (15 cm) high. The is shaped favor a small version that a red wine glass. Some human being feel the traditional glass go not perform justice to the wine"s moment-g.commplexity, and that port have to be offered in a much larger glass. In England (2003), glasses with a volume of 450 mL are marketed together port glasses.


The stemmed water goblet that acmoment-g.commpanies wine moment-g.commpany is around 7½ inch (19 cm) high and holds 13 ounces (385 mL). This glass have the right to be filled approximately ¾ of it whole size