It looks choose you are wanting to find out to skateboard, but you space wondering exactly how long it will certainly take. Nobody learn absolutely “everything” top top a skateboard. Discovering to skateboard is an recurring lifelong process starting v basics and progressing top top that. Let’s take a look in ~ the various steps you could take top top your progressive journey and see if us can figure out a timeline of part sort.

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Depending on your athletic abilities, time available, and commitment the takes around one day to a week come learn just how to drive a skateboard. The not simply time VS dedication; the top quality of your setup, skate infrastructure in your area, feedback indigenous peers, and also commitment all play a part.

If you practice every day and also stick with the basics you’ll find out skateboarding much faster. Technical tricks will take much more effort, tricks favor ollies, shuvits, and also kickflips require lots of sessions and dedication. So let’s dive a bit right into what comes right into play as soon as learning how to skateboard. 

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Learning the BasicsHow long Does It take to discover Tricks?Other Factors

What walk It take it to learn Skateboarding?


If you have actually decent coordination and also some strong ability, you will have a smaller discovering curve. If you space un-athletic with poor balance, skateboarding might take a little longer because that you to learn. We room all different and learn skills at our very own pace.

Skateboarding is like any other skill; it can be learned. How quick you find out it relies on the degree to which you commit, yet you do not should be a superstar athlete to find out to skateboard. You just need to placed in a the majority of practice, job after day.

We room going come assume that you have actually a reasonable amount of athleticism. You have actually played several different sports without an obstacle and space in kind physical shape.

You can be an average athlete amongst your group of friends and family. This will certainly be the benchmark our timeline is based on. If you space more, or much less athletic, the timeline may transition one means or the other.

Learning the Basics

Let’s look at the very first and most basic maneuvers you should learn and also see how long they could take. This timeline will certainly the amount of time it could take to perform these move at the very simple level, however you will not be able to do them well without a lot of of additional practice:

1. Balance- 10 Min

Balance deserve to be learned in steps. First, put your skateboard on the grass or carpet, for this reason it will certainly not roll. Stand on it through both feet over the bolts and your weight focused over the board. Lean her weight towards the toe and then the heel. Carry out this plenty of times to feel just how the plank reacts to your weight shifting.

Now take the board to the concrete or tough surface. Do the exact same thing. The difference here is the the board will desire to role forward or backward. Gently transition your weight from one next to the other and also get used to feeling the board relocate forward and also backward. It won’t move an extremely far if you transition your load slowly and carefully.

You need to now have the ability to stand top top the skateboard, there is no it slipping out one way or the other.

2. Pushing- 30 Min

Now we desire to gain the board relocating forward. Save your earlier foot ~ above the ground and also step top top the former bolts v your front foot. Your ago foot must be ~ above the Toe-Side that the board. Check out THIS to figure out which is her front foot. AKA Stance).

Center your weight end the front foot and lightly press yourself and also the board forward through your ago foot. That will most likely be a bit like a shuffle. Shot to store yourself moving and then put your back foot top top the skateboard and also let that roll.

Pushing is the most fundamental maneuver girlfriend will must know and also oddly it is often overlooked by new skaters. You should have the ability to learn to push fairly quickly, but it will certainly not it is in a an excellent push. Girlfriend will must work on advertise a many in order to get an excellent at it. The best method to exercise is to push and also roll everywhere.

3. Carving- 15 Min

Carving is how you make the skateboard turn. Remember in action 1. Balance when friend shifted her weight from your toes to your heels? moving your load is how you will make the skateboard revolve while the is rolling.

Give a pair of pushes and also then placed your ago foot onto the skateboard and let it roll. Then skinny to her heel or toe side and feel the board turn. Girlfriend are currently carving.

4. Stopping- 5 Min

You room going to require to have the ability to stop. The easiest way is come lightly put your foot top top the ground and let it traction to slow-moving you down.

This will take a little bit of practice, and also a lot of balance, however should it is in pretty straightforward to learn. The crucial thing to remember is to keep your knee bend and weight centered over your front foot. This will help your balance.

How long Did that Take?

60 Minutes, friend technically learned the basics in one hour. Now, you will certainly not be good or competent at the basics, however you have technically learned exactly how to drive a skateboard. You have to commit to continuing to enhance upon these.

You will must put in numerous hours to get proficient in ~ the basics prior to you will certainly feel comfortable sufficient that you can move on to discover actual tricks. The only way to get better at the basics is to practice. The best method to exercise skateboarding is to ride your skateboard everywhere.

The lot of time it will take to obtain proficient at the basics will depend on how much and how regularly you practice the basics. Like any other skill, the much more time you placed into, the better results you will see. If girlfriend skate every day for half an hour a day, you will certainly get better sooner 보다 if you practice for 5 hours once a week.

By practicing commonly you are building muscle memory. Muscle storage is when your body knows how to carry out something there is no thinking around it. Regular repetition build muscle memory quicker than random thin practice.

How long Does It take it to discover Tricks?


This is a very daunting question come answer. There are countless factors that influence how lengthy it take away a human being to learn just how to carry out tricks, however it mainly comes down to just how comfortable you room on your skateboard.

Your fitness level, your coordination, your flexibility, just how you manage fear, how regularly you skate, etc, will certainly all have actually an impact on the amount of time it takes you to find out tricks. However do not get discouraged. It’s vital to find out at a speed you space comfortable with, and push yourself further when you feeling ready.

Simple tip You can Learn Quickly

Once you room comfortable v the basics and riding her board there space some basic tricks you can learn in very tiny time. They may not it is in flashy or seem like much but they will aid you get much more comfortable v your board, and develop better board control.

These tricks deserve to all be done in the grass so when you autumn it i will not ~ hurt much. It should only take it you around 10 minutes to discover each among these, presume you are comfortable on your board and with the basics. Nothing forget to inspect out my straightforward tricks for beginners post.

Flip On

Flip your board upside down, so the griptape is dealing with down. Put your toe under the board. Jump up and also on your board. The board will certainly flip end to that is wheels and also you will certainly land top top it. The doesn’t take much effort to gain the board to flip and you perform not need to jump really high to get on the board.

Rail was standing On

Put the plank on its side edge so the one collection of wheel is on the ground and the other collection is pointing to the sky. Was standing on the sheet of the deck and the wheels.

Your score is to obtain the plank to role onto it’s wheels. The hardest component of this cheat is balancing in the Rail Stand. Lean slightly towards the wheels and also hop a tiny bit. The board have to roll end to that wheels and also you need to land bolts!


Hold her board in one hand. I uncover it easiest to organize the nose, but some civilization like to host the side. Jump up, bend her knees, put your board under your feet and also land bolts. I prefer to make the plank touch mine feet while ns jumping climate land with it, together opposed come dropping the plank to the ground and landing top top it.


This one builds turn off the Caveman. While standing top top the board, bend down and grab the toe side with your back hand. Take your front foot turn off on the heel side, and jump turn off the ground lifting your board v you. Put your front foot earlier on the board and also land bolts. The boneless is a comfortable trick that you have the right to use if riding roughly to obtain up curbs.

Congratulations! You just learned 4 top in probably less than an hour. Girlfriend are structure a better level of lull on your board and board control. The is vital to continue to practice these tricks and the basics to keep arising muscle memory and become much more familiar through your skateboard.

How lengthy Will It take to Learn progressed Tricks?

That is one more question that depends on the individual. Because skateboarding is based exclusively on the individual and also their commitment come practicing and learning, it would certainly be difficult to determine exactly how long it would take a human to learn more advanced tricks.

Let’s usage the Ollie together an example. It is more than likely the next trick you have to learn. The Ollie is arguably the hardest and most necessary trick to find out in skateboarding. The motions that you need to do to Ollie are very unnatural.

Outside of skateboarding, there space no activities I can think of that call for you to carry out an “Ollie Motion”. The timing and motions that the Ollie deserve to be difficult to put together, but most top in skateboarding are based require and will advantage from girlfriend knowing how to Ollie.

Depending on the individual, civilization learn Ollies at different rates. I have known people to learn to Ollie in much less than one hour. I understand some people that have actually taken several months to find out to Ollie.

I to be able to discover Ollies within a couple of weeks, however I nothing think ns will ever before have a perfect Ollie in mine eyes. Sometimes, mine Ollie is good and periodically it is absolutely terrible. The is a constant work in development for me, as any type of trick is.

Other Factors


There are a few factors that us should mention as well. It’s not just around time VS effort. A top quality setup renders a vast difference and also skating through others will speed up her progress.

Also, if you have actually skateboarding framework in your area over there are more than likely many good skaters that can aid you discover skateboarding much faster. Skating alone is choose reinventing the wheel however don’t worry, there’s too many of beneficial content accessible on Youtube.

Your tools Makes a Difference

Save yourself part frustration and don’t buy the really cheap stuff. At the very least don’t try to save money on trucks and also wheels. T

he high quality of your gear makes a vast difference. Also though beginners won’t notification this a lot, over time you will obtain frustrated through your cheap skateboard. Depending upon where and also what you desire to skate girlfriend should take into consideration your setup.

You need a various kind of setup because that cruising, parks, bowls, street, etc. Basically this comes down to trucks and also wheels and the board size you prefer.


Another element that comes right into play is the environment. Because that instance, it’s lot harder come balance on stormy terrain than it is top top smooth and slick asphalt.

Make certain you pick the best wheels and think about how tough and big (or small) you desire them to be. Little and hard wheels space less an ideal for unstable roads, large soft wheels aren’t exactly an excellent for technological tricks. 

Speeding up your Progress

If friend can, skate through others. This will aid you come progress quicker as her peers deserve to provide valuable feedback. Don’t try and kickflip right from the start, this will just slow under progress. As aforementioned, stick through the basics and also make certain you feel comfortable.

Try to practice as much as girlfriend can and also take a break once you obtain frustrated. It often takes part time prior to your mind and muscles gain used to new tricks, sometimes you pop them ideal away the next day.


You could technically learn to drive a skateboard in about one day. Within an hour girlfriend should have actually the an extremely basics down, but it will certainly be awkward. Execute not acquire discouraged the it will certainly take part time because that you to gain comfortable and better at skateboarding.

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Skateboarding is a lifelong quest of progressing and also building her skills. The best part about slip is the you can learn in ~ your own pace and you will see progress. It is one extremely lucrative pursuit.