Use this page to aid you to calculate the weights and also calories of any type of serving size or section of mandarin, i beg your pardon are also known as straightforward peelers, satsumas, and also clementines (depending top top the variety.

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The easy-to-use charts listed below will aid you to calculate load conversions and calorie values depending upon what you need.

How lot Does Mandarin sweet (Without Peel)

I’ve sweet a number of fruits and gathered the complying with information:The average weight the one Mandarin (also recognized as satsuma or clementine) weighs about 80-90g with the peel removed.
ConversionWeight the One AverageMandarin/Satsuma/Clementine(without peel)Grams80-90gOunces2.8-3.2ozKilograms0.08-0.09kgPounds0.18-0.2lb


How lot Does Mandarin sweet (With Peel)

I’ve sweet a variety of fruits with and without the peel and gathered the complying with information:The mean weight the one Mandarin (also recognized as satsuma or clementine) weighs approximately 100-110g consisting of the peel.
ConversionWeight the One AverageMandarin/Satsuma/Clementine(including peel)Grams100-110gOunces3.5-3.9ozKilograms0.1-0.11kgPounds0.22-0.24lb

How plenty of Segments are in an AverageMandarin?

I did the research study to discover out the typical amount of segments in an easy peeler mandarin fruit and also found the following:The typical mandarin, satsuma, or clementine orange contains a complete of 10-11 segments.Each segment weighs an average of around 8-9g (0.28-0.32oz) and contains around 4 calories.

How countless Mandarins room in a Portion?

The recommended part size because that mandarin-type basic peelers (including satsumas and clementines) is 2.This is the amount encourage as part of the 5 a work fruit and also veg portion.Two average-sized 80-90 gram mandarin oranges contain around 76-86kcal in total.

Mandarin load & Calorie Chart

The counter table below shows an ext mandarin/satsuma/clementine sections to help you easily work out the weight and also calories for her portion.This graph is based upon the presumption that an mean fruit weighs 85g and an average segment weighs 8.5g. I’ve likewise used confirmed calorie worths from MyFitnessPal.Mandarin/satsuma/clementineserving size(without peel)Average weight(in grams and ounces)Average calories(in kcal)1 segment8.5g/0.3oz42 segments17g/0.6oz83 segments25.5g/0.9oz124 segments34g/1.2oz165 segments42.5g/1.5oz206 segments51g/1.8oz247 segments59.5g/2.1oz288 segments68g/2.4oz329 segments76.5g/2.7oz3610 segments85g/3oz401 oz28.3g/1oz132 oz56.7g/2oz273 oz85g/3oz404 oz113.4g/4oz5425g25g/0.88oz1250g50g/1.76oz2475g75g/2.65oz36100g100g/3.53oz481 fruit (half a serving)85g/3oz402 fruits (one serving)170g/6oz81

Manderin Peel Weight

I weighed the peel that various types of mandarin/satsuma/clementine oranges and found the following:The median weight of the peel native an typical size fruit is roughly 20-30g.Fruit through thicker peel is heavier and also it usually weighs roughly 30g.Most mandarin variety fruits (including satsuma and clementines) have tendency to have thin skin for this reason they’re straightforward to peel.

Based on an average mandarin/satsuma/clementine weight of 80-90g (2.8-3.2oz) every fruit, over there are approximately 5-6 individual fruit in a pound.
Based ~ above an median mandarin/satsuma/clementine weight of 80-90g (2.8-3.2oz) per fruit, there are roughly 11-13 separation, personal, instance fruit in a kilogram.

Equipment and Information supplied for This Article

I used precision scale that weigh to 0.01 the a gram i m sorry is regularly calibrated v a 100g weight. For much more information see my recommended weighing scales here.

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To make sure the information in this article is accurate, ns researched and also cross-referenced various sources (as fine as original research) to achieve the correct weights and calories.

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