Las vegas Road pilgrimage Series

Driving from mountain Diego to las vegas doesn’t have to be a lengthy stretch of continuous desert. The mountain Diego to ras Vegas drive is one filled v beautiful landscapes, historical landmarks, and fun adventures. While some attractions will need you come take much more time 보다 your median pit stop, they’re precious the visit. There’s nothing not correct with an extensive road pilgrimage to Sin City!

Pack your bags, conference the group, and also fill the tank, since we have all the referrals to have the ideal San Diego to las Vegas drive.

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The Logistics: Route, journey Time & Traffic

Depending top top the route you take on your san Diego to las Vegas drive, intend to spend at least 5 hours ~ above the road. Without web traffic delays, driving on the I-15 N is the quickest and also most direct route, clocking in at about 4 hours and 50 minutes end the course of 330 miles. After ~ driving north a bit, you will do it hit Los Angeles and also get to suffer LA to las vegas road expedition stops favor the Calico Ghost Town and also Zzyzx Road.

Alternatively, if you want to take it a much longer road pilgrimage to see much more of southern California, take the I-10 E to the CA-62 E. This route is around 360 miles from mountain Diego, and takes roughly five and a fifty percent hours. This path takes you previous Joshua Tree national Park and through the Mojave Desert.

An average of 35,650 civilization drive with the California/Nevada state line at the I-15 Primm departure daily, causing some web traffic patches. Friday is the most renowned day to begin a road pilgrimage to Vegas, and running right into the road tripper traffic can add an extra hour (or more) to her drive time. Leaving on a weekday or control in the less-popular hours of the work (hello, 4am drives and coffee!) can help you protect against traffic jams. More cars will certainly be ~ above the road throughout holidays, school breaks, or during Las Vegas occasions as well, so take it those into account as soon as planning your scenic drive.

San Diego to ras Vegas Road expedition Stops


Potato Chip rock | 323 mile to Vegas

Stretch your legs prior to sitting in a automobile for hours, and also take a hike ~ above the Mt. Woodson Trail. While this isn’t so much a pit stop as that is a pit adventure, being a 6.6-mile round pilgrimage trek, Potato Chip rock is one iconic san Diego landmark.

Pechanga will & Casino | 277 mile to Vegas

Before you obtain too much away indigenous home, test your luck in ~ Pechanga will Casino in Temecula. This casino floor is the biggest on the West coastline with 200,000 square feet of gaming space. This is also a great way to prepare you yourself for las vegas casinos!

Temecula Wineries | 274 miles to Vegas

Soon ~ the casino is Temecula’s wine country. Take a bite to eat and also a glass of alcohol at one of the many award-winning wineries in the area. Just remember: drink responsibly if you are driving.

World’s greatest Dinosaurs | 237 miles to Vegas

Also well-known as the Cabazon Dinosaurs, these substantial roadside dinosaurs greet vehicle drivers on their method to Palm Springs. Take it a pit stop and snap some pictures with Dinny, the Brontosaurus and Mr. Rex, the Tyrannosaurus Rex!

Palm Springs Aerial Tramway | 235 mile to Vegas

Take a rest from the confines of your auto to experience nature… from above. The Palm Springs Aerial Tramway is the world’s biggest rotating tramcar. It’s just a 20-minute ring trip, making that the perfect pit stop length.

Cabot’s Pueblo Museum | 227 miles to Vegas

Take a step earlier in time in Cabot’s Pueblo Museum in Desert hot Springs. This museum to be hand-built by Cabot Abram Yerxa in the 1940s, and also now dwellings artwork and also artifacts from American Indian, Alaska Native, and also homestead cultures.

Joshua Tree national Park | 187 miles to Vegas

One the the most unique desert landscapes is Joshua Tree nationwide Park. This stretch of floor is well-known for its grand rock formations and also unique Joshua trees. If you driving v at night, the dark sky is perfect for stargazing.

Mojave Memorial cross | 79 mile to Vegas

Officially well-known as the White Cross human being War i Memorial, this stop on your mountain Diego to las Vegas drive is a distinct memorial to respect fallen soldiers. Due to the fact that being set up in 1934, the cross has actually been a good place to pay respects.

Primm, Nevada | 44 mile to Vegas

Before hitting the casinos and hotels of las Vegas, Primm welcomes motorists at the California/Nevada state line. Primm is house to three casinos, one outlet mall, and even a roller coaster. Protect against to obtain gas and visit for a while!

Lion Habitat Ranch | 18 miles to Vegas

Lions and also a giraffe the paints… no, this isn’t some bizarre las vegas show. This las Vegas lion sanctuary has actually been house to lions because 1989 and also has due to the fact that been educating travellers on the care and also conservation of huge cats.

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Part of the Vegas suffer is the adventure of gaining there. If you planning your next trip to ras Vegas, consider hitting the road and also making an adventure the end of it.