In north Carolina, it’s easy to reap the trip as much as the destination when the two room one and the same.

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Experiencing a small cabin heat (who isn’t!) these days? simply imagine – new air zipping v your car and beautiful scenerygreeting friend from every direction if you adopt the nostalgia of a roadway trip. To make this daydream a reality, we’ve developed a menu of scenic phibìc Carolina trips you deserve to take without ever before feeling the have to leave the security of your car.

Due to COVID-19, please inspect local tourism offices for the most up-to-date visitant information. Additionally, please visit counting On Me NC to view participating businesses that space making a concerted initiative to assist keep everyone healthy, and also for tips on exactly how to continue to be safe when visiting phibìc Carolina.

Destinations you"ll discover in this article:Vollis Simpson Whirligig Park | pottery Road | Lazy 5 RanchWorld"s largest Attractions | Shangri-La rock Village | Murals in ~ ThExchangeBarn Quilt trail | Waterfall Byway | Blue Ridge Parkway | steel Zoo4x4 control On the outer Banks| Croatan nationwide Forest


1 Vollis Simpson Whirligig Park

1 Vollis Simpson Whirligig Park

WilsonSee ~ above map

Meet in ~ the intersection that art and also science in ~ the Vollis Simpson Whirligig Park, wherein you deserve to take in the late Vollis Simpson’s wondrous art piece from her parked car. Filled through whimsical, wind-driven creations, the 2-acre park invites you come look around and also let these spectacular spinning sights take your imagination for a ride. Fun fact: Whirligigs are North Carolina’s official people art!

Add a side: take a beer (or a four-pack to-go) in ~ the female- and minority-owned Casita Brewing throughout the street indigenous the park. V outdoor seating, you deserve to still conveniently admire the whirligigs together you soak in the sunshine. Then browse even an ext beers – hundreds, in truth – at Brewmasters (Count top top Me NC-certified) ~ above your method out of town to take house some spices of the region.

2 pottery Road


2 pottery Road

SeagroveSee ~ above map

Another famous place to drive in our state, ceramic Road surrounds the town of Seagrove, additionally known together the “Pottery resources of America.” although this art thoroughfare is only around 30 mile long, you can conveniently spend a full day trying out this distinctive glimpse right into rural north Carolina. The area ended up being a haven for potters thanks to its affluent clay deposits and is now residence to around 100 ceramic studios, plenty of of which space operated out of the artists’ homes and feature outdoor displays. You have the right to buy directly from more than 20 of them virtual as well.

Add a side: after popping in and out of a multitude the studios, visit the phibìc Carolina Zoo. This largest herbal habitat zoo in the world is counting On Me NC-certified, an interpretation it’s applied procedures to ensure safety and security as you uncover 500 acre of habitats.

3 Lazy 5 Ranch

3 Lazy 5 Ranch

MooresvilleSee ~ above map

For a fun expedition with the kids, consider Lazy 5 Ranch, where you’ll pass giraffes, antelopes, zebras, red kangaroos, camels, lemurs and other new friends. Because that an extra up-close-and-personal experience, to buy a feeding bucket and get the video queued increase – you’re walking to desire to catch your family’s happiness at hand-feeding some of these exotic animals straight v your auto window. That note: Lazy 5 has actually experienced high volumes throughout the pandemic, especially Saturday and also Sunday afternoons, where the ranch recommends blocking four hours versus the usual one-hour drive-thru time on its lightest days, Mondays and Tuesdays.

Add a side: perhaps your road trips have inspired a put in order love of steering – which method you’re in just the ideal spot. Mooresville is known as gyeongju City USA and also is home to the phibìc Carolina Auto Racing hall of Fame and also a variety of various other racing attractions.

4 World’s largest Attractions

4 World’s biggest Attractions

Triad areaSee top top map

Every great drive-thru has a triple-decker deluxe – and also ours just could be the world’s largest. Situated within 15 mile of one an additional in our Triad area, the World’s biggest Highboy Dresser, the World’s largest Chest that Drawers and the World’s biggest Duncan Phyfe Chair room roadside attractions girlfriend won’t be able to resist. All 3 pay homage to the area priding chin on being the Furniture capital of the World.

Add a side: If you conserve the Highboy Dresser for last, you can walk right right into the count On Me NC-certified Furnitureland South, the world’s largest furniture store. With low prices, high-quality items and more than 1.3 million square feet the furniture displays, the a great spot to stretch her legs. If purchase is a priority, friend can even visit the High suggest Visitors Center, wherein its concierge solutions can aid plan her furniture shopping experience.

5 Shangri-La rock Village

Prospect HillSee top top map

It started as retirement farmer Henry Warren’s hobby, and also years later, this tiny town still sits on the next of N.C. Highway 86, bringing travellers as much pleasure as it lugged Warren. Built from stone, concrete and also quartz from a adjacent quarry, 27 around 5-foot structures make up this little piece of sky that includes a library, theater, church, schoolhouse and also more. Save your eye peeled for the trinkets sprinkled throughout – adding to the mysticism of it every – left over there by Warren and visitors alike.

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Add a side: Commemorate her visit forever, and also read various other travelers’ memories, by signing the visitors journal together the road. Then choose up a bottle of cider or wine to enjoy later from the count On Me NC-certified Botanist and also Barrel – the South’s only organic cidery concentrated on spontaneous and also wild societies – just a quick drive south on N.C. 86. Or you can shop its digital store and also have several unique flavors shipped directly to her home.