A quarter remainder is equal gradually value to a quarter note.

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It’s a period of silence that lasts for one to win in 4/4 time. What this method is the for the term of one beat, no note need to be played. It has actually one-fourth the value of a whole rest. In other words, four 1/4 rests equates to one entirety rest while 2 1/4 rests equals one fifty percent rest. Another name because that this rest is crotchet remainder (British).


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To describe note and rest values, I must talk summary about time signatures. Time signatures indicate two things. The peak number tells us the number of beats in a measure, and also the bottom number tells united state the type of note that it s okay one beat. For this reason a 4/4 time signature indicates that there are 4 quarter notes every measure.

To much better understand the quarter rest, let’s take it a look in ~ thequarter note. In the an initial example below, each keep in mind lasts because that one beat. These room all 4 minutes 1 notes. If you have actually a metronome, you can set it to around 60 beats every minute or count “1-2-3-4”. Beat the note, F on her piano on each beat. Each time friend play the keep in mind you will be play a quarter note.

However in our 2nd example, two notes space left out. You need to rest twice. Count “1-2-3-4” out loud. Count steadily. You must have an equal amount the time between beats. You only play F top top the second and 4th beats, and also rest top top the very first and third beat. 


In our third example, pat F top top the an initial and 3rd beats and also rest ~ above the second and 4th beats.

In our 4th example, play F ~ above the second and 3rd beats and play nothing on the very first and 4th beats.

How to draw a 4 minutes 1 Rest

The diagram below shows you exactly how to attract a 1/4 rest (crotchet rest).


Step 1. To attract a 4 minutes 1 rest, start in the center of the top space and draw a heat slanting down from left to right. Avoid in the center of the next space.

Step 2. Next, attract a line slanting down from best to left. Prevent on the center line.

Step 3. now draw one more line slanting from left to right stopping in the middle of the next space.

Step 4. Finish illustration the rest by drawing a cutting line almost like the letter “c”. Be certain your “c” stops in the middle of the very first space.

Here’s one more diagram:


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