Kobe Bryant was among the most talented players to ever before grace a basketball court. Play for the Los Angeles Lakers for his whole 20-season career, Bryant earned self a riches of accolades; from being an 18-time All-Star come ranking fourth in the NBA’s all-time regular-season scoring. Bryant was also a philanthropist and a polyglot, and so as we mourn his loss come the basketball world and beyond, we can celebrate a life surrounding by languages and also culture. 


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Basketball to be a part of Bryant’s people his whole life. Kid to former NBA player Joe Bryant and also nephew to john “Chubby” Cox, it seems clear his career route was determined from an early age. Imagine a small Kobe Bryant beginning to beat basketball at the age of three! He played throughout his time at school, proclaiming for the 1996 NBA draft when he had actually graduated. Bryant played together shooting guard because that the Los Angeles Lakers, earning 33,643 job points. He played his last season in 2015-2016.

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Other achievements

Later in his life, Kobe established the company Kobe Inc. Through the target of cultivation sports brands within the industry. With organization partner Jeff Stibel he also launched Bryant-Stibel, a venture funding company. Kobe Bryant had various endorsements transparent his career consisting of Adidas, Coca Cola because that Sprite, and Nike. He appeared as covering athlete for a number of video gamings such together NBA 2K17. 

Early in his life Bryant was component of a rap group in school, and went ~ above to document an album through Sony that, owing to the absence of an answer to his single K.O.B.E. Was never released. Despite that never ever stopped that singing; Bryant lent his voice come The Heaven and also Earth difficulty by Taiwanese singer Jay Chou, the proceeds the which went to impoverished colleges to spend on basketball facilities and also equipment.

Turning then to his philanthropist roles, Bryant was the ambassador for After-School All-Stars (ASAS), and started the Kobe Bryant China fund in partnership v the Soong Ching Ling Foundation. This charity elevated money for education and also health programs in China. 

With Zach Braff, Bryant presented a $1 million cheque come the speak to of Duty Endowment, a non-profit that helps veterans shift to civilian careers. And with his mam Vanessa, Bryant started the Kobe and Vanessa Bryant Family foundation (KVBFF), which intends to aid the young in need. In short, Kobe Bryant had a lot to add to this civilization besides a successful basketball career. 


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Language skills

Bryant was fluent in English, Italian, and also Spanish. The learned Italian once his family moved come Italy once his 6 so his father could play experienced basketball. Over the eight year he resided in Italy Bryant came to be fluent in Italian and likewise picked increase a tiny Spanish. Bryant’s Spanish was further reinforced v his marital relationship to his wife Vanessa, that is Mexican-American. Bryant quote wanting to affix with his Latino fans together a more reason to come to be fluent in the language, claiming the watching a most Spanish telenovelas helped. See? The perfect forgive to pick up her language an abilities by the town hall TV! 

Bryant likewise picked up part French and Serbian follow me the means from his teammates, meaning he can cuss pretty fine in both languages! Bryant claimed he learned this languages to let out his frustration at officials by cursing in one more tongue 보다 English. In fact, many opponents end the years said Bryant controlled to throw them turn off their game by cursing at them in their indigenous tongue! currently if the isn’t a motivating reason to discover a language, us aren’t sure what is.

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Here is Bryant speak English, Italian, and Spanish throughout his final press conference. And here that is again after heckling Luka Doncic in Slovenian if watching a Lakers game. What one inspirational function model to all language learners Bryant was. If he could learn multiple languages throughout a long, busy basketball career while doing every little thing else the did, we room pretty sure any kind of of our reasons for not learning languages would sound like negative excuses!


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Feeling influenced to find out languages after ~ reading around Kobe Bryant? we don’t blame you! there is a lot to be stated for our commemorated athletes speak multiple languages, motivating those watching at home, or courtside, to end up being multilingual. If you require some guidance through your preferred language, our native speaking tutors can guide you v a tailormade programme of study. Drop us a rapid enquiry come see just how our courses work.