As humans, we greatly use our legs for getting around (walking, running, jogging, hopping) and also we might use lock for other things, such as lifting or advertise weights, or making ourselves smaller by bending.  However, bees have far more uses for your legs, all of which are vital for your survival.  Here, we"ll take it a look at at how clever little bees manipulate their 6 legs, and then we"ll look in ~ the framework of bee legs.

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How many legs does a punishment have and also what carry out bees usage their foot for?

Bees are insects, and like all insects, bees have six legs - or three pairs:

two forelegs (to the prior of the body)two middle legstwo hind legs

Why perform bees have actually six legs?


Bees require their legs to carry out a variety of tasks, and some work are perform preferentially by one set of legs, whilst for some activities, every legs space equally important. For instance, bees usage their prior legs for grooming their antennae, and they often use your front legs for grabbing.  It therefore makes feeling for bees to lug most of the pollen on your hind legs, whereby it is out of the way, leaving the front legs unhampered to carry out their job.

Having a special duty is possible because some legs have added features which aid the punishment in different ways.  

In this way, the foot of a bee is adapted to perform many tasks, quite apart indigenous the apparent of wade or scurrying about.   

How carry out bees usage their legs?

Here are some of the methods in i beg your pardon the foot of bees perform different tasks.  Some that these work may surprised you!

1. Walking, "running"

When they room not flying, bees use every one of their legs for moving around on soil or surfaces.

2. Collection pollen

The hind legs on most female bee types are specially adapted to collect and transport pollen native the flower earlier to the swarm or hive.  (Cuckoo bee types do no gather pollen, quite they count on pollen gave by their target host).

Bees the gather pollen on your hind legs have actually special features or adaptations in the type of either:

pollen baskets dubbed corbicula (single) or corbiculae (plural).  Pollen baskets are discovered on female society bees such as honey bees and bumble bees; or

Here is a honey punishment worker v pollen baskets ~ above the behind legs packed through pollen.




4. Hearing

Scientists have actually proven the - definitely in the case of love husband bees, sound vibrations are picked up by guts in the legs, called subgenual organs. Read much more about this on the page Do Bees have Ears.

5. Organize - keeping clean

Grooming as a way of keeping clean, is very, really important for bees, and also indeed various other insects.  Bees are exposed to every kinds that micro-organisms and also bacteria in the soil the could build up and also hamper the bee, for example, either by causing infections or by clogging up the hairs that are so vital for things like carrying pollen and keeping warm.

Bees even have distinct adaptations on their feet to assist them save spic and span.  The antennae that bees perform an extremely important function, and so to assist keep lock clean, bees have special "antennae cleaners" located on the prior legs.

However, cleanliness likewise requires the mites and other pests are dealt with and kept in ~ bay. 

6. Grabbing

There room times as soon as bees should grab things.  because that example, as soon as flower anthers should be grabbed and shaken to help release pollen.

Grabbing can additionally come in handy when defending the colony against pests.  clock this video to view a love husband bee use its legs to seize a Varroa mite prior to biting it:

7. Building

Bees usage their legs to aid them construct colony cells, even if it is this involves building them native wax as with honey bees and also bumble bees, or applying a lining to the cell walls in a burrow.  for example, soil nesting bees regularly have a "paint brush" (called a penicillus) on your hind legs (on the basitarsus) i m sorry they usage to use a lining to the cell wall surfaces of your burrows.


8. Gathering and Carding

Certain bee types use your legs to help them gather materials for nesting - especially carder bees of assorted types.

The wool carder punishment is a prime instance of this.  It frequently uses that legs and feet to aid it gather hair from tree such together lamb"s ear, and also transport them earlier to its swarm where the will use the fine hairs to line and plug its swarm cells, generally in hollow plant stems.

What room the components of a bee leg called?

I first shared the image listed below on my page do bees have actually knees?  

It comes from the publication written through entomologist, Steven Falk, who wrote ar Guide come Bees Of an excellent Britain and Ireland.  It plainly shows the a bee"s leg is made up of segments.

The very first segment that the leg is referred to as the "coxa".  This is the segment closest to the body.  The second segment that the leg is a trochanter, and the 3rd is the femur (which can be taken into consideration the bee"s thigh).

The "knee" is developed by the authorized of the femur to the 4th leg segment called the tibia, and finally the basitarsus and tarsus (foot).

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If a punishment loses a leg, deserve to it survive?

Having experienced a common carder bumble punishment flying about and active with one middle leg missing, ns personally believe it is feasible for a punishment to survive if it loses a middle limb, at least for part time.  However, exactly how long it would have the ability to survive is unclear.  I suspect that if a bee loses a front foot or hind leg, it will certainly be more severely hampered and may not make it through for really long.