Surface Area= (16 + 18) x 36 x . 45 the answer would be 550.8 square feet. Because that a round pool that is 24" round the formula would look prefer this: Surface Area= 12 x 12 s 3.14 the answer would be 452.16 square feet.

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Click come see complete answer. Furthermore, just how do you find the surface area of a round pool?

Calculate surface Area For rectangle-shaped pools, multiply the an initial measurement through the 2nd to get the pool area. For round pools, main point the diameter through the depth and then main point by 3.14.

Subsequently, inquiry is, how many square feet is mine pool? 600 square feet

Moreover, what is the radius that a 24 foot round pool?

12 ft.

What is the formula for surface area?

We can also label the length (l), width (w), and also height (h) that the prism and use the formula, SA=2lw+2lh+2hw, to discover the surface ar area.

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How do you discover the surface area of a lake?

Rectangular or square
shape area is estimated by just measuring the length and also width the the pond political parties in feet. Main point the length times the width to gain the square feet of surface area. This value can be convert to acres by separating by 43,560 ft2/acre.
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How execute you discover the area?

To find the area that a rectangle multiply its height by that width. For a square girlfriend only require to discover the length of among the sides (as each side is the exact same length) and then multiply this by chin to uncover the area.
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How perform you work out the volume the water?

Calculating water volume relies on the form of the ship containing the water. Volume calculations for a square or rectangular vessel call for you understand its length, width and depth because that entry right into the volume equation, V=L_W_D, whereby L means length, W is the width and D to represent depth.
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What is the formula because that volume?

Calculating Volume
The formula to uncover the volume multiplies the length by the width by the height. The an excellent news for a cube is the the measure up of every of this dimensions is specifically the same. Therefore, you deserve to multiply the length of any kind of side three times. This outcomes in the formula: Volume = side * next * side.
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How perform you uncover the perimeter with the area?

Perimeter of a Rectangle
psychic the formula for perimeter and also area the a rectangle. The area that a rectangle is a = length * width, if the perimeter is p = (2 * length) + (2 * width) substitute the recognized values into the area formula. 36 = 4 * w. Substitute worths for length and also width right into the perimeter formula.
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How much does it cost to to fill a 24 foot round pool?

The average cost of a typical 24" round pool (containing 14,700 gallons) with your water hose is going to cost you around $80-$160. These costs room depending whereby in the country you live and also your local water supply markets.
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What is the circumference of a 24 circle?

In the situation of a circle through a measure up of 24 inches in between poles, then she circumference is 48 inches.
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How numerous feet around is a 16 foot pool?

well, you have actually 16" circle x 3.14 = 48 linear feet, contact it 50 to make math easier. 50" lengthy x 3" wide gives 150 square feet.
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How many gallons are in a 24 foot round above ground pool?

For example, if the pool is 21 1/2 feet in diameter, usage 22 feet together the diameter. 3- because that the typical Depth, it is best to use entirety numbers, rounded up. How plenty of Gallons the Water room In My swimming Pool?
18" Round 7,646
21" Round 10,407
24" Round 13,593
27" Round 17,204

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What is the one of a 16 foot circle?

r = 8/π (ft.) Therefore, the radius the the circle when its circumference is 16 feet is r ≈ 2.54648 ft. C = 2 (3.14159) (2.54648) ft. C = 15.999, C ≈ 16 ft.

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What is the circumference of a 21 foot round pool?

1 Answer. The circumference is 21π feet or 66 feet.
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What is the radius that a 27 foot circle?

Radius the a Circle
Radius ft2 in2
27′0″ 2,290 329,792
27′1″ 2,304 331,831
27′2″ 2,319 333,876
27′3″ 2,333 335,927

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