2.00 x 10^22 atomsThe empirical formula because that quartz is SiO2, so calculate the molar massive of quartz.Silicon = 28.0855Oxygen = 15.999Molar massive = 28.0855 + 2 * 15.999 = 60.0835Now divide the fixed you have actually of quartz by its molar mass1.00 g / 60.0835 g/mol = 0.016644 molSince you have actually 2 moles of oxygen atoms every mole the quartz, main point by 20.016644 mol * 2 = 0.033288 molFinally, multiply by avogadro"s number to gain the number of atoms.0.033288 mol * 6.0221409e+23 atoms/mol = 2.00465 x 10^22Round to 3 significant figures to acquire 2.00 x 10^22

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