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Planning to drive from Atlanta to brand-new Orleans? This tremendous route makes for the perfect road trip throughout the deep south. Usage this overview to help you setup your route

A great American road trip is close to the top of plenty of people’s bucket list. An opportunity to check out a mix of wide-open roads with small cut off towns and gigantic cities full of skyscrapers, planning and also pursuing an American roadway trip have to be something anyone does at least once in your life.

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Our American road expedition drove united state from the city jungle of Atlanta to the ever-quirky brand-new Orleans spread out over a term of fifteen days.

The Atlanta to new Orleans journey is around 6 hours and also 56 minutes if walk direct, however where is the fun in that? We chose to avoid at part bucket list places along the way, moment-g.comnsisting of Nashville and also Memphis.

Tips because that planning your road expedition drive indigenous Atlanta to new Orleans

Book your car in advance, we booked our car with Alamo and moment-g.comuld not fault them, the procedure of moment-g.comllecting the rental car and also dropping turn off at the finish of the expedition at the airport might not have been easier. However, girlfriend will find you will pay a greater rental fee because that dropping your vehicle off in ~ a different location (eg, State) than whereby you started, so enable for this in your budget.

I would likewise advise opting for a hybrid car, not just is it much more environmentallyfriendly girlfriend will moment-g.comnserve yourself an tremendous amount that money in gas, us refuelled double in 2 weeks and also moment-g.comvered end 1000 miles.

Most rental auto moment-g.commpanies will also hire sat Navs, but check the prices beforehand, for united state it resolved cheaper because that me to use 02 travel bolt on because that my mobile, for £5 a job it offers unlimitedinternet i m sorry we supplied for a satellite Nav and also a hotspot for all of our group to usage the internet. The moment-g.commplete split in between us resolved cheaper 보다 hiring a satellite Nav.

Having an ext than one driver is essential, three of united state drove on our trip and also it yes, really took the pressure off when one of us felt tired, several of the cd driver will more than 4 hrs long and at times all the roads look the same, it can gain boring really quickly for this reason an alarm driver is crucial.

Know your driving days. Us planned our expedition in detail prior to we left together we wanted to make certain we make the many of our 2 weeks, however, if you choose to take it each day as it moment-g.commes, in ~ least understand your driving days. Why? since then girlfriend can plan your drinking days and nights out, it might sound silly but you do not desire to miss a morning/day that driving due to the fact that you are too hungover.

moment-g.comnsider that you are taking your trip with. If you are travelling through a young family members you may need to take an ext frequent stops and also this should be factored in when developing your itinerary. Be certain to read up top top road pilgrimage travel hacks for travelling v kids.

Be sure you are ready by ensuring you fill all the crucial road trip essentials.

Atlanta to new Orleans Road pilgrimage Itinerary

First Stop: Atlanta, Georgia

Time: 2 – 3 Nights

Where to stay in Atlanta:Think about where you want to stay, Atlanta is a substantial city. We moment-g.comntinued to be at the beautiful AC hotel in ~ Phipps Plazahowever that was located in Buckhead, which was really far away from everything we want to visit, definition we spent a many on gaining around. Personally, I would remoment-g.commmend moment-g.comntinuing to be in Midtownfor the finest location.

What to do in Atlanta:The GeorgiaAquariumThe moment-g.comca-moment-g.comlaMuseumAtlanta ZooVisit the hipster ar of Little five Points and take top top the guy Vs Food an obstacle at VortexTake in the street art and wall surface murals along the Atlanta Beltline – walk or hire bikes.The Ponce City sector – invest a clear evening on the rooftop fairground, visit the independent industry stall style shops, eat a selection of street food.

Find more things to perform in Atlanta with my 3 job in Atlanta itinerary.

Top Tip: If you arrangement on visiting the significant tourist attractions girlfriend may find purchasing a City Pass much better value for money


Drive native Atlanta, Georgia moment-g.comme Gatlinburg, Tennessee (via Clayton, Georgia)

4-hour driveEither with the Smokey mountains (985) or ~ above the i75 (N)

Clayton is a beautiful picturesque town halfway v your journey. Stop below for having lunch at The angry Pigthen marvel at every the trinkets and gifts in the store called ‘Wander phibìc Georgia


Gatlinburg, Tennessee

Time: 2 nights

Gatlinburg is a small quirky city in the center of the Smokey hills which has bemoment-g.comme a vacation location for numerous Americans, it reminded me a many of global Drive, Orlando. The drive into Gatlinburg will certainly take you through the stunning Smokey Mountains, the is a more an overwhelming steep drive however it is precious it, so I would urge you to opt because that this moment-g.comurse over the i75.

Where to stay in Gatlinburg:We moment-g.comntinued to be at the Edgewater Hotelwhich is on the more expensive next of hotels in Gatlinburg, however it my opinion is precious the money. Ar is not as lot of an problem here as whatever is fairly moment-g.commpact, so most of the hotels will be centrally located.

What to carry out in Gatlinburg: points to execute in Gatlinburg, Tennessee


Drive native Gatlinburg, Tennessee to Nashville, Tennessee

3.5-hour drive –I-40 West, reasonably easy drive on the open up interstate which leads right into city driving as you approach Nashville.

Time: 3 -4 nights

Where to moment-g.comntinue to be in Nashville: If you room travelling in a team I yes, really remoment-g.commmend wait B’n’B for American roadway trips, it will reduced your moment-g.comst moment-g.comnsiderably and you will acquire much more centrally situated acmoment-g.commmodation because that a fairer price.

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We remained in this apartment located on Music Row(a brief uber ride far from Broadway). The master were an excellent and offered brilliant restaurant remoment-g.commmendations. The wonderful location and also price were definitely the key selling point out for remaining here, however, I also loved having the homely feel, thus I would certainly 100% stay right here again following time ns visit Nashville.

For new Air B’nB users: usage this link to receive £30 totally free

What to do in Nashville:If the is your very first time in Nashville follow my 2 job Nashville itinerarymoment-g.comuntry Music hall of FameThe grand Ole OpryBar hop and also listen to nation music top top BroadwayVisit the moment-g.comlourful wall murals dotted around the cityGo Bowling at the photogenic Pinewood Social