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A hot glue gun is a an essential tool for hobbyists and also professionals alike. It allows you apply melted glue that deserve to bind to almost any material. That adhesive functions on plastic, wood, paper, metal, fabric, stone, you name it! while glue firearms were originally provided for bonding shoes soles, their versatility has make them a famous tool because that DIY projects, home improvement, upholstery work and arts & crafts.

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In this article I will certainly teach you just how to acquire the finest results native your warm glue gun, and also explain just how to usage it safely. Ns will also show which adhesive sticks are ideal to use, so that you can produce long lasting binding on practically any objects and materials.

Let’s dive in!

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1 What is a glue gun?
2 What is hot glue?
3 how do glue firearms work?
4 What types of hot glue are there?
5 What are the different species of adhesive guns?
6 What type of adhesive sticks are there?
7 how to usage a warm glue total
8 commonly asked inquiries
9 advice & security advice
10 Conclusion

What is a glue gun?

A warm glue total is a handheld maker that lets you melt and apply hot melt adhesive. This adhesive come in the kind of heavy sticks and is also simply recognized as hot glue. The sticks space fed in with the back of the adhesive gun, whereas the melted glue come out through the nozzle in the front.

The benefit of warm glue guns is that they are easy to use and also that they let you create solid bonds between many different materials, specifically when supplied with the right type of adhesive stick.

There space a couple of important steps and safety measures you need to keep in mind however. This short article will explain them to you.


Some warm glue guns come through interchangeable nozzles. This let you control the shape and size of the hot glue bead. For various projects you could want to lay the hot glue down in various widths, or with much more precision rather of an ext flow.

Check valve

The greater quality nozzles come through a check valve. This is a valve that is placed at the earlier of the nozzle. It stays clear of backflow from expanding hot glue that tries to move in the dorn direction.

What types of hot glue space there?

Hot glue have the right to be divided into two key categories based on their melt points; high temperature and also low temperature glue. These two types are various in your melting temperatures, application and the products they deserve to be applied to. The is crucial to use the right form of hot glue for your projects.

High temperature

High temperature warm glue, together the name suggests, needs a high operating temperature (starting in ~ 195 °C / 380 °F) come melt. Because of this, that is additionally known as hot melt. In stimulate to use it, you must use a high-temperature or high melt adhesive gun.

The higher melting temperature create far better bonds than reduced temperatures, and also give a longer working time. This method you have an ext time to position your workpieces prior to the glue sets.

Another benefit when it comes to high temperature warm melt is the there is a more comprehensive range of adhesives you can select from. For this reason if you have to work through more challenging to glue products (like glass finish metal), high temp is the way to go.

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As because that downsides, that is an ext dangerous to job-related with 보다 low temperature hot melt. Both because that the user and also for the material that is being glued. Us human beings can acquire serious burns indigenous molten high temperature glue, whereas vulnerable materials can finish up melting and also deforming.

Works ideal for

Creating strong bonds. Because of the high temperatures, this works ideal with materials that can resist the heat. Some examples are:

WoodMetalPlastics, favor polypropylene and ABS.AcrylicsCardboardRecommended products