So you have finaly chose to search for the Fallen collection in order, that method you are all set to fulfill Lucinda Price, or Luce if friend prefer. This is a series by Lauren Kate that you will love if you room up for part romance, with this list with the Fallen book collection order you will be able to embark ~ above this brand-new journey.

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Fallen series in order

Fallen book series order
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Reading order:

Fallen (2009)
Torment (2010)
Passion (2011)
Fallen in Love (2012)
Rapture (2012)
Unforgiven (2015)

What is collapse by Lauren Kate about?

This collection centers top top Luce, she life changes when a boy who she kisses throughout a summer camp gets killed, and also therefore she is accused that murder. She ends up being sent out to Sword and also Cross reform School, whereby she will satisfy Daniel, to whom she feeling inmediately attracted.

Luce will end up learning the true objective of she school, plenty of of the students are in fact Fallen Angels. This is just how a dark romance will begin, the fact will be revealed: Luce and Daniel have actually met before, numerous times, lock have constantly fallen in love, and in the finish Luce has constantly died.

A Young Adult supernatural romance that will be enjoyable for fans the the Twilight series, some fans have in fact said the this is undoubtedly a similar story to the among Bella and Edward Cullen however with angels instead of vampires.

The movie adaptation

The an initial book the the Fallen series has had actually a movie adaptation, which was released in 2016.It was directed by Scott Hicks and starred Addison Timlin and Jeremy Irvine together Luce and Daniel respectively.

The movie had a $40 million budget and grossed $41 million, as such it barely recouped its manufacturing cost.As package office might already hint, the an essential reception was much from being good, having actually a 3.2 score the end of 10 top top Rotten Tomatoes.

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Hope the this post about lauren kate’s Fallen collection was advantageous for you. If you room up for more fantasy, paranormal and vampires climate take a look in ~ the Vampire Diaries books in order.

Before girlfriend leave, if you have started reading this collection tell united state what is the thing that renders you love this series, is it as you supposed or is the different yet still you enjoy it? also, if you have actually watched the movie adaptation share her opinion v us so we have the right to start a nice dispute on the comment section. So yes, don’t leave without leaving a comment!