Was utilizing a tiny flat bottomed key to evaporate the reclaim from mine dab pen (been making use of shatter if that renders a difference). I have actually been letting it evaporate in a drawer for like a week and it hasnt yes, really evaporated much- albiet i perform see dark "ink" clues that i assume is the reclaim. I have actually been using 91% i beg your pardon is less than appropriate for it come evaporate quick, but what gives? I may just try to purge it at some time on a griddle outside.

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I'm suprised nobodys chimed in top top the reality he has it in a drawer, I would certainly bet the slows things down a bit, can be a safety problem there too.

That's what ns was reasoning I cook off mine Iso instantly after I complete cleaning mine oil rigs. The believed of it simply sitting in iso in a dark drawer provides me a wee little bit concerned.

without a vacuum you're walking to end up through some iso trapped in the oil, yet i'd use a little heat to speed things up

yo male you deserve to run anything thru this process , specially reclaim. I discover is good with this method. Https://philsdabcorner.com/phils-guide-to-isohash-1

If girlfriend let the sit overnight it no taste stale once its done choose it can with utilizing heat, especially when you're a noob to the process.

I just did this extraction through 91% on mine dab rig. After ~4 hrs I was able to dab part on the next of the Pyrex dish, which had the consistency of regular dabs (dab mostly BHO atm). However the middle was a small soupy, prefer there wasn’t liquid however there to be spots of reclaim the were not stable but much more like a liquid. After leaving that overnight that dried a bit but it appears there’s still part water in it

Here is how to make qwiso. An excellent technique


Quick lesson because that you

Ever wonder exactly how your BAC is calculated?

Alcohol evaporates at such a rapid rate under room temps that breathalyzers will certainly calculate the evaporating alcohol you breathe out.

Now imagine the alcohol is left the end in a ventilated area. What wake up to that?

Sure as hell doesn’t simply sit there.

Same might be stated for butane. Sure trace quantities might it is in left over but it's yes, really not sufficient to damages anything

Use 95%+ or pure ethanol if consuming, do tinctures or breathing. Just my opinion.

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"For making Tincture, do NOT to buy or Consume: isopropyl Alcohol (also recognized as Rubbing Alcohol) - This form of alcohol is toxic as soon as consumed.Symptoms of eat this include an obstacle breathing, blurred vision or blindness, short blood pressure, fatigue, and also damage to the nervous system, stomach, and also intestines"


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