COLLEGE football game times are acquiring longer, outlasting the typical NFL game time.

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The non-revenue creating sport continues to prosper longer in duration since it continues to feature boosters, bands, and majorettes.


Kansas Jayhawks marching band performing in ~ halftime of a huge 12 soccer game in between the Oklahoma Sooners and Kansas Jayhawks ~ above Oct 23, 2021Credit: Getty pictures - Getty

How long is university football halftime?

A college football halftime lasts for 20 minutes. Limiting halftime come 20 minutes keeps the all at once length of gamings from extending past the long hours.

A college football game consists of 4 quarters and lasts under three and a fifty percent hours. The second and third quarters space separated by halftime.

For time's sake, bandleaders and home teams room warned not to go over the 20-minute mark.

Officials will start the halftime clock ~ time has actually run out. If a band overstays that is time, the house team will be penalized.





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Why is the so necessary to maintain time?

Halftime permits players and also teams to prepare and also reorganize because that the remainder that the game. Throughout halftime, the video game is suspended and fans room entertained through a marching band or through a celebrity guest. It's also when the coach provides a speech to the team to an increase morale for the second half.

Keeping the game flowing and the football player performing in ~ their best is the goal behind controlling halftime.

However, university football coaches aren't pleased through this brand-new rule come shorten the video game time to monitor the NFL model. Florida State football coach Jimbo Fisher claimed this brand-new rule "changes the whole concept of the game."

On the various other hand, Kentucky college football coach note Stoops favors the adjust so long as the doesn't readjust the framework of their games.

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