Does lime juice go bad or not? how do girlfriend tell if lime juice has gone bad and also is it safe to drink? here are the answers you space looking for.


Did friend buy a bottle of lime juice yet ended increase not using it all? currently a cooking recipes of yours phone call for part lime juice but you notification your lime juice is past its best-by date.

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You’re more than likely wondering: Has my lime juice unable to do bad? exactly how long does that last?

Here’s the just: many thanks to the acidity, lime juice have the right to last a pretty long time. How long? Well, an opened bottle that lime juice deserve to last up to 6-12 month after the best-by date.

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Signs that Lime Juice has actually Spoiled


When inspecting her lime juice for any signs the spoilage, you may notice it has actually turned brown. Keep in mind that browning is a organic process and it does not necessarily average that your lime juice has actually gone bad.

A negative sign that spoilage is any mold or growth close to the seal. This is quite unlikely yet get rid of her lime juice if you discover this.

The next sign come look out for is if yes an off, inexplicable smell to her lime juice. If there is make certain to litter it in the bin.

The final test is come taste a teaspoon of your lime juice to determine its quality. A loss that the citrus flavor is a authorize to toss the out. Because you wouldn’t desire to keep lime juice the doesn’t include the essential flavor to her dish.

Another tip: discard lime juice from bottles that are dented, bulging, or leaking.

How To store Lime Juice


Lime juice that has yet to be opened have the right to be preserved in the pantry as long as it is far from light sources and changes in temperature.

Upon opened your lime juice, seal that tightly and put it in the refrigerator to keep its quality. Leave lime juice in ~ room temperature can still work, however, it will brown and also degrade in high quality quicker.

What about a fresh batch that lime juice the you do yourself? keep that in the fridge immediately choose you would certainly with other juices. Save in mind that homemade lime juice won’t critical as lengthy as store-bought ones.

How lengthy Does Lime Juice Last?


Every store-bought party of lime juice comes with a best-by date. This date informs you how long the top quality of her lime juice will certainly last, at the really least.

Due come its extremely acidic nature, lime juice has a much longer shelf-life than various other juices. It have the right to last 2-3 months previous its best-by date if unopened and tucked into the pantry.

Opening the bottle method you need to store that in the fridge, i m sorry adds 6-12 month after its best-by date.

However, homemade fresh lime juice, return refreshing, will only last 2-3 work in the fridge.

In A Nutshell

If you require some extra vitamin C, lime is the i can not qualify but good source you can shot out.

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Lime juice is just one of the more long-lasting foods, so once you open up it you have the right to keep that in the fridge for a period of 12 months. However do make sure it hasn’t spoiled by checking the appearance, smell, and taste of the lime juice.